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Panasonic GX-1 now shipping in the US

Panasonic GX-1 camera is now shipping in the US and is currently in stock at Adorama. Here are the main features of the GX-1 model:

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Panasonic GX1 unboxing video is already out

The Panasonic GX1 is expected to start shipping in mid-December, but the first unboxing video is already out:

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Panasonic announces their new Lumix DMC-GX1 and DMC-3D1 cameras

As previously reported, Panasonic announced their new Lumix DMC-GX1 and DMC-3D1 cameras. The Panasonic GX1 brochure will soon be available here. The GX1 is available for pre-order on Amazon for $699.99 (see all available options here). The Panasonic 3D1 camera costs $499.99. Full press releases:

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Video of the Panasonic GX1 camera leaked

A video of the new Panasonic GX1 camera was published on Panasonic’s official website. Some GX1 features taken from the video: 16MP live CMOS sensor Venus engine High precision contrast AF 0.09 seconds ultra high speed AF Built-in flash Customizable function buttons Tilt-shift live view finder (1,440,000 dots, 100% coverage) Here are some screenshots in […]

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First pictures of the Panasonic GX1 camera

Those are the first images of the new Panasonic GX1 camera:

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About the Panasonic gx1

Today the Panasonic GX1 was announced to the press only. The new camera will have 12mp, high ISO of 12800, it will look like the GF1 but with grip, very fast AF (0.09 sec), touch screen. Two different colors will be available: black and silver.

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Update: Panasonic GX1 to be announced on October 28th

There was some confusion in my previous post on the release date of the new Panasonic GX1. I received some new information and it seems that a new Panasonic camera will be announced on October 28th, 2011 (Panasonic likes to make announcements on Friday for some reason).

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Rumor: Panasonic GX1 to be announced on November 8th (updated)

Update: the Panasonic GX1 announcement will be on November 8th, 2011. According to digicame-info, Panasonic will announce a new Micro Four Thirds camera called GX1 with the following specs: appearance and size similar to the Lumix GF1 16MP sensor (from the G3) new image processing engine high ISO: 12800 very fast AF 920k touchscreen LVF2 […]

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