Sony Alpha a77 appears on YouTube

Update: the video is now removed from YouTube. Here are some screenshots:

This Sony Alpha a77 teaser video was just uploaded on YouTube:

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  • Dan

    What Zeiss lens is that? 24-70 or the new 16-50?

  • Geoff

    That is a pretty low quality video. Shutter speed is all over the place and the taken photo is pathetic. I sincerely hope this is not an official video.

  • jvs

    Though I do agree that the photo isn’t really anything to get all hyped up over, I think the main objective of the video is to show that the camera is environmentally sealed.

    I think it would be the 135mm Carl Zeiss lens. The shape of that lens can’t be the 24-70mm and it isnt the 16-50mm because its not a Zeiss lens.

  • jake

    it is the Sony SAL135f1.8ZAlens and many people believe it is actually sealed well against moisture .

    and yes the 16-50 is not a Zeiss branded lens , it is just a Sony lens.

  • Stuart

    Cool discovery

  • JG10

    Awesome. Looks like Sony has a winner on their hands.

  • ARn

    Using the live view with this kind of camera, that’s a fail.

  • Tony

    The body looks a lot like Canon. !!

    • CJ

      yes, with a mix of pentax K20 and K5

    • Stephen

      I know. I don’t like the drooping shoulder look. Stand up straight, damn it! ūüôā

  • mailer sender

    The body of the a77 looks like a Canon EOS camera. What Sony is doing with their design team? They seem to be very lost and they don¬īt know where they are going or looking for. Konica-Minolta! Come back please!

  • Aren’t these going to use the new translucent mirrors?
    That means you can be in live view and still get proper AF, maybe that is what the teaser is about? (apart from the obvious sand dunking) Whoopdeedoo environmental sealing, if only that had been in a camera body and or lens combo before, oh wait…..

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