About the Panasonic gx1

Today the Panasonic GX1 was announced to the press only. The new camera will have 12mp, high ISO of 12800, it will look like the GF1 but with grip, very fast AF (0.09 sec), touch screen. Two different colors will be available: black and silver.

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  • FMJ

    so photorumor isn’t one of them?

    460k LCD screen for real?
    still made in japan?

    • Camaman

      Announced to the press and still no leaks!?
      Pathetic! What has the world fallen to…

    • Matt

      Photorumors? Press? Hah! What are you thinking.
      The specs are so general anyone could’ve made ’em up, besides the megapixel countm which at 12 is rather unlikely.

      • Camaman

        Meaning Admin doesn’t have any press contacts…! Troubling thought! 🙂

        • Rat

          Is that really the kind of thing that troubles you?

  • Narretz

    I am more confused about the 12MP sensor. Is that a typo? Is it a new one? Or is it even – brace yourselves – the one from the original GF1?

    • MJr

      OR a brand new high-iso /dynamic range 12-megapixels of perfection. Because they know, that’s what the enthusiasts want. 🙂

      Where would we be without hope.

    • Alfredo

      Electronista claims 16mp.

  • anon

    I really hope it is the GH1 sensor.

  • Sceptical

    Funny how this website is the only “press” to get these details.

    • Is this your first time on a rumor website? Obviously I am not part of the press who got the details, but I received this info from a reliable source. Make sense?

      • Still sceptical

        No offense meant, but I have heard “100% certain built-in EVF” as well as “tweaked G3 sensor” based on claimed reliable sources. So far there is no consesus about what the GX1 will look like, while everyone claims to have the details.

    • Hans

      Haven’t you ever wondered why some photography sites post hands-ons and previews right with the official announcement of a camera? They either get the chance to try it out right at a press event on the public announcement day, or they get to meet with the manufacturer beforehand to try out the camera. Obviously, they sign an NDA with the manufacturer and therefore tell nothing about it before they are allowed to do so.

  • rhlpetrus

    EVF? If not, forget it.

    • Camaman

      But hey, everybody’s gonna have EVF model in 2years… just not 2012.
      2013, 2014 I am sure of it!

      We need to suffer these half baked products till then

    • Alfredo

      I like external EVF’s. You can tilt them.

  • Hiplnsdrftr

    Looking forward to buying the GX1 at a big discount because so many are put off by the lack of an EVF.

  • meh u4/3

    kind of interesting, but with the $600 NEX-5n having such stellar IQ and a larger sensor, not sure why i’d go for this unless it’s priced ~$400-450 (which it won’t be).

    especially if this new panny isn’t going to have an EVF, which the NEX-5n also doesn’t have.

  • JG10

    No way am I clicking that link.

    • actually the link was real (and I deleted by mistake) – see my latest post

  • Essenobi
  • Joe

    What a disappointment. It’s just a GF1 with a grip basically. What happened to the professional grade build and LC1/L1 style body with manual controls? This looks like it was slapped together at the last minute to appease those complaining about the direction the GF3 went in.

  • Matt

    Why are people so stupid?
    The GX is a ‘pro’ version of the GF line. This was clear from the start.
    Panasonic has two lines:
    G/GH and the GF/GX.
    The first sets itself aside by having an EVF, the latter by not having an EVF.
    Anyone that thought the GX would have an EVF doesn’t get the concept of the GF/GX series. It’s like saying you expect the new Leica M10 to have an SLR viewfinder.

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