Canon is also preparing for an announcement next week (PowerShot SX150 HS and 310 HS)

In addition to Sony and Nikon, Canon is also preparing a new product announcement next week. No new DSLRs are expected. The two new cameras will be the PowerShot SX150 HS and 310 HS:

Here are some interesting Canon "leaks" from the past few weeks: listed the EOS 1Ds Mark IV model in their extended warranty section:

A recent duplicate 5D Mark II listing on Canon Australia website pointed to a folder called 6D:

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  • Now thats what I call rumors! Looks good for Canon! I’m really curious about the 6d!!!

  • Way to go Peter!

  • Victor Hassleblood

    Just Power Shits ? ? ?

    If both, Nikon and Canon, have nothing new to offer to the DSLR-crowd this year this would truly be sad. I want a new FF that suits me and want to add it to what I already have. Don’t care anymore who’s first to bring it on.

    Maybe the tsunami had a bigger impact on business as usual than admitted? Nobody would blame them. Just be honest Japan. Everybody wishes you well.

    • MJr

      Looking for blood are you. In the world of compacts, the powershots are great, so why shit on them. What’s sad is that some people’s only feature is complaining.

      Anyway, a 6D page appearing on a official Canon site is not just PowerShits is it.

      • MJr

        And a camera placed between 5D and 7D really could only mean a more compact and affordable FF, which may be exactly what you were referring too.

      • Victor Hassleblood

        There is a 6D coming? Great! Looking forward to it and am curious. Thanks for the info.

        And I agree, there are compacts that are a tempting offers. This spring I thought about getting either the P7000 or G12. Both nice cameras but at the end I bought neither one and decided to always take an SLR along, whenever I think I could take one or the other shot. Canon’s G12 felt and looked better but the P7000 offered more zoom plus the possibility of a WA-converter. Couldn’t make up my mind and decided to stay a complainer.

    • hiplnsdrftr

      Canon has a hard on for Elphs and other indistinguishable disposable compact digital cameras.

  • Bob Howland

    The extended warranty price for the 1Ds4 is the same as for the 1D4 but only 75% of the price for the 1Ds3. Does that say anything about the expected price for the 1Ds4?

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