Fujifilm X10

As part of the latest Fujifilm X10 rumor, Gizmodo recently reported that a Fuji X50 camera was listed in the latest Promaster catalog. I have several readers who own the catalog, confirming to me that this was not the case and all this started as a joke on a forum. The original Fuji X10 specs I believe came from this post. The actual camera name will likely be X10 and it should be released next month. The new Fujifilm system camera with interchangeable lenses (based on the X100) will probably be released later in the year or in early 2012.

Also, this picture of the Fuji X10 is obviously fake - the X10 will not have interchangeable lenses and is expected to have similar hybrid viewfinder like the X100.

In conclusion, here is a quote from Brandon Remler (who works for Fujifilm USA):

"Clearly the advantage in my opinion (depending on your shooting style) goes to Fujifilm with the only hybrid optical viewfinder (bias alert here). Carrying that over into new models is what will set the cameras apart from the crowded field already mentioned."

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  • Mak

    I don’t think the X10/50 will have a hybrid viewfinder. I think it’ll be a retro styled S95 with a finder. But who knows. I have an X100 and I think the hybrid finder is great, but not what makes the X100 great.

    • I agree with Mak. I think it will be styled like a X100, sans finder. It will be a bit smaller, cheaper, much like a Olympus XZ-1 is to the EPL series. In my mind, sensor will be 1/1.6″ and IQ will be like a XZ-1 but with EXR technology. All that would make a lovely camera, and not at all a fantasy. If it comes out anything like the black concept image, then it will be great.

      They could, of course, make it horrible, like a retro-styled F600 with GPS, a mega zoom range and a small noisy sensor with heavy noise and resharpening filters.

      • I don’t agree, I think Fuji will try to monetize on their X100 success which was partly based on the hybrid viewfinder. If they release the X10 without a viewfinder, then they have just another p&s like many other manufacturers.

        • Mak

          Lucky for us, nobody knows what they’re up to, and they’ve only to surprise me! I’m interested in what they have coming. Oddly though I find less and less interested in their interchangeable lens camera as I continue using the X100. I hope they keep up the fixed lens line too. Fix the autofocus speed and accuracy, and add real tactile manual focusing and the X200 (or whatever) will be perfect.

        • asdasd

          reality is, there is no X100 success.
          After that loud minority got theirs (and most of them resold it right away on ebay) there are no real sales anymore.
          In every retail they sell 5 sony nexes for each X100 sold.

          • camerageek

            And what reality are you living in? Seriously such unfounded, uninformed and obviously incorrect information lets me know that a peasant such as yourself is addicted to some sort of drug. The X100 is currently one of the most difficult cameras to obtain, with most retailers here in the US having continuously expanding waiting list as more and more orders roll in.

            Also the NEX’s currently available and the X100 are aimed at vastly different market shares. Ahh poor pathetic peasant, continue shooting up your heroin and smoking your crack pipe and leave the photography to we the elite and please don’t forget to sell your computer for your next fix.

          • s

            Depends on how you measure success.

            Apple is easily outsold on computers by their Windows counterparts, yet they’re one of the, if not most *profitable* PC maker around. Notice that the #1 PC maker (HP) is dumping the PC business because of their thin margins.

            For argument’s sake, let’s say it costs Fuji $500 to make their $1200 camera and Sony $300 to make their $600 camera. Fuji really doesn’t need to match Sony 1 for 1 in sales to consider themselves successful, do they?

          • Harold Ellis

            sold out means nothing else then they are producing less then demand is.

            Here in germany they are in enough supply. every shop have in stock. even small retails. But nobody wants them.

            Nex leads amazon sales with nothing able to beat it.

          • Funny I receive offers from people that want to buy my X100 (thanks PhotoRumors & Adorama) every day.

          • Ronan

            @asdasd You are as much as a moron/clown/troll on the NikonRumors website than here.

            Every post you make are complete non-sense. Questions you asked are at a kindergarden level.

            Seriously, STOP POSTING.

            BTW X100 sells are quite high, and very few are on the second hand market.

            So keep crying, keep trolling like a 12 year old brat, and keep living in your parents basement.

        • Discontinued


          there is another pic of the X10 circulating the net for a few days now. Apparently it popped up on some japanese blog first and can now be found just anywhere (Just google Fuji X10).

          It shows a similar looking but different camera clearly without any signs of VF on the front. If this is the real X10 it would have either no VF at all or EVF.

          Personally I would want what VF ever, not necessarily hybrid or OVF. No VF would be a no go for me – even though the 2.0 28-112 equivalent and looks of the camera are rather seductive.

    • I wonder how they can sell a non-existing camera that may not even have the same name.

      • hilnsdrftr

        Well Fuji themselves have an existing camera that is impossible to buy… almost the same as a non-existent camera that is impossible to buy.

  • Jonathan

    Gizmodo should never be taken seriously. After all, they think the Sony NEX-7 is a micro four thirds camera!


  • Steve

    PhotoRumors was not the first one to post these specs. There are likely Promaster catalogs for different regions.

    The specs for the X10/X50 were posted last month at a couple of links.


    This is where the news gets good; originally designated as the X50, the Finepix X10 is the “baby X100″ in all sleek black with a reduced sensor for a smaller body build and an optical 4x zoom. While still not an interchangeable lens model, the X10 will come with the OVF/EVF hybrid viewfinder that made the X100 such a smashing success and will incorporate a few design and operational improvements over the X100. Look for this camera to be making an appearance around October at a price point of $600 USD.


    So, the camera store I work at just got a Promaster catalogue of items and it lists under the X100 a camera called the Fuji Finepix X50. The specs say it has a 28-112 equivalent zoom lens and the photo looks like a smaller version of the X100 (more or less).

  • Joe

    It has a small optical viewfinder like the Nikon P7000 and Canon G12, not the larger hybrid one the X100 has.

    • nodody

      And probably the same 80-x % accuracy.

      Oh well, there goes my dream compact camera…

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