Sony announcement (updated)

Sony announced all of the previously rumored products. See the

Pre-order option

The new Sony NEX camera is now available for pre-orders at Adorama. All new Sony products are also available for pre-order on Amazon:

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  • MarkR

    I’ll say this, the 16-50mm(24-80 35mm equiv)is A LOT more useful to me than any of the Nikon kit lenses offered in the past. So altogether, that package is VERY tempting to me!

    But where can we find full res still sample photos and 1080P/60 sample videos from the A77?

  • xmxlf

    I own a a700 at had always some fear about the Sony developments (a700 was still pretty much Minolta style). A77 does not seem that bad. I mean, the success for “old style” photographers like me depends highly on the quality of the view finder. I really wait to see this oled.

  • Moth Flopwell

    So…Sony..does this mean…I can wait until you release the Full Frame A99? IS that truly coming a Full Frame Camera from Sony to replace the A900? Just wondering.

    • Dude

      Of cause there is a FF camera coming.
      But you can expect it to be SLT type with EVF as well.

      Some people created rumours Sony would leave the FF market or even completely let the A-Mount die and go NEX all the way.
      But that was when their growth in market share had stuck (and they couldn’t kick in to the advanced market).
      Since the release of the SLT cameras, Sony is again growing in the camera market.
      They found something to have USPs in their models (high fps, video AF, VF overlay).
      Some people still say they never touch an EVF – no problem – but people will at least see SLT as a different product.
      Sony’s OVF based DSLRs always been like the 3rd, not doing anything better than Canon&Nikon.

      Besides that Sony introduced FF lenses all the time.

      You should not expect a new Sony FF camera this or early next year, tho.
      Keep in mind Canon and Nikon also have not refreshed their entry FF models.
      A900, 5DmkII, and D700 are basically the same age.
      And the A850 is still the cheapest FF camera.
      Although it is believed the production of A850 and A900 has been stopped long a go and the storage of A850’s is going to sale out relatively soon.

  • Tony

    A complete weather-sealed kit for 2,000. Thatā€™s I call cheap! I hope other brands would follow and lower the price of their weather-sealed lenses.

    • Tony

      Wait! Sony often put high-end features on their product but never work properly. I have to wait and see.

    • CJ

      I bought my Pentax K200D 4 years ago for around $600 and later a 18-55 sealed for $120. That’s a sealed kit for $720. And the much more advanced K-5 with sealed kit is around $1300. So I think Sony is following others than taking the lead. The only innovation here is a EVF and a translucent mirror… wait, I remember that from an old handycam that must be laying around somewhere…

      Is this a photo or a video camera??

      • Rob Ellis

        Care to explain how the pentax is more advanced? I look forward to hearing this.

        • CJ

          Maybe I expressed myself wrong, english isn’t my language, I only got what I learned in highschool. I mean “..more advanced” than the K200D.
          I think the Alpha might be the perfect camera to many, but not for me. Anyway, looking at the samples in the review, the performance looks poor. Maybe its just a preproduction sample šŸ˜‰

  • ByeNikon

    Can’t wait to test this out. If the IQ are good, I will definitely jump on it. Let see what Canikon can do.

  • Zeusman

    Sony threw the gauntlet down today and showing the world they not only aim to compete against Nikon and Canon but take major market share from them. The new line-up is strong and innovative.

    Will be interesting to see what the others counter with.

  • MarkR

    Great still shots, but not as impressed by the video quality.

    So why haven’t you(PR) mentioned the Sony VG20 which was also announced today? It’s shown at Engadget. I expect the video from that will be excellent.

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