Fujifilm Finepix X50 camera is indeed listed in the Promaster catalog

I was wrong. After my Fuji X10/X50 post yesterday, a reader (thanks Steve) posted a link to the somethingawful forum that contained a picture of the new Fuji X50 camera from the Promaster catalog, which existence I previously denied . The catalog must be out for few weeks now - the first time I asked about it on Twitter was on August 6th.

Here is a scan of the Promaster catalog listing:

The other news is that the Fuji X50 will have a viewfinder. The rest of the rumored specs can be found here.

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  • s

    I wonder what that knob on the right does. AF mode?

    Also looks like they dropped the EV knob, unless it’s flush now.

    • I think you answered your own question

  • Mikko

    Nice! Fujifilm has really understood what consumers want.

  • Hiplnsdrftr

    I wonder if it will be made available in the US…
    Or will it be an eBay only at an inflated price item?

    • s

      Well, if it’s not available in the US, I don’t know why it would be listed in the catalog of the American distributor that this post is based on.

  • Joaquim Prado

    Cute a nice price!

    • JG10

      You think $599 is a nice price for this? Seems pretty expensive to me.

      • Ke

        The street price will probably be lower (after the initial rush) so it competes with Canon’s G12.

      • Eric

        $600 is fine for this. It has a larger sensor and much better lens (spec wise) then the Canon G12, and the MSRP on the G12 is $500.

  • Mak

    Looks like a Fuji Klasse! Awesome! Hopefully the $599 MSRP means $550 street price.

    • Steve

      Well, it looks like dealer cost is $453 so I see this going for $499 online once the initial hype wears off.

  • Mandrake

    Optical only VF?

    • hard to tell, it loks to small to be hybrid, but this is the strength of the X line and I think Fuji will continue using a hybrid viewfinder

      • s

        For some reason, $599 seems too low to me for the camera to have the hybrid viewfinder. I guess they could use a lower res finder like the ones you see in some cheaper superzooms.

  • s

    Damn, it would be nice to have a hi-res scan of that page to see what it says on the lens.

    • st r

      All that I can read from the image is:

      – 12(?) Megapixel and Newly Developed 2/3′ (?) EXR CMOS Sensor
      – Fujinon … f/2.8(?) Manual Zoom Lens (28-112mm equivalent)
      – 2.8′ Clear LCD Monitor
      – Wide and Bright Optical Viewfinder
      – Fine/Raw+JPG Modes
      – Full HD Movie
      – Rich Design and Feel Like X100
      – Long Life Lithium Battery: 500 Shots per charge

  • Camaman

    So this will be a mini sensor, and a dumb OVF camera?
    Didn’t we have this like 10yrs ago?
    If it was m43 or APS-C than the $599 would be ok.

    This: $300 TOPS! And thats cause its retro looking!

    • chris

      depends on the f stop of the lens . rumored f2
      so it would be okay if it has 2x crop compared to apcs sensor.. in terms of apcs a f2 would be like a f4 lens on apcs (same dof and would also compensate for worse iso when you can shoot f2 instead of f4)

      so this could be interesting if you use your apcs camera (mirrorless sony or samsung) only with a kit lens.

    • Ke

      The camera is obviously aimed at the S95 & G12 crowd, & the X50’s sensor is two or three times bigger than the one in those.

      • nodody

        Completely wrong! It’s some 35% larger, that’s it.

        • JG10

          Nah, he’s not completely wrong. It is aimed at the S95 and G12 crowd. And he made a mistake. Big deal. It happens. No need to jump all over him and shout, “Completely wrong!” Lighten up Francis. S

        • Ke

          My bad, I was thinking of Nikon’s mirrorless.

          But it’s still a very decent sized sensor for a p&s. It’s bigger than the G12’s sensor – & the G12’s sensor is bigger than your average p&s.

  • Ishouldbeshooting

    Thanks, Peter!

  • What a ridiculous sensor !

    • s


      George Lucas shot Star Wars Episode 2 on a camera using a Sony 2/3 sensor.

      Oh wait, Episode 2 was pretty crappy. You’re right. What a ridiculous sensor!

    • Ke

      Why? They’re obviously not going to release another compact with an APS-C sized sensor. That would hurt the sales figures of the X100.

      They need something to compete against the G12.

  • CRB

    So, 28-112mm lens…but 2.0-what?…2,8,4,5,6?

    • u_atom

      2.8 ^^

      • Carlos R B


  • Pete Peterson

    WTF? Why scanning that darn thing? Do a photo shoot!

  • nodody

    If there’s a printed catalogue, isn’t there a chance to have a better scan of this page posted? Just saying…

    • Scott


  • I Should Be Shooting

    Here’s a supposed photo, I don’t see a viewfinder:


    • JG10

      ISBS, that photo is fake/different camera.

    • see my previous post – this photo is fake, this site has produced only fake images in the past

    • I Should Be Shooting

      Derp, my bad.

  • the page is curved but the picture is straight

    • Steve

      Check again. Top of camera is curved as well.

  • TaoTeJared

    I like it! It is a shame it isn’t a DX sensor.

    • Ke

      Eeerr, they have that, it’s called the X100.

    • Ronan

      X100? lol…

  • S

    Looks like a Vancouver camera store may have jumped the gun…

    This x10 entry looks legit and appears to shed some more light. F2.0-2.8 lens, so hopes are dashed for a fixed aperture zoom. The 10fps sounds impressive.

    • Thanks, I will post this online but will not mention the store -that way we can get some more leaks.

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