13 crazy camera concepts

The Edna camera:

“It brings autofocus capability to these lenses through a shifting image sensor. With its horizontal mirrored design it is equally easy to handle for left- and right-handers. A distinction between the Nikon & Canon camera lenses and the HCI makes the platform accessible to the user.” (designers: Vuk JakovljevicMarko Doblanovic, Szilveszter Buzasi & Bernhard Ranner

The Rotor 360 camera offers a new way of navigating through the menu:

“The column consists of several cylinders stacked on top of each other forming a set that in would fit into the camera. To access the features and menus, just drag the thumb on the cylinder are in order to rotate each function. Each cylinder would correspond to a line displayed on the screen.” (designer: Charlie Nghiem)

The Sling Shot camera guarantees your pictures will have unique face expressions (designers: Sung Young Um & Jung Eun Yim):


AXIO camera:

"There are no tactile buttons, just a simple on/off switch. The touchscreen lets you navigate the menus but for the most part, the experience is quintessential point & shoot. Questionably, the lens is surrounded by a blue LED meant to indicate when it’s on but one can assume, the lens might pick up unwanted flare." (designer: Christos Ragias)

Another camera concept (designer: Mac Funamizu):

Butter-Fly camera concept (designer: Joh Minhoo)

2Duo concept camera (designer: Ahlim Son):

Micro Four Thirds camera concept with touch screen and an ergonomic handle (designer: Daniel Spönemann)

REC camera concept has a rotating display that shows what’s being captured in the frame (designer: Dongyeon Kim):

3D concept camera (designer: Michal Bonikowski from Mindsailors):

The next OnAir camcorder concept is made for live broadcasting and can record what’s in front and behind the camera where the user’s face shows up as a blurb on the main screen (designer: Jung Hoon Lee):

The UCIM camera concept takes USB memory sticks instead of memory cards (designer: Jung Eun Park):

The SLOW camera concept:

The SLOW concept turns your mobile phone into a camera that gives you control over three built-in lenses - fixed, macro and fisheye (designer: David McCourt):

  • To operate, slide the front face open and insert your mobile phone.
  • Turn the lens to select which lens effect you want.
  • The Slow Photography camera has three lenses; fixed focal length, macro and fisheye. Carefully compose your shot by looking through the viewfinder and push the shutter release to capture your shot.

Via Yankodesign

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  • Leslie Miklosi

    It’s Schneider-Kreuznach. A designer should at least look at the other brand’s name, when putting it on his own sh*t or just leave it alone completely.

  • OnAir camcorder and Rotor 360 are great ideas. The Sling Shot camera is a funny but creative.

    The rest are pretty much based on bad background research and poor taste.

  • The Roto360 is actually a great idea. The others I’m not so keen on!

    • Art K.

      yep, the makers that be should seriously look at that idea…

  • Jojo

    Why in these design exercises is styling always given so much more emphasis than function? For example, only one of these designs seems to acknowledge that a camera is first of all held in a human hand (and no, I don’t mean any of the ones with a hand in the picture!)

  • fuji

    Vote goes to Rotor 360 camera concept. Can put in aperture, shutter speed, ISO, WB, exposure compensation, etc all there…

  • An interesting read, but nothing of merit.

  • A pocket digital that tilts like a view camera. That’s all I want.

  • Rotor 360 camera looks like Nikon J1 and v1!


  • Michael Barkowski

    Beware vignetting caused by your own hair.

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