Next week: Ricoh and Canon announcements

Next week, on September 15th, Ricoh will announce a new GR Digital IV digital camera.

Also next week Canon is also expected to announce two more point and shoot cameras.

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  • No leaked or even fake photos ?

    • no, but the Ricoh should look like the previous model

  • Alfonso

    Hope it will be the canon G13

    • Indeed!

      If not a new DSLR, we hope it’s at least a high-end P&S (with manual control on video capturing).

      It is time to include manual control for video on the G series.

      • Alfonso

        Canon must put some presure on new Nikon mirrorless camera with Improved G13 and better price point.

  • I hope the Grd 4 has somre real assets down “its sleeve”

  • JR

    S95 and G12 successors FINALLY!!!

  • You mean the Canon PowerShot G15? I’m not expecting anything revolutionary. With Canon, you don’t bother waiting for the next generation, just buy what ever is in season, unless they’ve made unpopular changes, in which case you buy last season’s model.

    Nor sadly do I expect anything from the GRD IV. It badly needs a BSI CMOS. Ideally it should have EXR-style high dynamic range, but I would settle for a fundamentally better sensor. There is a limit to what you can do with an ageing sensor. I’m not a big fan noise reduction on Ricohs, and I should know, owning four models of the GRD series and both GX’s.

  • VRphoto

    Canon G13 and G14 not popular cause the unlucky numbers?

  • come on canon i am waiting

  • ty

    One of them may announce that they are buying Nikon

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