More Fuji X10 images and specs

Some more Fuji X10 details:

  • The Fuji X10 will have a power switch on the lens with a fast start up time of 0.8 seconds.
  • The video recording will be 1080p.
  • The camera will have 4 different auto bracketing options for ISO,  exposure, dynamic range and film simulation.
  • The X10 will start shipping in November

Some more Fuji X10 images showed up on online today:

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  • John

    Too bad it starts at 28mm or I’d be really into this. For me, for a fixed zoom carry around, interesting wide starts at 24mm, which is why I have an LX-3.

    • MJr

      They’d probably have to sacrifice quality at the long end to make it 24mm. And 28mm is a perfectly good wide, in fact one could get by with just a 35mm like on the X100 ;). If it performs as good as it looks, a 28-120 range is perfect imo. Will always have my slr(s) for 24mm and more.

    • s

      I’m getting an X10 to replace my LX3, but I definitely hear your point about 24mm.

      There were photos from my last vaca that could have only been taken with a 24mm. I was taking pictures of ceiling artwork, and if I only had 28mm, I’d have to dunk the camera in a fountain to get the entire ceiling in the frame. Shots like these tend to be the exception than the rule for me though. I’ll still be keeping my LX3 – my wife loves it.

      If X10 has a filter thread, maybe you can put a wide angle filter on it to get down to 24mm.

    • boba

      Only black color? Too bad for me, looking for silver and steel color, in future.:))

    • David

      I have a LX3 as well. Does anyone know off the top of their head how wide the lens is on the X100?

      • s

        X100 is fixed at 35mm. X10 wide end is 28mm.

      • X100 has a 23mm lens which is the eq. of a 35mm lens on a Full frame camera.

  • No thanx,
    XZ-1 is the same specs and Half the size

    • And bigger viewfinder…. Oh wait…

    • s

      The XZ1 is a great camera, different use case, in my opinion.

      The XZ1 is designed to be small. The X10 is clearly not.

      Direct competition for this camera is the G12, P7#00 and EX1.
      Indirect competition is GF3, EPM1, EPL3, S95, LX5, XZ1, D-Lux 5.

    • camerageek

      Spoken like a true incompetent peasant muahahahahaha!!!!

      Thankfully unclean genetic defectives like yourself will never allowed near this, or at least shouldn’t. It does have a larger sensor than the Olympus toy you mention and an actual viewfinder! But that would be lost on your obvious defective self

    • Ke

      The X10 has a bigger sensor.

  • D

    Frosti7 – does XZ-1 have a VF?

    • Carlos R B

      Optional huge (view) EVF…if im not mistaken….much better than OVFs from small cameras….and for the record, i do want (for now) a X10…looks very good so far…

      • Oliver

        Optional huge very expensive EVF. $238.04 as we speak. Plus the fact, that with the EVF attached, it becomes rather big i think.

        Im on the X10 wagon big time!

        • MJr

          Even without a finder, i like this way better. It’s not just a specs and pixel-peeping competition you know, it needs character, both in performance (lens) AND handling (in hand feel and controls). Not to mention the looks.

        • Carlos R B

          But im still waiting to see the RAW buffer, ovf size and if the lens is a good performer as the X100 or awful as the f550exr one…

      • s

        The XZ1’s EVF is still cheaper than the Pentax Q’s external *O*VF.

  • dgreene196

    This is the first “high-end compact” that is capable of 1080p video, correct?

    • MJr

      Funnily enough i believe it is. High-end compacts always do well focusing at still-image quality, but neglect video, even though imo HD video isn’t ‘just a gimmick’ in the slightest. Definitely helps its value-for-money for me here.

      • spam

        It’s beacuse they use CCD-sensors which have been better on still iamge quality (at least until now) on small sensro cameras. CCD-sensors haven’t supported more than 720p (at least until now) – the first exception was launched by Panasonic this summer, but isn’t available yet (FZ47).

  • I was wondering where the power switch was from the previous images.
    This is getting very exciting, I enjoyed my Canon G9 and G10, I think this is the next generation of that camera.
    I just really hope they can get them out to market in numbers, here in Canada, the X100 is still a pre-order and wait forever episode…..

    • Erkem

      In the own objective…first image… You can see an “off” just in the middle

  • Has anyone noticed that the VF window is very small. At 28mm, magnification and pupil’s not going to be as nice as the X100. At the long end, I would question the brightness.

  • MJr

    There is some complex mirror system to make the optical finder zoom it seems. You can see how the back viewfinder hole is way more to the side than where it ends up on the front, more to the center. It aint just straight through.

    • s

      Nice catch. Folding optics maybe?

      • Steve

        The X10 optical viewfinder is coupled with the zoom, 3 glass elements and 2 glass prisms

        • Seb

          And they probably built in the same viewfinder info overlay as in the X100 to display all the values.

  • spam

    Interesting camera, the IQ need to be really good though to compete given the size (of the lens). I’d prefer a EVF and a tiltable LCD (which it dont look like it got), but it could still be my next compact if it handles well and beat G12 and P7100 on IQ.

  • potax

    One thing that seems likely due to the manual zoom is that there is (hopefully) no time wasted extending the lens when turning the camera on.

  • Camaman

    Power button on the lens?
    Say goodbye to one hand on/off and shoot… 🙁

    0.8sec startup also doesn’t sound very fast… but OK

    • Steve

      How do you propose to change the manual zoom while holding with one hand?

      And have you checked other cameras for startup times?

  • Disiderio

    Fuji, if you’re reading this… firmware upgrade for similar start up time for the x100 thanks…

    And ISO auto button in the ISO menu!!!!!!!

  • Mike

    Wow, I had been considering the P7100, but this looks like Fuji is about to hit homerun #2. I like it.

    • Mike

      Maybe Fuji is taking a page out of Steve Jobs repitoire….. “What should a professional compact camera look like? How should it function?” Enter the X10.

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