RED Scarlet to be officially announced on November 3rd

RED posted this on their website regarding their November 3rd announcement:

On November 3rd at 6pm PST, details surrounding our third camera SCARLET will be announced on and

Technical specifications, shipping, and purchasing information will be revealed, putting to rest all of the lingering speculation and anticipation.

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  • EMW

    The Red Scarlet was announced on November 13, 2008 for introduction in the Spring of 2009 at a price of $3000. This may be the 2nd or the third announcement, I’ve lost track and lost interest.

  • Pikemann Urge

    I have been waiting all month for this announcement. My priority is photographs not movies so it isn’t necessarily the best choice for me. But it will kick serious heads.

    Here’s an interesting point: even at its original specifications, it’s still better value than the Canon 5D2 (even though it isn’t the best video-capable DSLR – that would be either the 7D or D7000, and they’re cheaper). The Canon retails at about US$3K right now (with a lens, though). The Scarlet was supposed to offer 3K of resolution at $3,000. As a video and movie camera, there is no way you would prefer the 5D2. But as a still camera, you’d prefer the 5D2 of course (at least I would).

    Now, let’s see what the new specifications are…

    • James

      Actually the best video capable DSLR is the Canon 1DX by a significant margin. The best video capable stills camera is the Panasonic GH2 with the new hack.

  • qwertz

    Update: Panasonic GX1 to be announced on October 28th


    Where is the announcement?

    • Pikemann Urge
    • Today the camera was announced to the press – you will see all kinds of leaks today.

  • D-RiSe

    120fps 720p looks very nice on red scarlet

  • Mark

    Red, schemed. What a bunch of vaporware. They announce, and announce, and announce. Ask me, what they announce is mostly a load of BS!! Even if it finally does come out, does anyone really care anymore? And to add insult to injury, it’s not even very innovative.

  • Stepper


  • Drew

    I’m amazed at all the haters.
    Let’s see what they come out with.
    Innovation takes time as anyone who works in the creative production world knows.
    I remain guardedly optimistic that they will bring forth a product that advances the segment with new and amazing features and technology.

    If not – lets feed them to the savaging hounds of public opinion (rings dinner bell) and burn the remnants at the stake.

    • Stepper

      Red has been at this for YEARS now.
      Imagine how much anger (and ridicule) Canon or Nikon would face if they played their marketing cards like Red. They talk up a storm and dangle specs in front of the consumer with promises of near distribution when in fact it will take years to come out. Meanwhile the consumer waits with money at hand for a product that never comes while technology passes them by.

      Red stinks!

  • jammyjam

    so now there are announcements of announcements?

    we announce that we will announce a product in november… yawn.

  • Moth Flopwell

    Went With The Wind….What Wind?

  • serkol

    I guess the worst thing that causes so much hate is the price. I bet none of the haters has money for now shipping Epic, and they will not have money for Scarlet neither. The price already went up to $6k in January, and recently Red announced that it will cost even more than that. Stop hating, calm down, just ignore Red and play with what you can afford.

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