Sony a77 promo video on Amazon

Here is the Sony a77 promo video on Amazon:

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  • preston

    Really nice video (love the dramatic music), but the ultimate advertisement would have been a “by the way, this video was filmed with a Sony A77” at the end.

  • R!

    Sony changed his strategy and will never let nikon use his sensors befor them again ,be prepare to get dslr always after Sony for Nikon.

    • CJ

      That remind me of the GTA games. Always first for PlayStation and Xbox, and a year later, for PC.

  • R!

    Looks like a 7D7000 Killer to me…!!

    • R!

      If Sony had a F mount like Nikon they would have taken all the market!!

    • Totalreader

      🙁 only specs-killer…
      look at the samples.
      not so great as MUST!!! be 🙁

      • void

        have to agree looked at the samples dp review and the iso performance not so great in comparison to the d7000 files at similar iso levels .nice specs but yes still lacking what really counts

        • R!

          well specs says : 12 fps 24 mpx oled viewfinder make you see actually what the sensor sees in high iso , unlike DSLR…I ‘d say :
          best sports lowlight iso camera ,off course its not the perfect quality you will get but the faster quality for faster action, you can get today. Bravo Sony !!

  • kick and ouch

    is it going to use the sd card as the storage? if so, is there a card fast enough for the 12fps with every frame as big as 24mb?

    • jvs

      I used my Sandisk extreme pro cards on them today and it worked perfectly fine.

      Overheating issue has also been solved.

  • looking good

  • Moth Flopwell

    A question….Since Sony is replacing all of it’s cameras….Does this mean…A Replacement for the Full Frame A900 is coming? A99? just wondering…..

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