This is how the Samsung NX200 mirrorless camera will look

Dpreview forum member redcrow has provided numerous accurate information in the past about upcoming Samsung products. Based on his description, a SLRClub forum member created two different mockups of the upcoming Samsung NX200 mirrorless camera that is expected to be announced next month.

Redcrow's own comments on the mockups:

"He did great job and the black mock-up looks almost same with NX200, although the size and details are different. But, you can get exact NX200 design cue and look and feel from it."

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  • Ewan

    It’s “How it will look.” or “What it will look like.” Not “How it will look like”.

    /grammar nazi

    • Musouka

      Thank you for saving the Internet!

  • Remedy

    I wonder how complicated it would be to paste those pics directly IN THIS page. Hmmmm……

  • fants

    No more control wheel on top? Lame.

    • Din

      Right… the top select dial was a excellent and smart option.

    • squiddy

      No sensor either… Do I smell accessory? Super lame.

  • Remedy

    Seriously, the whole design concept of this (and next) is retarded beyond any limits. It’s like attaching iPhone to a lens. I wonder at which point and who thought that this is gonna be great idea. How could they not realize that this is just idiotic, I mean surely at least 10 people were involved in this project. Just hopeless.

    • Remedy

      correction: design concept of this (and NEX)

    • hcm

      typical samsung. but have to say NEX-7 is much more refined with an industrial look.

    • Dude

      Mhhhh the sales figures speak a different language.
      Seems you are part of the minority.

      (Not saying I personally would like such a camera as all day solution)

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