Samsung NX200 will have a 20MP APS-C sensor

Samsung NX200 mockup, source: SLRClub

Dpreview member redcrow confirmed that the Samsung NX200 will have a 20MP APS-C sensor. The camera is expected to be announced for the IFA show in Berlin.

In the past, redcrow has always been correct when it comes to providing information for upcoming Samsung products.

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  • Fubar

    Do they make their own sensors?

  • they also make the nex-7, and a77 evf’s, so hopefully we will see it on NX200

    • Art

      No they don’t. In the video by Sony, ( Paul Genge, Sony UK) said the EVF in A77/Nex-7 is 100% Sony made and is exclusive to Sony only.

  • chris

    hmm. i would have wished for a really good 16mp sensor..

    we ve seen with the a77 nex7 samples that you dont gain any really good detail at 24mp and the high iso is much better on the 16mp sony nex5n

    lets see how the samsung 20mp works out.. but even if it is good a 16mp sensor would have been better : /

    also interesting if they will add some kind of focus peaking like on the nex because it is very useful especially with manual lenses in video mode..

    • fants

      The NX cameras already do have a sort of focus-peaking feature…not like Sony’s, but still better than “magnify the whole screen” mode. You get a bar displayed on the screen that hits the top whenever whatever’s in your focus point is in focus.

      Incidentally, I just got a new NX100 for a ridiculously good price…and I ran a firmware update that bricked the camera. 4 hours old and it’s already being sent in for repair! THAT is something they need to work on…from what I’ve read, it’s a fairly common issue…the firmware update process on the NX100 is apparently incredibly, incredibly fragile.

      • chris

        yes the price of the samsung nx100 is insane.. thats why i bought one too.

        i tried the focus peaking on the nex and samsungs contrast level bar.

        the advantage on the nex is that you see the whole screen and see where the focus is on the whole screen not only on a particular spot.

        see example here

        first normal magnification and from 1:30 the focus peaking.. see how fast you can change the point of focus..

        • chris

          i also hope that they will put a least a little bit of effort into the video aspect.. simply a manual mode and half way decent codec.. why not.. it is mostly just firmware.

  • Unless Samsung has made a better sensor than their that 14.6MP one that is super noisy and with strange colour rendition and response, I think a 20MP Samsung sensor is just worthless if their old tradition continues.

    • fants

      The NX100 has actually gotten several reviews that praise its color rendition over other mirrorless cameras. And the noise…yeah, 3200 and 6400 are a lot noisier than most contemporary APS-C sensors, but I was very surprised at how organic and “filmlike” they looked when processed through ACR. Even though the sensor in general is about 2 stops noisier than my 5d2, I find the NX noise to be much more aesthetically pleasing. But to each his own!

    • squiddy

      If in 3+ years they cannot make a sensor better than that old Pentax K20 one then they should pack up and get out of the CMOS biz.

    • Din

      The noise level and DR on NX sensor is like 12MPx Sony sensor on a700, they are contemporary.
      The color to low ISO is better than many other systems.
      When you compare the actual M4/3 sensors with NX sensor, you are comparing different generations of sensors.

  • Make it real cheap like a Kia or Hyundai. Don’t sacrifice cheap for performance.

  • jerl

    The thing about Samsung’s camera’s is that their high ISO performance tends to lag: places like DXO and comparison tests seem to indicate that they perform on par with m4/3 cameras, despite having a sensor twice as large. I’m looking forward to this one though, as I’m hoping that with an MP count this high that they’ve caught up to the competition.

  • Tony

    The body looks similar to NEX from Sony, isn’t it.

  • Eric

    samsung sensors colours are really different then the other camera makers, i did comparisons at my job where we have every camera under 2k and the nx100 and nx10 where way off from oly,pan,sony,nikon,canon,fuji,kodak even.

  • fants

    One thing I hate about these mockups is the protruding, NEX-style lens mount. What’s the point of making the body thinner if the widest point is going to remain exactly the same? All it does is sacrifice grip comfort, really.

  • Sam

    Looks like the megapixel wars are alive and well. Can any of the Samsung lenses actually resolve 20MP?

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