More Sony NEX-5N specs

Some additional specs for the Sony NEX-5N mirrorless camera:

  • 0.02 seconds shutter lag time
  • 3 in. 921k dots touch screen LCD
  • AF tracking can be enabled from the touchscreen
  • Improved audio quality during video recording
  • New OLED viewfinder with eye proximity sensor (similar¬†to the Fuji X100) will be available as an accessory.
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  • frosti7

    Would it be the a55 1,4mpx evf, or 3mpx a77 evf, or lower?

    • not sure

      • Mike

        Will the EVF work on the earlier Nex models, or only on the Nex 5N/C3?

  • Joe

    Is the 5N going to be an alloy body or are they going to make it like the C3?

    • I think it will be like the C3, the NEX7 will have the nice durable body

  • Kevin


  • Andreas

    Is that picture real? Haven’t seen athat leak before.. Looks a bit cool, almost like an iNEX or something ūüôā

    • yes, this is a new picture I just received today

  • AW

    Any word on 25p and 30p video capability?

    And manual exposure control for video?

    Early rumored specs included these, but I have not seen them lately…

  • Predator

    Is the body same size as Nex-5, i hope so! It would be nice to use the camera in My nauticam underwater housing…

  • If that camera was a Hobbit we would name it Grodo Baggins.

  • Axel

    Good looking camera.

  • dadix

    very ugly camera.

  • No this is an ugly monster Huuuu !
    5 on the scale from 0 —> fuji x100

    • hiplnsdrftr

      Pointless to compare a camera that will actually be available in a store versus a beautiful mythical camera that is utterly unavailable to purchase at a physical store.

      As much as I would like to walk into B&H and buy an X100, I will likely settle for walking into B&H and buying a Nex-7.

  • Remedy

    I was looking at it very carefully, I was looking for quite some time and boy oh boy is this some utterly ugly and dreadful camera or what? :/

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