Canon’s mirrorless camera survey

Canon send out a survey with questions about a compact interchangeable lens digital camera:

Nikon will be announcing their mirrorless camera next week and Canon will be the only major player without a mirrorless offering.

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  • ericnl

    I love how they first give us questions to know how interested we are in a Compact Interchangeable Lens Digital Camera, but without waiting for an answer the next line reads: “You indicated that you are NOT interested in purchasing a Compact Interchangeable Lens Digital Camera”…

    I wonder if they can read our minds?

    (I would have ticked ALL the boxes at that last part)

    • broxibear

      Hi ericnl,
      The second question (You indicated that you are not interested in purchasing a Compact Interchangeable Lens Digital Camera) only appears if you answered Very Disinterested or Disinterested.
      I think Canon are doing the right thing, ask your potential customers what they want and what they don’t want…it’s got to help ?
      I wonder when this survey went out, if it was in the last couple of months then I don’t see a Canon mirrorless for another year or so.

      • ericnl

        I didn’t do the survey, I was just commenting on what the screenshot shows us 😉

  • Tim Catchall

    Canon (and Nikon) have lost 35% of their market share in Japan to compact interchangeable lens cameras such as the Sony NEX and Olympus PEN. They don’t need a questionnaire to tell them that people are interested.

    While Canon is still sending out questionnaires, their competitors are releasing second and third generation models. Canon is a company so obviously out of touch with its customers the future doesn’t look bright.

  • Camaman

    Compact interchangable = small sensor interchangable…
    At least that’s how I would uderstand it…

  • AM*shoots*SF

    Well, if you make one with a decent sized sensor people on these boards may be interested. What’s with these small sensor interchangeable lens cameras? So far only sony has the balls to offer them with a CMOS size sensor.

    • Sylvesterii

      Not true. The Samsung offering id DX sized as well. (I assume you meant DX sized rather than “CMOS” sized as CMOS is the sensor tech, not the size.)

      • Sky

        What’s DX?
        Samsung doesn’t use DX/FX designation, never did.

        It’s APS-C. Only Nikon foolishly started to call it “DX” but it was never a proper term.

  • Sky

    what’s the difference between DSL micro and mirrorless DSL?

    You know – if I own Olympus PEN I can actually answer “I own this type of camera” to every single option in this poll. All these terms can be used to describe PEN with no issues at all. Canon makes a naming competition, or what?! lol

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