Sony NEX-7 full specs and images

Here are the full Sony NEX-7 specs with some additional images:

  • 24.3 MP Exmor sensor
  • ISO range: 100-16000
  • 1920×1080 60p/60i/24p AVCHD video recording
  • XGA OLED viewfinder
  • 3″ 921k dots TruBlack LCD display
  • 10 fps
  • HDR functionality
  • Built-in flash
  • Battery life: over 400 shots
  • Magnesium alloy body
  • Improved start-up time and AF speed
  • Shutter time lag: 0.02 sec
  • Face recognition functionality
  • Object tracking functionality
  • New type of auto lock hot shoe
  • Auto lens aberration compensation for Sony lenses
  • Advanced Bionz imaging processor
  • Eye Fi compatible

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  • Wow, they are not messing around with that camera.

  • Rod

    how are the two dials used?

  • Josh

    I’m kinda behind today’s trend. Is this good or bad compared to the other cameras in this class?

    I’m thinking about replacing my XTi this year.

    • mocha

      If you have not many lenses for Canon and would like to sold them all, that’s not a great problem to shift to NEX system. However, you may do more research on the potential lenses option in this line. E mount lens for NEX is still not having as many option as micro 4/3 sytem. However, you can enjoy more lenses by buying an official adapter with a mirror box and AF system which can use alpha lenses including the professional G series and Zeiss lens. I am sure, the flexibility of NEX-7 won’t disappoint you at all. Even the video system is stronger than Canon EOS which can support full HD.

      • grumps

        I won’t be confident in this system until they have a full lineup of working high quality fast lenses. I have attached my Leica lenses to my Nex5 via adapter and is just okay, and even then it was the only real option for me. I have the 5D2 with L-primes and Nikon with N-zooms, and a Fuji X100 too (Yeah, too much I know!). The Nex 5 handling is by far the worst for ‘me’, other people might have different mileage. Yes, it is small though!

        Although the SPEC-sheet is impressive, this is still in the NEX line up and is ultimately flawed by it’s Lens mount and sensor distance and poor lenses. Although they will find ways to best correct this, performance will never as good as other systems unfortunately. I would have hoped the Nex7 could have been a re-write because of it’s impressive specs and especially its sensor, since the NEX line still carries very few lenses.

        • grumps

          I still want to add that Sony has the potential to be king of the hill. Unfortunately not quite yet and not with the Nex line-up. Remember You will be spending at least USD2k since it will pointless to not buy the 24mm f1.8.
          Zeiss optics are, in my opinion more impressive than Leica, but this may not exist again for the NEX system.

        • It’s not a flawed mount. Short flange distance means that allows body to be short means they have to add space to the back of the lens. Or if they want to make the lens shorter, they just experiment and do software correction or use microlenses.. the point is – it’s their option. Any system with a longer flange distance just has less choice – not better design. Yes, it can make the lens longer, but it also allows the body to be shorter so the length evens out..

          • BornOptimist

            The camera wouldn’t have been larger even if they made the register distance 3-5mm longer. The thickest part of the body is the handgrip, so the mount could have been flush with the handle without the camera being any thicker. Then it would have been possible to make shorter lenses.
            If the problem indeed is the short register distance that stop Sony from making good pancake lenses, then the mount is a flaw in my opinion.

          • I suppose I disagree here. I think the design has foresight into the future where they may be able to use software correction or micro lenses and build shorter, wide-angle non-retrofocus lenses that others like samsung couldn’t create because the register distance is too long. If this was film and not digital, the e-mount distance would have the clear advantage today. Maybe tomorrow when technology changes the emount will have the advantage.. The other thing is, I don’t mind the lenses being a bit longer today because in video mode I do manual focusing and manual focusing is kind of hard at a certain point if the lens is too small to grasp with your hand. I personally like the versatility of this mount.

          • grumps

            Time will tell my friend, we will see if they are able to bring out good quality lenses in the future. I will be happy to embrace what Sony brings IF it means good quality!

          • Remedy

            It does not even out coz the weight balance on NEX is just idiotic. By gazillion miles it’s better to have thicker body with shorter lens than other way around.

          • Lens Mount Flawed

            Unfortunately, Sony is biting themselves in the tail, by the very short lens register distance. The IQ is OK, but not more then that for the shorter focal lengths, but it’s never gonna be a telephoto camera. The reason and problem is the offset microlenses, that with a fix parameter, only are going to match certain level of telecentricity, preferably the shorter focal length lenses.

            What we might see, is a tendency to optimize certain cameras for extreme wideangle, some for short wideangle to short tele (the bulk of the NEX system), but never for high telecentric long telephoto lenses. For all motives, the DSLR or SLT cameras will always provide a better image quality across the frame than the NEX.

            Since also Samsung with their NX system shares the same APS-C sensor size, it will be easy to compare the effects of the shorter versus the longer lens register distance.

          • grumps

            Even if Sony set out to be camera with limited lenses to work from say 15mm to 90mm maximum, but have seriously good lenses, that’ll be awesome! I don’t think there is an everything camera, that’s asking too much. I agree with the person saying it is front heavy because of the lenses. Leica lenses on the front are perfect. Better than Zeiss ZM lenses, they just weren’t made to fit that way! Anyways, long story short, bring out the good stuff and we will see, otherwise I am just holding off!

  • Tim Catchall

    A proprietary hotshoe? What a joke. That is so typically Sony.

    • It’s supposed to be a universal hot shoe. I bet it works with minolta flash and other normal flashes..

    • Looks like the Sony/Minolta hotshoe. Good for people that already have Sony flashes.

      • Axel

        Love the Sony flashes. I’d buy one for my other systems if they made it with industry standards.

        The big spec is the price.

    • jake

      I , too, hate that.
      And its lens line is the worst of all, so although the body itself is interesting and I think cool , I ‘ll not buy it.
      Maybe get the A77V that takes all my Amount lenses but I am not sure about that one either cause it has some translucent mirror problems such as odd ghosting in backlit scene or night street scene.

      I will give Sony a bit more time but if they fail it again , I sell all A gears.
      Now, I am more intrested in Canon EF-mount mirrorless camera that has been rumored in Japan for a few months.

      Also, I think I hate Samsung personally but have to admit the NX mount is more clever mount design and thus, it has better brighter future.

      Or if we want good lenses to be also small , then we might have to go down to MFT, maybe MFT is the mirroless sweetspot?

    • Ken Elliott

      Hey Sony, how to I fire my Pocket Wizard with that weird hot shoe? You do know about the ISO standard, right?

      • Dude

        Pure ISO standard is just the power and the mass contact.

        Anything advanced like metering is proprietary.
        If a 3rd party like pocket wizard does support Canon and Nikon but not Sony it is their decision.
        Not Sonys fault.
        A 3rd party has to license or back engineer the protocol.
        If they think it is not worth to do for Sony, than this is because Sony yet has not that much market share in DSLRs.
        Flash 3rd partys like Metz, Sigma or Cullmann support the Minolta iISO hot shoe with metering, remote triggering (optical) and others.
        So blame pocket wizard and not Sony.

        If you don’t need metering but just want to send the trigger signal, it is no problem.
        you can easily get an adapter for 1€ from ebay.
        Besides those 3rd party’s. there was the official Minolta “FS-1100”, and there is the Sony FA-HS1AM (more expansive but with protection against high trigger voltage).

        The iISO design is a Minolta design from 1988.
        Sony used an ISO hot hoe in their advanced Bridge cameras.
        But they decided to keep the Minolta design when they took over the DSLR business.
        And btw. the iISO design is still better than most (if not all) quick lock/release solutions on ISO flashes.

  • Anon

    the camera that killed the DSLR. (for consumers)

    • And for me in holidays. 😀

    • R!

      This is the end of DSLR .

    • Ke

      Considering the price comparisons, I think entry-level DSLRs will be around for a while yet.

    • Remedy

      …until someone is gonna try to use this with something else than a pancake lens.

  • Cole

    I hope it has an 8th inch audio in…

  • Al

    Be still my heart.

  • photonut

    those specs look fantastic on paper!

    I am almost sold. Now, all depends on the AF tracking speed.

    • As compared to what? Not a (D)SLR I hope 😀

      • photonut

        compared to a Nikon D700.. 😀

        • I have it a little better as I’m comparing it to my 5dII which has slower autofocus than the d700 🙂

  • Erick Calderon

    I wish it looked more like the E-P3

    • photonut

      I wish Sony would hire a designer, who has completed at least design101…

  • Bruce

    NEX + Leica lens = BLISS.

    This combo is simply awesome. Also, I find the Sony lenses perfectly adequate for my street shooting style.

    A universal hot-shoe would be great addition.

    • Remedy

      Obviously You haven’t shot NEX with a Leica lens. The image quality is disgraceful.

  • So now it is almost obvious that next DX flagship from Nikon will have sensor with similar capabilities. I’m happy!

  • Rob V

    Remember all the people that said the first leaked image was fake?

  • R!

    The first that comes out with a full frame hybrid camera will be the winer i would say !

    • Musouka

      I was betting Canon would do so. However, Lecia beat to the punch with the M9 (affordability is a huge issue, however).

      Also, someone really needs to have WiFi (or at least Bluetooth 3) as a standard feature in camera bodies. There is no way I’m gonna pay around $650 for the WiFi transmitter for my 7D (and it doesn’t even double as a battery grip which is inexcusable). Such feature won’t even cost them $15.

      • R!

        M 9 DONT COUNT: telemetric !! 5000$ poor lcd etc …Its jullz like rolex ,I m tlkin about fullframe under 1000 $ for the masses !!!!

        • Musouka

          I know, but I was talking technology-wise.

          I also doubt that full frame will get under $1000 any time soon. Heck, you won’t even find a sub-$2000 full frame camera from any manufacturer right now.

      • Affordability aside, don’t forget low reliability and bad design…

        • Musouka

          Never tried or handled a Leica before so I don’t know about their reliability or feel. Their designs are kinda retro. They don’t appeal to me but they have their niche market.

          Nikon is unlikely to announce a full frame (or even APS-C) mirror-less camera any time soon. Right now, Canon is the only one left. Will they pull another (mirror-less) 5D?

  • SLRist

    If you think such a flawed body design will ever replace DSLRs, you are barking upvthe wrong tree. At least 50% of the reason to use a DSLR is usability. Sony are all about form over function.

    • BornOptimist

      I mostly agree with you, but many people who has bought a DSLR, this is good enough. They don’t utilize the features in a DSLR that makes them superior. To expect this type of cameras to replace DSLR all together, that will not happen any time soon. For that the focus system is not good enough for moving subjects.

      • broxibear

        Hi BornOptimist,
        You’re right, this type of camera isn’t going to replace dslr use at the top end for professionals and enthusiasts, but it may well do for those who buy cameras lower down like the D3100.
        Sony’s advertising and marketing dept are probably the best around and I can see this NEX7 doing really well.
        Like it or loathe it I like the fact that companies aren’t just bringing out cameras that are clones of each other.

        • BornOptimist

          Hi broxibear, The pricepoint of this NEX7 might be it’s achilles-heel (didn’t I read a rumor saying around 1000 USD body only?). To compete with low end DSLR, that is too costly. Personally I believe the NEX-C3 and/or NEX-5N will sell a lot better.

      • What’s the rush to focus. Take your time, spin the wheel, enjoy life 🙂

    • R!

      I prefer the reflex over any kind of camera and since leica invented it with his R line I never understooooood the one that are undergrading for a telemetric view this days but well ….live view against telemetric I make my choice quick for the first one ,but don’t get me wrong the reflex type is the best kind of view for the eye of an expert and will never be beaten untill we ll be able to see direct-lee, cousin of bruce, behind the lens with a transparent sensor ?we can wait…

  • Wonder if Sony and Nikon worked closely on their mirroless cameras? This look simular to what the Nikon may look like!!! Hope so with the same specs.

    • The Nikon has a much much smaller sensor. Apart from looking like any other camera and having a shutter button, they share very little.

  • Rob

    For those complaining about the coldshoe flash port, its much better for existing alpha users, which is a large target market for this camera I would like to think, and how much does a cold to hot shoe adapter cost…£10, stop moaning, bitches. 😉

  • Hiplnsdrftr

    So it’s most likely APS competition is the X1 and the X100?

    X1 costs $2000 with no viewfinder and X100 is almost impossible to purchase from a store. And both have fixed lens.

    Nex-7 looks to be a contender…

    • Camaman

      And the next mirrorless modern camera object of want will be leicas next mirrorless system that is rumored to have EVF and come to existance with the help of Panasonic.

      • Hiplnsdrftr

        If it’s APS, shoots video, has a built in flash, comes all black, has a wide-angle pancake lens and is in stock at B&H…

        Well then it’s the champ!

        (probably expensive)

  • broxibear

    Hi Hiplnsdrftr,
    “So it’s most likely APS competition is the X1 and the X100?” I think that depends on the price.
    Many buy the X1 and X100 based on aesthetics and quality…If the NEX7 is made of the same high quality materials then it would fall into that group.

    • hiplnsdrftr

      Competition in the sense there are only a few APS mirrorless choices…

      (I guess there’s also the Ricoh GXR A12, Sigma DP_ and the Samsung NX100. All of which lack a built in viewfinder. Only the Samsung has interchangeable lens mount, however it lacks built in flash. The Ricoh is well… modular.)

      The Fuji seems like a good offering, if it was generally available. Unfortunately it is not, at least in NYC.

    • jake

      only if they get more Zeiss lenses out with the body.

  • EnPassant

    I wouldn’t called this body a flawed design until I tried it. I agree the previous NEX bodies are too small with too few external controls in my taste, as well as lacking a viewfinder. But NEX-7 has answered most of what’s been criticized in NEX-5 and NEX-3 having a viewfinder, built-in flash as well as a Sony/Minolta standard hotshoe (with improved design), more extrernal controls and a bigger body that at least on the photos seem very comfortable to handhold. So let us just wait with the critic until we get the first detailed reports about the camera.
    The short registration distance is not a flaw as a pancake for SLR on NEX via an adapter would have the same distance from back of camera to front of the lens as if it was mounted on a SLR. So it is really mostly a matter of personal opinion about aesthetics.
    I agree with broxibear that we some day will see mirrorless designs replace, or at lest in the beginning complement the cheaper camera lines like Nikons D3100, D5100. When it happens is a matter of economics when the price of a high resolving EVF, now only used in high end mirrorless and expensive external viewfinders, will be cheaper to use than producing a camera with a high precision mirror-box.
    I just wonder when or if some maker will produce really intelligent adapters allowing for exemple Nikon AF-S and old screw-AF lenses being used with working AF on Sony Nex or a hotshoe-adapter giving TTL-function for new and old Nikon or Canon flashes on NEX, if it is possible to do?


    these 24mp files will be huge! My 12mp dslr gives me 6 ft prints that look awesome!!..come on Sony a 6 to 10 mp nex with amazing low light register is what we need!

    • Agreed! The only design flaw this camera has is it has the loudest shutter clack compared to any other mirrorless in the world and it uses 12 megapixels too many. such a pity – but i still want it.

  • Hansimausi

    Wow, twice the amount of pixels Nikon will ever build in their pro-cameras 😉

    • grumps

      Reminder: D3X!

  • Hansimausi

    I am outa here… Is there a Sony Rumors site somewhere…? HA

  • VRphoto

    Forgot to mention in the specs the absolutely astonishing groundbreakingly remarkable 3m pixels viewfinder. Just for comparison, X100 got 1.4m pixels and looks amazing.

  • fo2re

    Interesting to see how many who will wait to buy Sony before they got more lenses, if everybody join this idea they will for sure not spend much money on development of new since no one seems to buy them anyhooo.

  • AW

    Still no info on 25p or 30p video – the cam will be a real winner if it has both, and minijack audio in/out

    • Cole

      The audio inputs are a deal maker or breaker on this camera for me.

  • biggie smalls

    if sony rounds out their lens offerings with some more excellent, fast glass, i’d be all over this new model, pending a few things:

    –how the rear interface is set up (what are those dials for?)
    –how good is the EVF (probably pretty good, judging by previous sony EVFs)
    –how is the menu system, i.e., how accessible are core functions like ISO/EC/AF-point choice/etc.

    i love how the design is moving towards the rangefinder (without the leica price tag and fiddly rangefinder optical VF that needs calibrating and can’t really accommodate tele lenses) that many of us enthusiasts have been asking for.

  • MikeV

    This is one of the coolest camera designs I’ve seen in awhile! Loving that EVF position and camera shapes. I just really hope that 24mm f/1.8 is sharp! Unlike the other nex lenses..

  • David

    LOL! read most of this-I have a nex- my only regret is buying the 200mm lens for 800 this camera will rock with a view finder. but it will never be a replacement for a full size . without the 200 len its size is great -butwith it it is not! as for nex 3 and 5 not having a viewfinder makes them useless on sunny days. I love the small size but i should have bought the 55 with lens instead of the 200mm for the nex

  • David

    keep in mind the 200mm lens is heavy 534g or 1.18 pounds and makes this camera awkward as for Quality the lens is built well but it will not satisfy you-as far as the 55 mm it’s great but if you want a super zoom for your camera don’t buy the nex series. I love mine for hiking but most of you don’t sound like you hike. So if a compack camera isn’t needed don’t buy the nex-and if you hike don’t buy the 200mm and expect it to be light-

  • Mohsin

    Where is “built-in” flash in pics?!
    The only reason I regret buying a NEX camera is that huge flash. Are they going to fix it?

  • JollyRodgers

    This form factor is where the future’s at—EV offset like a rangefinder. Fujifilm hit the nail on the head with this one, and this design seems to be a good step in the evolution of Mirrorless ILC.

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