Sony to announce three new NEX lenses in 2012, still has plans for full frame camera

Quesabesde reports that at today's press conference in Athens, Sony confirmed that three new NEX lenses will be released in 2012: a wide zoom, a telephoto lens and the first mid-range G NEX lens (?). Sony also reaffirmed that a full frame camera is still on their roadmap without providing any further details.

Another report from the same event indicates that Sony has not made a decision whether it will Translucent Mirror Technology in future models.

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  • JG10

    Dear Samsung, please make a camera as good as the 5N. Your lens lineup is excellent. Sony’s lenses for the Nex are an absolute joke.

    • That’s not true and you wouldn’t know anyway because you’ve never used the Nex bodies properly… but yes, there is a slowness to the lens releases.

      On the other hand Sony has been doing nothing but improving their bodies with firmware updates, even before new models were released, to meet customer feedback on requirements. That’s certainly a good thing. When did Samsung do that?

      Also the newly released lenses, e.g. 24 1.8, etc. put the competition away. So your understanding’s a bit off.

      • Ke

        That 24mm 1.8 is the single decent lens in the NEX line up.

        “That’s not true and you wouldn’t know anyway because you’ve never used the Nex bodies properly”

        Make massive assumptions much?

  • it would’ve been great if Sony had the same bayonet for all systems. it’s so inconvenient and stupid that we have to collect incompatible lenses for every system.

    • Well it would be better if all manufacturers had the same mount and communication too, right? 🙂

      Also there’s no point in the Nex having the same bayonet as the A-mount because the A-mount lenses won’t be usable on the Nex anyway because of the closer flange distance without a correct spacer adapter. So why confuse?

  • Victor Hassleblood

    New FF-SLRs sounds great to me. Any competition and choices in that segment is appreciated. And for the NEX-7: I guess I’ll have a close look at it. Does it fit into a pocket with the 16mm pancake? And it does take Nikkors via adaptor, right? Could be interesting. Sony still needs to have more lenses, alpha as well as E-mount.

  • Alfons

    Somehow this FF thing reminds me of… Oh yes, Olympus 4/3!

    Three and half years after A900 Sony announce a full frame camera. It will have 28 megapixels, a bit better ISO-performance, weaker anti-aliasing filter and larger OLED-screen plus video features.

    • Monstrous

      No, you’re wrong! It will have 36MP, and the more expensive FF (MF?) body just might have 60MP…..heheehe

  • grumps

    Primes, sell ZEISS primes to be exact! I don’t think other lenses will live up to the high resolution the new Nex 7 presents. One lens is not enough, cries one disappointed photog!

    • bas076

      What about 50/1.8 OSS? It will be good for high resolution.

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