Adobe cloud?

Adobe may come out with some kind of a cloud solution for photographers that will allow synced access to their entire photo library on various devices (phone/tablet/computer):

"No matter which device is in your hand, you see your entire photo library. So those hundreds of photos you took while touring through Italy with your smartphone would also appear in the library on your tablet device and at home on your laptop…just like that.

At Adobe, we’re exploring solutions to get you there. And it should come as no surprise that we will also leverage the power of Photoshop editing technology for quick fixes along the way."

Via PhotographyBay

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  • Just A Thought

    Just buy an external USB 3 HDD storage solution and you don’t need to pay to access someone else’s cloud solution. Lots of places offer online storage. Heck I’ve read that one gets 50-gigs of storage included when they pickup one of the cheap $100 HP Tablets. BTW HP will apparently have more tablets available at their insanely low prices soon – check HP’s web site for a notification link – they’ll even tell ya when more stock has arrived from Taiwan…

  • sdfsdf

    Internet is Not ready.
    Sorry but even with 1MByte/s upload speed which is kind if miracle on like 90% of world you need 15 seconds per RAW, 6 second per JPEG. So kthx, but no. even if it would be dead cheap, reliable and not proprietary crap.

    For all those who relly think they need it, just go Amazon S3 which is as open as it gets.

    • RG

      90% of the world has 1 mByte/s access? i think it must be close to 1mbit/s

      • RG

        ok i read it wrong

  • Chris

    Is it a dumb copy of openphoto (api) ?

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