Kodak’s patents may be worth $3 billion

Bloomberg and WSJ published articles that Kodak's patents are probably worth $3 billion and the company has started marketing them to potential buyers that could include Microsoft, Samsung, and even Google. The company's equity is currently  valued at $600 million after a series of negative financial news.

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  • I haven’t seen their balance sheet, nor done a valuation, but I caution that there’s a difference between equity market value and the notional value of their IP asset portfolio.

  • Axel

    Sounds like the vultures are picking at the carcass.

  • SF_Strider

    How about the debt from this company?

    If this company have so much technology patents but not carrying so much debt, China companys should be interesting to buy it long ago.

    I really doubt its value. Nowaday Finance businesses all are looking for fools to invest money into something that they can devalue immediately. $600 million to buy $3 billion things seems great, but don’t know any other junk investments in behind.

    As if someone like to sell me a D3s by only US$1000, I will also doubt that is it malfunctioning or not~ ^^

    • SF_Strider

      PS: I don’t think Buffet will miss a chance so obvious. Many US companys are also rich enough to buy it, as Google is like to pay much higher cost to buy Moto for Cell-phone fight~

    • Tony

      Just because the company’s equity is at $600 million, it doens’t mean you can buy the company at that price though.

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