Yes, the Fuji X10 (X50) is coming on Thursday

Check out the latest tweets from @FujiGuys and @TheFujiGuy:


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  • s

    I read that tweet this morning and wondered what was with that weird capitalization. Boy do I feel stupid now.

  • scott

    perhaps they’re going to do the launch on Broadway?

    • Global

      Or a Broadway Repair. =P

  • Herman Hermit

    why would they keep a product launch a secret a few day prior?
    makes more sense to send out proper invitations rather than rely on the cleverness of bloggers, doesnt it?

  • venancio

    wake me up when august ends…

  • René Descartes

    I think these guys are playing with you. It’s probably a new Instax! Again.

  • Bonetti

    I think He Meant that the Police is going to arrest the leaker for breaking a NDA contract by leaking company data.

    • the leaker was a store and they removed the X10 listing from their website already

  • Carlos R B

    Great marketing…internet era marketing….

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