Fuji X10 vs. X100 vs. Canon G12 sensor comparison

The FujiGuys tweeted this Fuji X10 vs. X100 vs. Canon G12 sensor comparison chart:

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  • Both wee wee over the Powershot

    • looks too optimistic in my pov
      the g12 sensor shares practically same dimensions as 2\3, diffrence is in milimeter

  • Steve

    It is interesting that the X10 outresolved the X100.

    DXOMark may help confirm some of this.

    “this X10 looks promising, so stay tuned on DxOMark to discover our image quality test results very soon.”

  • I think DXoMark result will be almost the same with G12. The different will be in the processing (EXR)

  • federico Zaza

    G12 ‘s sensor is way smaller
    Area is 50% greater with a 2\3″ sensor

    • MK

      i dont think so. the abacus messes me up too sometimes.

    • WN

      Not exactly

      1/1.7″ sensor area = 43.3mm^2
      2/3″ sensor area = 58.1mm^2 (34% larger)

      Now if you want to talk about big differences

      u4/3 sensor area = 225mm^2 (3.9X the size of 2/3″)
      APS-C sensor area = 368mm^2 (6.3X the size of 2/3″)

  • Federico Zaza

    Sorry I should have wrote about 40% , my mistake , I was writing without too much attention
    Anyway I think it’s bigger enogh to make a good difference , compared to other advanced compact cameras like G12 or P7100 or LX5

    • fred

      34% in surface area is only 1/2 stop difference. That’s not a world. (About the same as going from a f1.8 ZX1 to a f2 X10.) There are almost 3 stops to an APS-C.

      Fuji claims (DR and S/N ratio closer to APS-C than G12) means either an incredibly big technological progress (over 1.5 stop gain over X100 technology), or a very big marketing hype 🙂

  • tobi

    That may just explain why there is no hint of any G12 replacement yet. I am quite interested to see Canon respond, but maybe they had to reconsider their original product.

  • Stefan

    I am starting to wonder if the X10 sensor is the same one we will be finding in Nikon’s (supposedly) upcoming mirrorless.
    If yes, then we’d may have a price point for that camera body – the X10’s $699 minus say $200 for the lens – about $500? $400?

  • not buying it yet

    let me recap:

    information released by fuji that shows how fuji cameras are better than a direct competitor they’re trying to unseat. sorry, but it’s going to take some independent reviews before i’ll believe any of this.

    (also, is this at the x10’s full 12MP, or the 6MP mode?)

  • chris

    It would be great if the four way pad cum wheel on the back of the camera can be re-assigned with functions for aperture, shutter speed, iso and white balance instead.

    • MJr

      put it on A, S or M and turn the wheel …

    • Dgd

      Four way pad wheel on the back of the camera CAN be re-assigned with functions for aperture, shutter speed just pby putting main dial on A, S.

      Iso assign Fn button use Four way pad to change iso.
      White balance has a dedicated button WB use Four way pad to change WB.

  • hiplnsdrftr

    So does introduction of X10 indicate they will stop manufacturing X100?

    So will there never be an all black X100?

    What a pity…

    • Zaph

      Err, no? The X10 (compact zoom) is not the successor to the X100 (APS-C 35mm).

  • Zaph

    I believe these figures relate to EXR mode, given the icons used with each section. HR, DR and SN are different EXR modes.

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