Fuji X10 now available for pre-order

Adorama is now taking pre-orders for the Fujifilm Finepix X10 camera. Shipping is expected to start in November:

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  • Carlos R B

    700 bucks ????????

  • I Should Be Shooting

    I’d better be incredible, $600 was pushing it for me. I may hold out for the interchangeable at this point.

  • I Should Be Shooting

    *It’d* (But I try to be incredible, too ūüėČ

  • Jessy Plames

    I knew this would happen. $600 was pushing it, but they had my money. For $700, I’ll wait till next year.

    I’m sure this will be in short supply like the X100. Question is, is there a large enough market to force shortages or will the high price, smaller sensor keep folks away. It’s keeping me away. Especially with the hot performing Nex-5n already here.

  • Ishouldbeshooting

    Fuji might have looked at the inflated prices the x100 was/is going for on eBay and figured they’d beat scalpers to the punch this time. It’s also a way to keep demand/production in line, but I hope they don’t get too cocky. That’s what Leica is for ūüėČ

  • Craig

    Pricing it just below the Leica D-Lux 5 was a mistake.

    • Craig

      Further – and perhaps not comparable – it is priced $200US more than the recently announced Nikon P7100.

      • Bill

        How is it a mistake to price it below the D-Lux 5?

        • MJr

          His point was the *just* part of it.

  • alex

    Is X10 a gadget or tool for photographers?
    It is priced like a gadget.

    • MJr

      Good photographers like gadgets too !

  • MK

    $700? *uck that… should have known these clowns would inflate the price. precedence was set for X100

  • NanDub

    That’s it… for $600 I’d pre-order it, bug for $700 I’d go for a mid-level M43 camera with decent glass instead, at least lenses usually hold value better than premium P&S cameras… The camera itself is still very attractive, and I still love Fuji color as I own an S5 Pro, yet that doesn’t mean I will pay such crazy price for it. Bye-bye X10 for now… I’ll check back when the price is around $500, and if there’s nothing else on the market with similar performance, I may give it a shot.

    • Alex

      I wonder if Nikon mirrorless will be at a similar price point.

      • MJr

        That’s a good wonder. I’ll wonder on that too now, thanks.

      • NanDub

        Good thought – I’d wonder that too, hopefully the new Nikon EVIL will find the fine balance between IQ/size/ergonomics/lens speed/price… One good thing is that it should work well with SB-400, and although people may not realize, it is actually a big advantage.

  • jettblack

    $700 is just too much. @ $600 I would be interested but that was my top-end limit.

  • Peter

    This is just the preorder price not the official price, it si higher than the rumored official price, so the store has a buffer zone if the official price will be higher then expected.

  • Alex

    Sound like it is going to be an interesting Christmas this year.

    When will they make a camera that will upload the pictures to the Apple iCloud service automatically?

    • MJr

      iPhone 5

  • kick and ouch

    First, who need a coolpix?

    I think the price will drop a little when it available at bestbuy or others major chain

    then again, f2.8 at 112mm, that fast.

  • goose

    i wanna see the manual focus in action.

  • WTThrone

    Was hyped about the X10, but for $700? No thanks. G13 or S100 it is for me.

  • MJr

    Prolly have to add $200 for the leather case too, not to mention the hood !

    Still going to do it eventually anyway tho :/

  • JacenPhoto

    It’s not 700$ everywhere…a certain Canadian retailer just updated their site and its listed for 599.99$. Pre-ordered it, needless to say.

  • JG10

    $699? Get out of here. That’s just dumb.

  • you serious?

    $700… no. fukking. way.

  • MiTaka
    • added this link to my previous X10 post, thanks!

  • camerageek

    Ahh all those complaining about the price – good, complain all you want. It is obvious that this camera wasn’t designed for your pathetically pedestrian version of peasantry!

    All chiding aside, the price is excellent for what it is, a nearly all metal, fast lensed, compact with the largest sensor for it’s market sector. Does the Nikon P7100 for peasants have all metal dials and construction? NO!!! Does the Canon G12 for Genetic Defectives have said construction? NO!!!!

    Does either have a fantastic Zoom OVF? NO!!!!

    Realize what you are paying for before you make fools of yourselves on this forum. All who complain about the price would be the kind who would complain a Ferrari is over priced and that they would rather go with a Fiero!!!

    Then again they are peasants and know no better.

  • Dima

    The price is not final. Its Adorama’s guess. read the listing.

    • Zaph

      “Please note: the price of 699.95 is not final. We will adjust your order to the actual price.”

  • All I think to myself is how little it’ll be worth in 9-12 months. It’d have to be something special to warrant that amount of depreciation…

    • MJr

      Still cheaper than Leica, but has even more class at the moment imo. Even if in a few years it happens not to be the very best, pixel-peeper performance-wise, it will still take photos with character, and it will hold good value no doubt. Character is worth a whole lot, because people wouldn’t still be using film if it wasn’t for character.

      • MJr

        Especially compared to the similarly priced D-LUX compacts. Choosing between that and this is a no-brainer.

  • David

    Whatever it is, try adding another $100 more than that – because to use filters you need to buy the adapter ring/hood combo just like the X100

    • Peter

      you do not need a adaptor ring or hood to use filters

  • JacenPhoto

    Pre-orders have completely disappeared from Adorama and Henry’s, maybe Fuji had something to say about it?

    • I believe because the price was not officially announced by Fuji. Existing pre-orders should still valid.

      • JacenPhoto

        I hope so, will talk with Henry’s to confirm tomorrow. Thanks for all the hard work PR Admin, we really do appreciate it.

        • and thanks for being a reader

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