First Samsung NX200 samples point again to a 20MP sensor

Few samples reportedly taken with a Samsung NX200 camera appeared on SLRclub forum:

The EXIF data on one of the original images show "3,648 × 5,472 JPEG (20.0 megapixels)" which confirms that the Samsunbg NX200 will have a 20MP sensor:

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  • Ivan Kulman

    wow, 3200 looks great! this is the best response to all “too many MPs” whiners 🙂

  • Good sleuthing.

  • Renato M.

    wow, pretty impressive! it doesn’t even look like ISO 3200.

    I think that 16-18MP are good enough. 24MP is just too much. So far it doesn’t look like Sony is able to keep the noise low like that samsple from Samsung. I wonder how the NX12/20 is going to be.

  • If that’s the actual 100%, it looks much better than the D300s at 800…

    • squiddy
      • ros

        No premission for the file?

        • be

          Just copy/paste link adress to address input of your browser. And it works

      • fred

        The 100% looks rather bad (desaturated, and still with much chroma noise). Even downsizing doesn’t help.

        Let’s hope it is an early firmware issue. It would be nice if Samsung catched up with Sony sensors.

        • fants

          It does indeed look crappy, but it could be down, again, to Samsung’s awful, awful JPEG engine. My NX100 RAW shots at 3200 processed through ACR/LR look infinitely better than JPEGS out of the camera.

          • fred

            Thanks for the info.
            Let’s wait for the raw tests then…

  • frosti7

    looks same, if not weenie worse then previouse gen

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