Fuji X10 detailed specs leaked

Here are the detailed specs of the upcoming FujiFilm FinePix X10 camera (or X50):

  • Bright, high resolution, Fujinon f/2.0-2.8 lens
  • Manual 4x optical zoom lens
  • Optical zoom viewfinder
  • 12 MP 2/3 inch EXR CMOS sensor
  • EXR Processor
  • Manual shooting modes
  • RAW capabilities
  • Up to 10fps
  • Retro design with magnesium alloy body
  • Full HD 1080p movies with stereo sound
  • Manual pop-up flash
  • Dedicated hotshoe
  • High contrast 2.8" 460k LCD monitor
  • 1cm super macro mode
  • Motion Panorama 360 degrees
  • Auto Bracketing Functions

The camera looks identical to the previous leaks from the Promaster catalog. I am still not sure iof the final name will be X10 or X50. Probably different names will be used in different regions. I will not mention the source for now because I am hoping for some future leaks. Here is an enlarged version of the above picture:

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  • venancio

    i’m in love…

    • cb

      I am bored.

    • chris

      judging by the size of the hotshoe i would say around:

      fuji x50 115mm * 68mm
      (fuji x100 127mm * 75mm)
      (canon g12 112mm *76mm)
      (nex5n 111mm *59mm)

      would be interesting to see how thick the body + lens is

  • flatus passer

    welcome to the era of over-expensive compact cameras, whose main draw is aesthetics.

    • Joe Jaro

      let’s just call all of them Leica

    • Greg Gebhardt

      These cameras are what people asked for and I LOVE THEM!

      Do not wnat another heavy DSLR but do wnat the same quality in a smaller package.

      • JG10

        I didn’t ask for this and at $599 I definitely don’t want it.

        • Stis

          Some will pay, some won’t want to. It’s called ‘choice’.

    • Ronan

      I’m not interested in the X10/X50, but the X100 is far from a P&S.

    • Zaph

      Rubbish. A 4.0 crop sensor (larger sensor than XZ-1, S95, LX5, etc). Quality lens, 1080p video, metal body, AND zooming OVF? That is hardly aesthetics, it’s a step above the current premium compact cameras.

      • Stis

        Spot on Zaph. I for one, am sick of cameras with no viewfinder and having to rely on a screen to view my shots.

  • Carlos R B

    Im in…and bet it will have 4/3 performance…

    • hiplnsdrftr

      it will have 2/3″ performance.

  • CJ

    Looks very nice on paper. I wonder if the manual pop-up flash mean if it has manual settings or “manual” means “mechanical pop-up flash”

  • photonutz

    An f2-f2.8 zoom? That is pretty damn good. Considering it will have a larger sensor than a G12 or S95 it should do pretty good with a lens that fast

  • Stefan

    too small sensor for me to even consider getting it. Fuji should go into leica territory with a full frame viewfinder camera with interchangable lenses at a price somewhere between 1700-2000 dollars. I wouldnt care much if the performance of the sensor was less than any of the current e.g. nikon or canon FF .. i’d just like the FF format in a relatively small and somewhat affordable package.


      Sensor size means nothing unless you plan on printing 30 x 40

      • Alfonso

        Maybe less noise at higher iso?

      • jvs

        I think you are referring to megapixels.

        Sensor size can mean better dynamic range and low light performance, it effects the crop factor and depth of field and overall better image quality.

        • No, I’m not. But then again I can adapt to any camera.

          • jvs

            Either way, sensor size is much more than just making large prints 🙂

          • MJr

            Listen to jvs Micheal. He’s right, you’re not.

          • Ke

            You’re definitely wrong.

            Grab a compact like the Canon S95 – try to get a shallow DOF. You can’t unless you’re half an inch away from whatever you’re shooting. This is because of the small sensor & wide lens.

            When you get up to APS-C, FF, or medium format it’s much easier.

            Larger sensors also cope better with noise in low light.

          • Matt

            And who says a shallower depth of field is a good thing? Nor everyone prefers a photograph that’s 50% bokeh.

          • Alfonso

            Control of depth of field is a good creative tool in cameras for photo enthusiast. Only point and shooters will not look for it in a camera like this. Our comments define us.

      • Hiplnsdrftr

        Depth of field

      • Me

        Then why are there less dynamic range on my P&S than my DSLR? I’m not printing anything, just looking at them on my screen.

  • Alfonso

    Great contender against P7100, G12 and coming Nikon mirrorless. What will be the price for this camera?

    • WN

      $599 US

    • venancio

      previous leak pegged it at $599… P7100 is at $499.95…

      • MJr

        Easy choice then isn’t it, but i have a feeling that’s the latter for you.

        • venancio

          former… or i wouldn’t have made the first comment of being in love with it….

      • WT21

        But if I remember, the X100’s leaked price was $950 or $1050. It’s tough to buy them below $1300 now.

      • Zaph

        The P7100 has a rubbish lens, compared to the others in the segment.

    • TheThing

      It’s not a contender. It’s a winner!

  • I like it and I am a big fan of Fuji cameras, owning four compacts and an X100, yet I would wait to see if this is good in terms of performance/price and let’s see how the MF works.

  • Mak

    I predict it will out perform all existing digital compacts on the market in every area, except sales.

    I also hope I am proved wrong.

    • amien

      looks very nice. Hope it has the special DR – 2 images blending function, Fuji is one of the best sensor-processing camera maker on the market !

      • Steve

        I has the EXR sensor so it will be able to blend 2 images for DR. There smaller EXR CMOS sensor was manufactured by toshiba. I wonder if Toshiba is doing this one as well?

        • I don’t think that’s how EXR works. There are two variants, one combines pixels on the CCD (F10, F11, F30, F31FD, F100, F200, F300, etc.) and the other uses a standard CMOS and applies a curve to RAW data in camera. Multi-image in-camera HDR would be new to Finepix.

          • Steve

            The F200/S200 were the first sensors with EXR. It has nothing to do with CMOS vs CCD as either type of sensor can support EXR. The confusion came with the X100 where they called the processor an EXR procesor, but the sensor did not implement EXR. The latest EXR cameras (F500,F550 and F600) have both the EXR CMOS sensor and EXR processor.

          • spam


      • mma173

        I also do hope the same. The X100 does not have that.

  • tino

    This is the new standard of P&S as far as I concern.

    Not only it has a large sensor, it also has a fuji sensor, not a me too Sony sensor.

    • WN

      “large sensor”


      • Larger it depends on your frame of reference.

        It is smaller than medium format, FF, APS, Foveon, M4/3, but bigger than any compact camera besides the X1, X100 and Sigmas. It is larger than the PowerShot G, XZ-1, Lx5, P7000, and all the premium compacts that it competes with.

        That’s assuming it is correct when it said 2/3″, not 1/2.3″. 1/2.3″ is at the small end of the compact camera range.

  • I Should Be Shooting

    I’m in.

  • WN

    No Image Stabilization?

    • For the love of God. With a 2.0-2.8 lens ?

      • WN

        Of course – the 1.8-2.5 Olympus XZ-1 has it, for example.

        (You aren’t expecting good high ISO performance from a 2/3″ sensor (26% the area of u4/3, 16% of APS-C), are you?)

        • means nothing. I get good 800 and 1600 from my GRD 3

          • spam

            Related to Ken Rockwell?

        • Doesn’t matter the sensor but then again i actually use a camera instead of worrying about sensor size.

          • S


          • CJ


          • MJr


            that makes as much sense as a F1 driver that doesn’t care for the tires he uses.

        • Zaph

          A 2/3 sensor has 30% more area than the current premium compacts though (XZ-1, G12, LX5, etc), so it should likely get good low light performance compared to those. Usable ISO1600 most likely. APS-C performance has zero to do with it.

  • Fujifan

    X50 very much smaller sensor but price almost like EPM1 and GF3. (micro 4/3). Fuji is always going for higher margin, less production, same level of profit strategy. Pls change the strategy to higher production with less margin, so more consumers can afford a “worthy” product. However, on second thought, maybe the higher cost is due to the magnesium alloy body. By the way, we are still waiting for the APSC interchangeble lens…..Fuji is always slow into moving that area……..but fast in compact cameras….

  • Marvin8

    What, they couldn’t squeeze a full 3″ LCD into the box? Ahhhh, yes…..NEXT year’s model. 😀

    • S

      Seriously, we’re complaining about .2″?

      • Marvin8

        My girlfriend does all the time. 🙁

      • MJr

        3 is the golden number man, and tho .2″ doesn’t seem like much, it actually adds a lot of surface area stretching all along x and y. =)

  • Steve

    Apparently the controls are very similar to the X100 with a few improvements. I hope the fixed the AF problems too.

  • Victor Hassleblood

    Sounds just great, specs and such.
    Lens is a 28 to 112 mm equivalent, right? I might finally get something to carry with me all the time. Can’t wait to have a closer look at it. Are there any details on (rumored) size available?

  • nodody

    I sincerely hope they haven’t forgot to put a stabilizing system into that camera.

    Yes, I know, it doesn’t help always. But a camera with such a little sensor should have one, so that you can stay at 100 ISO whenever possible. And all the competing cameras have one, the Olympus XZ1 even has a stabilizer + a faster lens (albeit with a sensor a little bit smaller).

  • ericnl

    so if I compare it to the F600EXR, for twice the price you will only benefit from better looks and a better D.O.F.??
    then I’ll just keep my DSLRs for D.O.F. and buy the F600EXR as my pocket-cam

    FujiFilm X10 vs F600EXR:

    3/3″ sensor vs ½” sensor
    F2.0-2.8 aperture vs F3.5-5.3 aperture
    4x optical zoom (28-112mm) vs 15x optical zoom (24-360mm)
    1cm macro vs 5cm macro
    optical viewfinder vs monitor only
    dedicated hotshot vs built in flash
    larger body vs smaller body
    vintage look vs modern look
    $600.- vs $350.-

    both do RAW, both have EXR CMOS sensor, both have manual mode, both have 1080p video, both have motion panorama, etc.

    • ericnl

      first line in the comparison should of course read:

      2/3″ sensor vs 1/2” sensor

    • ericnl

      oh, and the F600EXR has GPS,
      but I don’t really care about that, so I forgot to put it in there

      • Marvin8

        …and don’t forget that the X10 might not have image stabilization.

        If the shortcomings of the F550 have been addressed, the F600 is the more attractive proposition to me.

        • ericnl

          they seem to have at least fixed the kaleidoscope purple flower lens-flare by coating the lenses this time 😉 which was the main reason why I didn’t buy the F550, what other shortcomings did you mean?

          • spam

            F550 have been critized for below average (if not poor) image quality in most tests I’ve read. Also slow in raw mode.

            Compared to the (rumored) X10 it also lacks viewfinder and hotshoe, have a slower lens, smaller sensor and lower build quality.

          • ericnl

            yes, I mentioned viewfinder, sensor size, slower lens and hotshoe.
            but I also mentioned half the price.

            the RAW mode is a bit slow, but if you shoot in RAW + JPG mode, the camera is two times faster than in RAW only mode.
            just don’t shoot bursts when in RAW mode?

            I’ve read the full 48 page review here: http://bit.ly/r2yhOV

            he mentions a couple of times that if you shoot in Medium mode (M), the photos are just really better quality than in Large mode (L), and I believe that most reviews that talk about the image quality had the camera set to the L mode. (see here http://bit.ly/pjkAkU )

            so I guess that if you shoot RAW + M, everything will be hunky dory

    • Ke

      I’ll bet the image quality on the X50 is nicer than the F600EXR though.

  • mmmm

    Fine reportage cam ?!

  • M3/4 troll

    Maybe this one will autofocus faster than a $200 camera, unlike the $1200 X100

  • eyephil

    I’d like to see the dimensions and weight. How pocketable is this? Is it closer to
    the S95/LX5 size or the G12/Nikon P7100 size?

    • Steve

      It definitely won’t be close to S95 size and I would guess slightly larger than LX5 due to the OVF.

      • spam

        It’s got a larger sensor and larger zoom range than LX5, also built in viewfinder. Fuji don’t seem to give priority to small size in their designs so I’d expect something similar to G12 in size, maybe a bit smaller.

  • JB

    LX-5/S95/EX-1 redux. Heavy noise suppression above 400 ISO, poor dynamic range at all speeds, slow autofocus, jolting zoom action. Yaaaawn. These kind of cameras are fine for what they do, but it’s not as if there’s a shortage of them on the market.

  • Sweet; love the smaller size and the all black….I love my GRIII, but no viewfinder bums me….I might wait for this one!

  • frelwa

    The X50/X100 page is from a PRO Warehouse catalog. Promaster is the brand anme of a company that sells photo products of various kinds, including a couple of re-branded 35mm cameras but nothing from Fuji. Google Search doesn’t find any photo goods wholesaler called PRO Warehouse. This catalog page could be an elaborate hoax, but I hope not.

    • I don’t think it’s a hoax because the pictures are identical. The only weird thing is the name. The above listing was under X10, the Promaster catalog listed it as X50.

  • nodody
    • Thanks, interesting that this post mentions OIS. I wonder if it is really from a Fuji staff?

      • Steve

        Well, it is an official Fujifilm forum and web site. 🙂

  • Max

    The best thing about the x100 is the film like quality and depth of the files. If this camera has
    the same feel/quality then its going to be a great camera. my only gripe about the x100 was the fixed lens, slightily inpractical and the size, seems a bit big for what is essentially a T2.

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