More Sony rumors a week before the official announcement

This is a picture of the Sony a77 EVF which shows 19 AF points (11 of them are cross type):

Here are the translated details on the upcoming announcement from somebody who is believed to be under NDA with Sony:

  1. The NDA focuses mostly on the NEX-7 and lenses, which Sony treats as top secret!
  2. All the A77 leaked information are mostly true;
  3. The NEX-7 feels larger than the Leica M9!
  4. The NEX-7 is rather heavy, whilst it feels extremely solid in hands and is well built;
  5. But it has direct and professional controls;
  6. Only the black colored body has been seen. He is uncertain if there would be a silver version, but at least he has not learnt about it yet;
  7. The Carl Zeiss lens is heavy, but not as large as judged from the leaked photo. The Image Quality is Superb!
  8. By looking at the rear part of the new lens, a new idea about the future (and development) of the NEX/E system can be got! What secret then? Full Frame ILDC system?
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  • AF points layout is awful. Why are all of them concentrated around geometric center of the frame? What about corners?

    Thus, A77 user will be happy enough to do focus-then-recompose dance. Oh wait, I hate those dances!

    • Craig

      Forget that. the layout is fine. Call me when the lens quality improves. ‘Til then who cares.

      • lynn

        so u would like a zeiss lens for price of kit lens. try autofocus 85z and 135z, 135stf, thats the reason i went to sony. would be nice to have a high quality 35mm, 50mm, and ultra wide prime though. what sony really needs to take care of is NOISY pictures from its cameras.

      • Lenses are ok, AF points layout is the thing to dislike.

      • Art

        “lens quality improve” ?

        Are you nuts? 50mm F1.4, CZ 85mm F1.4, 135mm F1.8, CZ 16-35mm F2.8, CZ 24-70mm F2.8, 70-200mm F2.8, 70-300mm F-3.5-5.6, 70-400mm F3.5-5.6

        there are some of the best lenses on any mount.

        then there is new 16-50mm F2.8 SSM

        Not to mention Tamron and Sigma lenses.

        What the heck? What else do you need?

        • CJ

          “best lenses on any mount”.. are you serious? i think you are just a newbie

          • bas076

            Yes it is for A-mount only ;)…but how many lenses you know with much better optical quality in the same price range?

    • Agreed. They need some on the 3rd lines.

  • rudymack

    Look at the rear of the Carl Zeiss 24mm f1.8 E and you will see a leaf shutter.

  • Leaf shutters PLEASE!

    • Axel

      Yeah, and make it film capable too!

      • CJ

        and with lots of shiny things!

        • CJ

          and with an electronic viewfinder! (oh wait, it’s already there…shame)

  • NiknWontRepairMyGray

    The AF coverage area looks normal (what dslr has AF sensors on the corners?). The big gaps between the middle group and the sides looks concerning though.

    If it is true that there are 11 cross-type sensors, then it looks like they’re all on the middle rows and columns. This would be awesome, what dslr has cross-type AF sensors that far out to the edge?

  • fd

    I don’t think the AF points would have been very useful for the photo that was being taken!

  • jake

    I dont worry about it since I know all Sony cameras have quite decent AF already , my Alpha A55V and A900 seldom miss any shot I want even from a moving car.
    So, it is good enough for me already and this new AF is much better than both the A900 and A55V AF both in accuracy and speed.

    At least it is much better than say any Pentax, imo, the A55V AF is acrually better than the AF of the D7000(I have both) in low light, the D7000 tracks better though.

    • CJ

      AF? that’s for little kids and lenses without a focus ring.

  • like the camera but the metering pattern what where they thinking??

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