Sony NEX-7 quickly jumps to #2 best selling camera on Amazon

Sony NEX 7 quickly jumped to #2 best selling camera on Amazon just few hours after its announcement. In the DSLRT category that is:

The new Sony a77 is currently holding the #7 spot.

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  • I definitely can’t wait falling in love with this beauty

  • kick and ouch

    nikon, see what happern when you trick people to buy the stupid coolpix, drop your dslr price right away, or everybody will get a sony

    • Scurvyhesh

      Let the fools buys this monster of a compact. I would buy a d7000 or 60d over this any day

      • z

        60D? Really? Last time I check 60D doesn’t have 24MP, have bad..very bad ISO performance and definitely doesn’t focus even near as quick and accurate.

        • Scurvyhesh

          Sony isnt know for quality high iso either. Thats Nikons claim to fame. But given the choice i would take the 60d because of the lens mount. Face it for the same price you can have access to a better camera system in nikon or canon. These nex cameras are garbage for the price you pay. They are menu driven, poorly laid out and unbalenced. They are far from compact. Go ahead and buy one. Fools rush in.

        • jake

          well, this 24.3mp APS-C sensor is really bad , I tested it at Sony plaza Osaka today and really disappointed how bad it is at base ISO.

          I compared it to my A900 and EOS5Dmk2 , I will never buy anything less than my A900.

          I was really excited about this and the A77V but they turned out to be crappy cameras , the A77V had very small buffer and if you use 12f/s mode often , it stops and writing into SD card all the time.

          I much prefer the K5 to both A77V and NEX7, if Sony does not bring us real successor to the great A900, I will sell all Sony gears and get the 645D or something more real innovative camera, or get more Zeiss for my Canon.

          Sony is always good on paper but they ignore all real photogs requests and so always almost gets it all right but miss something really important in the end.

          Shame on you ,Sony.

          As for Mirroless system camera , I think the Samsung NX is the clear winner.

          • Scurvyhesh

            +1,000,000 to everything you said. Especially about the K5 and Samsung

      • malvenko

        Great — less demand for the rest of us.

        Now, with a simple Leica m-adapter, IQ of this baby will kick your dslr’s ass.

        • Matt

          Better IQ? Sure. But when did slightly better IQ ever make or break a photo? Besides, buying Leica lenses specifically for use on a Nex is just stupid, the sensor won’t handle anything but tele and normals, and Leica lenses aren’t as sharp as you think they are (Some are downright soft (And then it’ called the ‘leica glow’)).

          tl;dr: Stop wanking about IQ and pick a camera that works for you. You’re not going to need that 24mp.

          • Sky

            God.. camera has good image quality: It’s wrong. Camera has poor image quality: It’s wrong. People are crazy these days.

          • jake

            yeah Leica is just a big name, just like Nikon, both are crappy old systems should be sleeping in camera world coffin together.

            but I love Zeiss and some new Sigma lenses the Sigma 105f2.8macro was insanely sharp , hope Sigma design NEX or NX version of it.

            But what I really want to get for the NEX7 is a NEX version of CZ135f1.8Z that is the main reason why I shoot A900.

        • Scurvyhesh

          I really doubt it dude. Have fun shooting with that

  • Scurvyhesh

    1199 for that? What a lol!

  • 60d is a great cam, but styled outdated, Canon mid-range dslrs are always ugly these days. maybe that’s why lately people are turning to Sony. Canon should hire someone from Apple design team. And not necessary to tell me that looks doesn’t matter in cameras. Competition is so strong recently that appearance became very much important as well. Although Sony is not the most beautiful camera, yet it’s much more sexier than any modern Canon and Nikon.

    • Scurvyhesh

      Agree with you about the 60d. Canon needs to rework their midrange. also agree that the A77 is a great looking camera. It actually looks minolta’ish. The nex and lower range sonys are shite though. But none of them are as finely sculpted as the D700. That camera looks as if it was hewn from a solid piece of magnesium. Beautifal!

    • Great? no 60D just a camera with good marketing & gimmick.

  • Ken Elliott

    These are pre-orders. It is not unusual for a new model announcement to cause a spike in the orders. I just looked and it’s at third place right now, with the Nikon D3100 right below.

  • JG10

    I think it’s an awesome camera but it is really let down by the lenses that are made for Nex. You get this and the Zeiss and you’re looking at well over $2,000. That’s just ridiculous. If only the Nex had the Samsung NX lens line up.

  • OM

    Might wanna wait till the Nikon Mirror-less system come out before jumping the gun on one of these bad boys.

    • Sky

      There’s nothing to wait for. Not with compact-sized sensor as it’s in prototypes. m4/3 already shows weaknesses so Nikon coming with sensor using half the surface of it doesn’t bring much hope for a system usable by advanced armatures or system usable with non-native lenses, what limits it’s usability way below norm.

  • OM

    * i’m waiting to see what nikon has to offer 🙂

  • Camaman

    Wow those rating sure do smell fishy!
    Already on number two… LOL!
    …riiight…! :-/

  • andy

    I’m going to wait for the reviews before I decide. There must be a lot of impatient people around who can’t wait to have the latest gizmo to show off before everyone else. Pre-ordering such an expensive camera having never even seen any sample images let alone a review is never a good idea.
    For me, right now it’s between the 7 and the 5N but I’ll have to wait and see what nikon has up their sleeves before I decide.

    • jake

      Nikon has nothing in their sleeves , if they had soemthing very interesting , they already revealed it on 24th.

      I think Nikon is in really serios crisis and about to go away from this industory.

      It will be SonyvsSamsungvs Canon.

      • Scurvyhesh

        Cool story bro!

      • StupidNikonFanboy

        Agree with you, Jake!!! 🙂
        RIP Nikon!!!

  • More like… Most ‘window-shopped’… since the NEX-7 is not available yet 😉

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