And this is how the Sony NEX-5N will look with an external EVF

Another image of the Sony NEX-5N with an external EVF from the Sony NEX talk forum:

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  • Sony really needs to take some ergonomics lessons from Nikon.

    • Victor Hassleblood

      LOL, soooo true!
      Oh wait, there ain’t a mirrorless from Nikon yet.

      • Remedy

        Oh wait, since when there has to be some special ergonomics philosophy for mirrorless cameras? People really need to get their shit straight with what mirrorless means (hint: it does not mean a brick-like design).

      • Herman Hermit

        Nikon has made lots and lots of mirrorless digital cameras – but they’ve called them “compacts”.

        • and they used to make rangefinders, no mirrors in those bad boys.

    • Global

      What is the difference between this design and a regular DSLR?


      PANCAKE LENSES — make a bunch more of them, before making “DSLR transformers” that go back to what DSLRs used to be.

      Sony needs to stop advertising this thing with giant lenses attached to it. Its just shooting theirself in the foot. Put pancakes on it, and make a bunch of them.

      • Remedy

        EXACTLY. It is absolutely pointless to have something that is retarded in terms of usability/ergonomics compared to DSLR and yet not much smaller (means You can’t put it into pocket like a compact point&shoot cam). And now they start adding new things like viewfinders and what not making it DSLR without mirror and with dodgy ergonomics.

        • Remedy

          In other words – reinventing the wheel.

        • JG10

          I agree with both of you. The Sony lens lineup for these cameras is a joke.

    • Paul

      That is a terrible looking kit.
      Olympus’ implementation looks better.

  • Remedy

    I love how mirrorless cameras are portable and shit (NEX in this case)… oh wait they aren’t. Fail.

    • Ke

      I agree that the lenses for NEX camera are too big for the body, but they’re still a hell of a lot less weight to carry around than any DSLR.

      As for other mirrorless – an Olympus E-p2 with the 20mm or 17mm lens is perfectly portable & fits nicely inside a jacket pocket.

  • Sony should start giving a damn about customers. I wish I didn’t buy nex-c3 and I definitely don’t recommend to buy it. Poor jpeg quality, very blurry – all shortcomings and bugs are maybe tolerable, but it’s ARW format has no support from adobe photoshop. Sony camera is like a plastic box with no meaning.
    Well, no, thanks! It was the last time I spent money on Sony product. Shove it back, Sony!

  • Mike

    I bet you this camera is taller than my D7000 and more fragile to boot. I wonder if Sony will offer a vertical grip for the NEX line, for a truly compact experience. 🙂

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