More Sony A77 and NEX-7 images

Few more images from DChome. First, the Sony Alpha a77:

The controls of the Sony NEX-7 mirrorless camera:

The last image is about the new Sony XGA OLED viewfinder:

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  • Anon

    Gotta give it to them, some excellent cameras.

  • Mak

    That NEX 7 pic looks like concept. Doesn’t show the VF that’s supposed to be on the upper left.

  • Rob

    Sony a77 size comparison with Nikon D300, D7000 and Canon EOS 7D all matched up perfectly with their screen sizes

    The A77 is much bigger than youd think!

    Spot the typo!

    By the way I was the one with the A77 EXIF info picture, if you happened to see it on my photostream

  • Anonographer

    So with the OLED viewfinder you’re basically fooling yourself by thinking your pictures look better while in reality they aren’t.

    I rather have a viewfinder that shows exactly how in real world looks like, so no to EVF for me.

    • NiknWontRepairMyGray

      The problem is that no camera can produce images that looks “exactly how in real world looks like”.

      With that in mind, you can argue that with an OVF, you’re basically fooling yourself by thinking your pictures look as good as reality but they aren’t so.

  • After having nex-c3, I can say Sony is all about advertising and marketing, they will make you believe anything, but don’t fool yourself, quality wise Sony is nowhere near Canon and Nikon.

    • fsdfs

      maybe you are right. and i would never buy a sony, but you can be sure that without the huge momentum nikon have thanks their history, with recent quality issues they would not go far.
      sony pro bodies are excellent. if you would have two D700 and one D300s with several quality issues within one year, you would start doubt your comment as i do.

  • vsd

    No more evf on nex 7 ?

  • Camaman

    I guess if I understand this OLED comparison diagram this means that the new viewfinder is considerably bigger.
    This is great!
    But leaves a bitter afterthought in ones mind since this also means that pixel size, pitch remains the same… 🙁
    Makes you wonder why will they charge you so much for a same pixel pitch lcd?
    Only cause its bigger, OLED, whatever.
    Hope they wont pimp out this LCD for 2 years before releasing fullHD version.
    At least I hope they go one step up next year in resolution and keep the size!

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