Rumor: Panasonic GX1 to be announced on November 8th (updated)

Update: the Panasonic GX1 announcement will be on November 8th, 2011.

According to digicame-info, Panasonic will announce a new Micro Four Thirds camera called GX1 with the following specs:

  • appearance and size similar to the Lumix GF1
  • 16MP sensor (from the G3)
  • new image processing engine
  • high ISO: 12800
  • very fast AF
  • 920k touchscreen
  • LVF2 external viewfinder with 1,440,000 dots
  • kit lens: Lumix GX 14-42mm.
  • will be available in two colors: black and silver
  • announcement on October 25 November 8th, released on the Japanese market on November 25th, few weeks later in Europe and the US

Few months ago Panasonic did mentioned in an interview that they intend to split the Lumix GF line into consumer and professional cameras. The GX1 could be the first model form the new "professional" GF line.

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  • lolly

    GX1 will distance m4/3 from Nikon 1 but is it close enough to Sony’s NEX ? Samsung’s NX1 should make it more interesting too.

  • photonut

    Using the same G3 sensor? Well, the pic quality’s gonna suck. I returned a G3 because of that. In particular skin tones are a nightmare.

    • B2

      Please note what’s in specs above: “new image processing engine” meaning color rendition should be improved..

      • BornOptimist

        “new image processing engine” meaning color rendition should be improved..
        No, it doesn’t. It means it will be different.

        • B2

          I don’t expect that they introduce a new engine to make things worse though.

          • BornOptimist

            Off course you don’t expect it to be worse. But the reason for a new engine is not necessarily because Panasonic think the image quality is not good enough. It might be they need a faster engine to handle more data (higher frame rate, new video features etc) – hence they need a new image processing engine. It doesn’t say anything about the quality

          • B2

            Agree, but there is a chance it will be better so I wanted to convience photonut that it’s at least worth checking rather than saying it will suck 🙂

        • B64

          If they introduce a new processing engine in a camera aimed at professionals, I would surely expect color rendition to be better than before. Don’t expect dramatic changes though, as camera companies are very conservative when it comes to changing color rendition – afraid to loose customers who are used to it. After all, whether you like the rendering or not is a very personal thing.

          As a last resort you can always shoot in RAW and convert on your computer using your preferred color settings.

          • MJr

            When talking about ‘Professional’ RAW is the first and only resort. And with RAW skin tone mostly depends on the conversion software and the user preferences. But who are we kidding; Enthusiast or Advanced user would be a better definition for this camera. Not ‘even’ the NEX-7 is (even close to) truly professional.

  • I dont normally bother with comments as all this tends to be speculation but a pro line using the same sensor as an already dated product ! Either photo rumours is wasting good advertising space or Panasonic has decided to hand the trophy to Sony. I have invested in lots of good glass and never thought the skin tones were that bad so a pro camera fixes a non problem hmmmmm perhaps Nikon and Pentax have got it right even the Samsung might be mor adventurous. Rant over thanks

  • Pete Peterson

    Nice touch! You buy something more expensive than the G3 while actually receiving less. Well done, Panasonic! 😉

    • MJr

      What price ?

      Without EVF it’s not going to (better not) be thAt expensive.

  • CRB

    Panasonic is getting worse and worse…

  • JG10

    I need a built in evf and I’d like it in a GF1 like body. And I don’t want to have a spend a fortune on it. Oh well, not gonna happen. Thanks Panasonic.

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