Sony A77 size comparison with Nikon D300, D7000 and Canon EOS 7D

This is a a quick Sony a77 size comparison done by a reader (thanks Rob Ellis):

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  • Rob Ellis

    Heh cheers 😉 (Y)

  • John

    If that comparisons correct, which it does look to be, then the A77 is much bigger than what I expected. Nice!

  • Michal Rosa

    So? What does it supposed to mean/prove/show?

  • John

    Michael, kind of obvious, it shows how big the A77 will be?
    Yknow seeing as the general conception out there was that its gonna quite smallish? Which quite a few people didnt like the sound of as far as I’m personally aware.


    • Michal

      Right, like 5-10% differences are actually big enough to be seen/felt.

  • Din

    What about weight?

  • Rob Ellis

    Din, its weight it apparently 680g, for comparison:

    Canon EOS 7D: 820g
    Canon EOS 5Dmkii: 810g
    Canon EOS 60D: 755g
    Nikon D7000: 690g
    Nikon D300: 825g

    So its the lightest semi pro body to date 🙂

    • jake

      what really important here is its oversized silly body for EVF camera and it is clearly overpriced , without pentaprism , it must be much cheaper than 1.3k.(MSRP).
      Sony missed it again and I will not buy it , it is as usual Sony as it gets , a silly contradicting camera , maybe as contradicting as the NEX7 , great tiny body camera+ huge usueless optics.

      what I meant by as typical Sony as it gets is that it is just good in spec sheet but lots of issues in real life use as a long time Sony Alpha user I already know it.

      Shame on you ,sony.

      • bas076

        Sony please, does the same shame to your future semi pro and may be pro cameras and make jake miss your camera for ~1.2K$, leave more cameras for us. 

        • Andrew

          You know what’s more expensive? a camera that has pentaprism with 100% coverage, this is a good deal actually since Sony’s EVF has already 100% coverage with complete settings and customization display already imbedded in the EVF on a cheap price, and plus Sony was able improve the quality of their EVF greatly, so before you pass any judgment here I suggest you try out the camera first you might be surprised what Sony was able to achieve with their technology.

    • ARn

      Pentax K-5 660gr.
      Thank you & good bye.

    • WoutK89

      Hello Rob, you might want to check your typos next time 😛 Because you start with Nikon D300 and D700, and end with D30 and D7000. Also the Sony is named sont in the end.

      Btw, nice work in the comparison!

  • jake

    I lost all my interest in this silly Sony camera, Sony does not get it right , almost got it right but missed it as always.

    Well, all Sony cameras are contradicting , this should be as small as my D7000 or a bit smaller(maybe as small as the K5) because it does not have Pentaprism OVF.

    Actually ,I decided to keep my a900 for at least 2 more years , this A77V is pathetic but just as Sony as it gets that means it has lots of issues in real life use.

    NEX7 also misesed it almost got my money but the Zeiss 24f1.8 and its pricing made me go against it.

    I thought I ‘d never say this but prefer Samsung NX200 and its lens lineup better.

    But oh well, this A77V was supposed to be a so-close-to-perfection kind camera but that was just unsubstantiated rumor made fantasy growing into us among Sony users.
    The real A77V was a big disappointment, and re-sell value of Sony Zeiss lenses are bad probably because typical Alpha users never buy an expensive Sony lens or just switch to other brands in a few months.

    Shame on you Sony.

    • Mark

      You have no idea…Sony is revolutionizing the camera world.

    • bas076

      A lot of not connected to reality and inadequate words… Who sell him A900?

      • Art

        Looks like jake is mentally restarted or some kind of troll

        • bas076

          Mentally restarted? Good description. I am going to steal your expression 🙂

    • Heidfirst

      Have you tried a 70-400 or a 300/2.8 on an A55?
      It’s too small – you need something bigger (like an A700+grip) to balance it.

    • lalalalala

      jake what is it that you actually want?

      If you want a small camera and use you A-Mount lenses get an A33, or A55.
      If you want just small, get an m43s model (or wit for NEX-7).

      The A77 is for the enthusiast user.
      Most of them want a somewhat big body.
      Some people use the VG all the time to have better balance with big lenses as well.

      And the resale value for Zeiss lenses is not bad.
      Because there are not many around.
      And who is switching brands within months?
      Especially with buying high grade lenses?
      You have too much money? ;o)

      • bas076

        He wants us to write him letters how wrong is he.

  • Rob Ellis

    Jake, are you mad! Youre looking at a magnesium alloy, 12fps, 1080p, 24 megapixel, dust and moisture proof camera, I’d say the rumored prices are more than reasonable, if the d400 can come anywhere near these specs it’ll cost 1 and a half, maybe twice as much.

    And yes, I full well realise the typos, photoshop kept on freezing when I tried editing text and I gave up after a while 😉

    • bas076

      Art said he is not mad, Art said he is mentally restarted.:)
      I think he never saw A900 and don’t know the pluses and the minuses of the Sony FF camera.

  • Rob.

    I see no complaints from people about the d300 being too big when Nikon could have easily made it d7000 size, and the d3 being too big when they could have made it d700 size. Trolls will be trolls.

  • The size comparison is miscalculated. You used the right principle but forget to use the ACTIVE part of the LCD screen for all measurement comparisons – so for the first two cameras you used the active part of the LCD (lighter gray and that is three inches) but in the other two you used the outer border making scaling the images to an inaccurate size. The last two cameras are actually bigger than shown.
    I have published several size comparison photos also and know it takes a fair amount of exacting work but would love to see the true finished image recalculated by using the same yardstick – so to speak – for all the cameras.

  • Rob Ellis

    ^the only one I had trouble matching up the active area was the canon as the screen didnt have any markers as to which pixels are active, so I had to go with an assumption that the entire of the screen was used.
    The d7000, d300 and a77’s areas are matched up to the pixel 🙂

  • Camaman

    That size is good for handling the camera. I must admit I waited for D7000 to be released after I tried D90 in my hands and comparing it to Canon 500D and D5000 last year.
    It is good that it’s light as D7000. More weight we don’t need.

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