The “Fujifilm X10” name is confirmed, more specs available online

Another set of Fuji X10 specs cached by Google (the ISO range and some of the other specs were not listed in the previous set of specs):

  • Bright, High Resolution, FUJINON Manual 4X Optical Zoom Lens
  • Optical Zoom Viewfinder
  • High Speed Contrast Detection Auto-Focus
  • 2.8-inch 460K Pixel High Resolution Multi-Function LCD Display
  • Full Manual Dial Control of Aperture, Zoom, Shutter, and Exposure Control
  • RAW file function
  • 360 degree Motion Panorama
  • Full HD Movie
  • High Sensitivity - Up to 12,800 ISO Settings (Up to 3200 ISO in Max Resolution)
  • Film Simulation Modes
  • High Speed Continuous Shooting
  • Auto Bracketing (Exposure, ISO, Dynamic Range, and Film Sim)

This is the back of the Fuji X10:

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  • Fantastic !

    • Paul

      Agreed, it looks great!
      Except the dumb “RAW” button. I wish they’d make it programmable.

      • osam

        Agreed: mine would always be in RAW anyway.

      • MJr

        That’s the first thing i thought also, at least after the ‘wow awesome’ =).

  • jason

    Wish it is aps c..
    But I am still very tempted!

    • Ke

      Then buy the X100? :p

  • Sam

    First “bridge” camera I’m actually tempted by. Looks pretty awesome.

  • jason

    Optical zoom viewfinder! This is nice!

  • Zaph

    Weird. Why a manual zoom, but no aperture ring, and no manual focus? Back wheel is great, AEL/AFL great … that lens setup is weird and bulky though. Plus no manual controls for shutter speed, or aperture. Maybe it’s just me, but they did it bassakwards from what I was expecting. Scratches head.

    • John.R

      Yeah, that lens is bulky.

      Shutter might be controlled by that thumb wheel above the AEL/AFL. The aperture by the other roller or vice versa. Personally I like the Panasonic way of doing things where you press the dial in to change from aperture to shutter. My old Canon G5 was like that too.

    • Alexander K.

      I would feel happy with this setup.
      Having owned a Canon G Series camera, I have experiened quite limited sense of changing aperture settings manually on a tiny sensor compact camera.

    • Lawrence

      I don’t see the point or the need in manual focussing with such a small sensor and big DOF.
      The lens on the picture is obviously zoomed in all the way. At 28mm it will be less “bulky” and more retracted. Manual controls for exposure are the buttons. You were expecting everything the X100 has, but only cheaper? Right..

  • Alfonso

    Any photo with the lens colapsed ( closed position) from top of the camera? To see how pocketable it is.

    • venancio

      +1… seems we’re seeing the barrel fully extended at 112mm in this photo… the specs are sweet, though, plus metal barrel and magnesium alloy body… will closely watch this as compared to the IQ of NEX 5n and the Nikon mirrorless… gonna be a sweet september month…

  • kick and ouch

    I will buy it just because it’s not coolpix

  • Jack

    This seems to be aimed squarely at the Canon G series, Panny LX5… XZ1, P7100 class of cameras which I believe has a niche.

    Although Panny’s recent X series m43 lenses are trying to solve this issue, traditionally there is no escaping the correlation between sensor and lens sizes. This class of camera tries to strike a fine balance between sensor and lens sizes by providing zoom versatility at a reasonable sensor size.

    The 2/3″ sensor is a nice touch… Although the recent Panny X series announcement may have stolen some thunder from this. It would be interesting to see how the size and picture quality comparison between this and the GF3/EPM-1 + Lumix G X 14-42mm…

    • Zaph

      I think that will be a good comparison, and I think that this camera may well sit in the middle of both of those categories nicely. The small m43’s with kit lens win with sensor size, and *maybe* better low light performance (sensor give a full 2 stops advantage to outweigh the smaller aperture?), but the X10 has a built-in flash that the E-PM1 doesn’t have, an f/2.0 lens, and a viewfinder that neither of the m43 cameras have.

      On the other side against the premium compacts, it’s bulkier than the XZ-1, but the sensor is larger, and has more manual controls, lens is *much* faster than the G12, and it’s continuous shooting is faster with (up to) 10fps. It also has more reach than the LX5, while the LX5 starts wider. The Fuji JPEGs will also likely be nicer than the Panasonic ones. It’s image quality is likely nicely balanced, with that extra 30% sensor area producing 20% larger 12MP images.

      Be interesting where this whole segment heads. Hopefully the XZ-2 & LX6 will raise the bar again after this.

      • Zaph

        And, importantly, none of the compacts come with a viewfinder, except the dinky one on the G12. You can get them, but that pushes their cost well over the X10.

        • s

          And the P7X00 series has OVFs too.

          What I can’t stand are hot-shoe based VFs. While I know they’ve been around for ages on rangefinders, they just seem out-of-place to me on a digital camera.

          Don’t forget that Panasonic used to make a beautiful camera like the X10 with a 2/3 sensor around the 2004 called the LC-1. It had really nice Leica glass and a solid body. I know a lot of Lumix fans would love to see that camera make a comeback.

          Canon also had the Pro-1 back then with the same Sony 2/3 sensor with L glass, but it looked like a goofy GF3 on steroids.

      • fred

        Not really in the middle, the difference of a 2/3 (=1/1.5) sensor to 1/1.7 (ZX1, LX5…) is only 1/2 stop equivalent. The difference to a 4/3 sensor is a full 2 stops.
        So the quality at low iso will be quite far from a GF or PEN.

        I’m not sure this niche of luxury compacts will survive very long to m43 and the new Nikon system. I’m very happy with my LX3, but if I could have better IQ + interchangeable lenses in the same volume, I wouldn’t hesitate long…

        Still, the Fuji looks interesting, thanks to its viewfinder. The best of its niche ?

  • Carlos R B

    Wondering how fast will shoot raw…..if same as f550exr…no deal…

  • Commence

    Well.. where is on/off switch 🙂 ??

    • JG10

      zoom ring acts as the on/off switch

  • Hiplnsdrftr

    The photo only confirms there should have been an all black version X100…
    I refused to buy the silver one. Well that, and it’s impossible to buy in NYC.

  • Steven Huang

    This is is goddam thick… I wish they use scrap the manual zoom and use traditional power zoom to shave an inch or two in thickness…

  • Terost

    Why is the Manual 4X Optical Zoom Lens too big? “2/3″ sensor is too small for a large camera body.

    • Ke

      That’s the lens all the way out. I’m sure it’s smaller otherwise.

      As for the sensor, that’s a bigger sensor than what’s in Canon’s G12 – & lots of people love that. I’m sure this is a similar size or smaller than that.

    • s

      You should look back at the last major batch of 2/3 cameras that were out – betw 2003 and 2005. Like the X10, they were considered “bridge” cameras.

      They all used a Sony 2/3 sensor. The Panasonic LC1, Canon Pro-1, Nikon Coolpix 8700, Olympus C8080 & Minolta DiMAGE A2. I believe there was a Samsung in the mix too. They were all *huge* cameras by today’s standards, and had big glass.

      The LC1 is probably the closest to the the X10, but I think even that camera was bigger than the X10, mostly because of the lens.

  • Oliver

    Im gonna need one of those!

  • Discontinued

    Hope it fits into a pocket when its zoom is not erected. Very nice looking camera with nice specs. And I like the fact it has a manual zoom. Zooming via buttons is pain. I’ll probably get one.

  • Aurelo

    Been three plus years of searching for compact to go with my dslr (D700). It seems the search came to an end. It feels like I designed it for myself. Fuji could be dominant player, because they show they understand and listen.

  • UseFilm

    Where is shutter speed dial and aperture control ring like X100???? :-((((((((

    • burdy

      I’m with you, I want fully manual controls.

    • s

      I’m guessing there was probably a compromise made over the manual zoom vs. aperture ring/shutter dial. Looks like the zoom won.

  • Schorsch

    Check out this post on dpreview for latest images and specs:

    This camera looks great!

    • Discontinued

      Thanks Schorsch,

      117 by 70 mm is surprisingly tiny. 57 mm in depth is more than the average trouser’s or shirt’s pocket can take. I guess I’ll get it anyway. It sure looks great!

  • sflxn

    Here’s a trivia question: What’s worst than an EVF? A tiny, dim OVF! Although that OVF in the X10 looks 10 times better than the worst than useless Canon G series’ OVF, it still looks small. Camera looks great. I hope it’s not slow as the X100.

    • dfsdfsd

      answer is: worst is to not have any at all or as €300 clunky accessory

    • Discontinued

      wurst, worse, worth, worst, würste

      No VF is worst. OVF might be worse than EVF in your opinion but for me it’s worth it. EVF and EOVF is relatively new to photo equipment. How come an OVF is all bad now?
      I neither get your trivia question nor your point.

  • BornOptimist

    Hmm, what a strange way to mark the focal-range on the lens.
    The scale seem to show the 35mm equvivalent focal range.
    No other camera that I know of do it like this.

    • Victor Hassleblood

      “strange” but appreciated. Makes it easy for (the targeted) DSLR-shooters to handle this pretty baby with ease and confidence. I want one. I want one yesterday.

    • seb

      This camera stand where Gf3 + X pancake concept is screwed. In a package of the same size, they put an ovf, a manual focus, with a much faster lens and more physical control. Ok the sensor is smaller, but IQ shouldn’t be that different, and none of these camera will offer the shwallow dof that big sensor can provide.

      This is also a clear g12/p700 killer.

      • s

        Let’s not kid ourselves. 2/3 is not nearly as big as a 4/3 sensor. 4/3 gets way better shallow DOF and bokeh. If you want to see samples of images, just do a search on Flickr for LC1, Digilux 2, Canon Pro-1, etc.

        The IQ may not be representative of the X10’s newer sensor, but it will give you an idea of what images from a 2/3 sensor will look like.

        To me, it’s a fair tradeoff. I don’t want to be tempted into buying lenses for an ILC when I should be investing in lenses for my SLR.

    • seb

      Oops sorry, i anwser the wrong comment.

      Loads of bridge use to make it that way, like minolta 7/dimage A1/2 or sony DSC-R1

  • Michel

    Oh man, whats that big dick sticking out of the camera?, how compact….

    • Victor Hassleblood

      It’s the Fuji’s stiffy. It stays much shorter until you turn it on (112 mm of focal length).

  • newoldmate

    So many dumb comments here.

    I find it hard to read the comments around here without wanting to reply to every second one. One person writes “I’ll buy it cause it’s not a coolpix”. Man, way to research your purchases!

    People complaining about it’s size, the lens is too big, I wish it was 24mm, someone complains cause it’s not silver, someone thinks the diopter adjuster might be shutter control, someone wishes it was aps-c, it still has a raw button, startup time of 0.8s is too slow, can Fuji release an update for the x100 so it starts up as fast.. Omg..

    Am I alone here? Or do I have some gift that allows me to see ignorant uneducated comments from spoilt brats?

    • > about it’s size

      While we’re discussing ignorance; I think you mean “its”?

  • Mega!

  • zul

    I fall in love with the beauty of x100 but the price is way beyond my reach. So this x10 baby might be the one that is suitable with my budget.

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