First pictures of the Panasonic GX1 camera

Those are the first images of the new Panasonic GX1 camera:

Via Mobile01

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  • Good looking camera…but that lens is ugly.

    • Steve

      This is likely to be my first m43 camera if the sensor/processor prove to be good. But that lens…hmmm …. think I’ll wait for the 12-35.

    • Markus

      Ugly…oh, I’m glad you buy it for the look.

  • borkyfork

    still encumbered by the u4/3 sensor size. they have to make these things cheaper than better-performing sensor formats…

  • Joe

    That’s it? Really? So much for manual controls and an LC1/L1 body. Sheesh.

    • Mark

      NOBODY said it would look like the LC1 except the IDIOTS who were making stuff up.

      Oh yeah, where’s that poster who wrote those insulting comments to the admin a few days ago that they knew FOR A FACT that the GX1 would have a viewfinder, and that the admin must be an idiot for writing otherwise. I’m not saying that was you Joe, I’m just making an editorial comment, and this post was handy for that.

  • JessyP

    Well, the grip is L1 like. Thats about it. I think the new x kit looks good with this cam.

  • Joe

    It doesn’t even have the drive mode/ae bracketing lever of the GF1. I guess I’ll be holding onto mine and looking into the Fuji this spring.

  • JG10

    Sorry, but this camera looks really half baked. And that ridiculous looking grip. I’m gonna laugh when the price is revealed. Guarantee Panasonic is gonna try to sell this thing for a lot. Man they’re gonna be in for a surprise when no one buys it.

  • JG10

    If this camera, with that kit lens, is the same price as the 5N then I would prefer the Panasonic. Although the Sony will undoubtedly have a much better sensor I much prefer the controls of the Panasonic and the compact lens. But I suspect this camera is going to be priced more like the EP3.

    • Renato S.

      Body only I think it will be the same price as the NEX-5n but the X-lens kit will cost more because the X-lens cost more.

      Expect something like 850$ for the kit. the GF3 body only cost 500$ – even though it’s lower in BH now – and the GF3 with X-lens kit cost 750$ so if this cost 600$ body only, it should cost 850$ with X-lens kit.

  • JB

    That looks… a lot like my GF2.

    • broxibear

      Looks like they had parts left over from the GF1 and GF2 and screwed them together ?
      From a design point of view it’s a bit of a mess and underlines how nice the GF1 looks.

      • lolly

        The design looks a bit odd … square ?

        • Vince

          The images are distorted because an extreme wide angle lens was used. It’s a fisheye-like effect. The grip isn’t incongruous and the body isn’t square.

  • JG10

    Why doesn’t the grip look right to me? It somehow looks incongruous with the camera but I can’t figure out why.

  • JG10

    Oh well, maybe the sensor is improved. I was hoping it would have more of an X100 vibe- I guess we’ll just have to wait and see what the Fuji X200 looks like.

    • RRH

      Yeah, i’ll wait for a all black X100 mark II (X200!?) too

      This Pana is too little, too late (unless it performs like.. a big surprise)

  • AnnoyingOrange

    I love the GF1.. And this just looks really ugly especially with that lens.

  • u_atom

    Wait to see Image Sensor and Processor.

  • Kuntakinte

    Still no viewfinder, so Panasonic has missed it’s last chance to win me as a customer.
    I’ll wait for the Fuji EVIL announcement at CES in January, then I’ll decide whether I wait for the Fuji or order a NEX 7.

    • Anna Seed

      I feel exactly the same

  • AM*shoots*SF


    Pana- fire your designers and learn from Fuji, Nixon and oly.

    • James

      You mean Fuji, Sony and Olympus. I think Nikon should also fire their V1/J1 designers.

  • James

    The Panasonic NEX 7 equivalent is the GH2.

    • Sky

      It is? Wow… I’m surprised. o_O Since when, or rather: in what matters?

      • James

        In features, obviously not in form. I was hoping that the GX1 would be a miniature GH2 but alas.

  • Not sceptical

    Finally something tangible. My sincere apologies Admin for doubting your sources yesterday.

    As for the camera… It’s a GF1, ain’t it?! Just a bit more grip. I guess we’ll have to see how it performs and what the build quality is like.

    • No problem, rumors are not really an exact science. Sometimes things may get lost in translation.

  • Im sad, I had high hopes for this, but again, an epic fail Panasonic. Im going Sony Nex 5N. Goodbye

  • JC

    Totally LX-5 body look alike (except maybe grip design

    BTW LX5 great compact good AF (23 points) and metering

    Maybe that’s what the X stand for (originally LX was for luxe, I think)

    So could this be Panasonic killing the LX series and splitting the GF range?

    Also GX-1 announced slightly smaller than GF1 which was itself 10% larger than LX5 in H/L. Width should be bigger to accommodate lens mount and bigger depth required by larger sensor (36mm vs 22mm for LX main body except lens).

  • AA

    I have a GH2 and was really hoping for something smaller to compliment it, with similar video specs (avchd 2 would be nice too). I see no movie mode on the dial – only the red movie button. That suggests to me that it only supports movie in auto mode. Anxiously awaiting the specs.

  • Fuji should start writing Panasonic a thank you letter right now.

  • benjamin

    that flash is cool..

  • rico

    I’ve own a GH2 and find it bulky so have been thinking of buying a slightly smaller G3, now this..but the GX looks really ugly and prolly twice the price of a G3, so it could be G3 or Fuji X10.

    In the “form and function” game I believe Panny could learn a lot from Fuji!

  • axel

    gf1 is far better looking… and these silver buttons are really ugly !!!

  • Rob Ellis

    That flash looks like its wearing a cycling helmet :L

  • NanDub

    Man isn’t that just a big fat oversize LX5? I’d rather get a real LX5 other than this thing… LX5 has larger aperture through out the whole zoom range than the X lens. I think the current problem with m43 is that they just keep dumping these cr@ppy 14-42/45 3.5-5.6 lenses at us – come on! They’re basically releasing the same lens over and over again… With 12 2, 14 2.5, 17 2.8, 20 1.7, 25 1.4, 45 1.8 and 45 2.8, we now have a good range of prime lenses yet there’s no quality zoom with decent aperture. Even a F/4 zoom will probably sell like hot cakes, let along F/2.8 or even F/2! I just don’t get it – a limited lens selection is the key problem of m43 and it needs to be solved ASAP.

    This new GX1 will have to accompany with some large aperture zoom to gain the upper hand when facing LX5 or the next generation LX camera, and that’s true for the whole m43 line on a broader level – given the natural limit of hi-iso performance due to m43 sensor size, it is crucial for them to have large aperture zooms. And thanks to the small sensor size as well, that should not be too hard.

    • Mooboy

      Do you have an LX5 or a 43 camera? I have both, and the jump between them in terms of possibilities is bigger than the jump between my 43 camera and my full frame.

      LX5 is a fine compact camera, but it’s small sensor can’t really comapre to even 43 sensors. Even with the ‘crappy’ kit lens, the 43 has much more ability for high ISO or shallow DOF.

      And the good range of primes for 43s (finally now with the Olympus 45mm 1.8) is it’s saving grace.. I agree their zooms are pretty poor. But, the rumoured new high quality zooms from Panasonic may well be so large they defeat the purpose for 43s.

      • NanDub

        I had an LX5 and am currently using a EP1 + 17mm + 45mm so I know what you mean. However (!) this GX1 is *just* an oversized LX5 and why would I go for it other than LX5 given the zooms are so poor? Let’s face it, there’s really no dof advantage on m43 with any of their current standard zooms, primes are nice though.

  • the lens reminds me of the canon t80 lens with the battery is built into it

  • Ben Y

    What’s the opposite of pioneer? Panasonic are cowards. I can’t remember the last time they released anything exciting.

    • spam

      Have you checked your memory lately? Remember the LX3? What about the G1 -first mirrorless, actually creating a new class of cameras (with Olympus). First to get CDAF working properly on a large sensor. Then there are the GH1 and GH2, class leading video. And then only a few weeks ago they came out with the X 14-42 lens which is a revolution in size for at 3x zoom.

      • Ben Y

        I wouldn’t consider any of those things revolutionary. They don’t take any risks (with the exception of the joint effort, holding Oly’s hand with starting m43, which I wouldn’t say is very recent), they just try improve specific things. Think about it, since their first m4/3 camera, have they taken any huge leaps? Not saying that’s a bad strategy, but like I said, not exciting to me.

  • OK, so basically, it’s a GF1 mark II with some video enhancements including Full HD, two (closely spaced) mics, plus a bit more of a grip, and probably uprated sensitivity. If it has an silent shutter that will be a reason to upgrade, otherwise I’ll stick to the GF1.

    As for the lens, well, sure it’s more compact than my 15-45, but if the quality isn’t demonstrably better, I won’t buy. It’s no faster, either.

    I bet Leica slap a badge on it and announce they have made a giant leap forward in to mirrorless cameras. Price to be only 150% than the most expensive existing m4/3 camera, the GX1.

  • Harold Ellis

    if anybody really is that dumb to buy him self into µ4/3 i no more wonder that nikon will make waffers with 1 system

    • Mooboy

      Yes Harold, because everyone’s needs and wants in a camera system are exactly the same as yours. Thanks for showing us the way.

      • Harold Ellis

        yes i am aware there is lot of people who need camera which is neither good nor cheap nor pretty nor makes sense. There is market for everything. They just somehow should not wonder that not many people are buying it and whole “betterthenP&S” market is dominated by Sony

        • Mooboy

          If you take Leica out of the picture and you want portable but still a half decent sensor size, what choices are there?

          Sony has great sensors, and I think the NEX-7 looks amazing, but have a totally poor lens selection unless using adaptors and don’t mind manual focus.

          If Ididn’t want to lug around my D700 and heavy glass, I don’t see any other real alternatives (for me) but m43. But, I wouldn’t have considered it before the new 45mm 1.8 prime was released. In fact, I’ve still got a Sony NEX-7 pre-order in I need to consider if I should keep or cancel.

  • Gunnar

    Does it still have a small sensor or did they decide to put a larger in for increased IQ and DOF control?

  • Sanyo

    They better give it a POWERFUL flash to double as a bounce!
    Looks like the perfect camera to me!

  • Herman Hermit

    meh – built in flash over more input controls only makes sense if they also offered hot-shoe add on thumb wheels!

    a good photographic tool should have three independent input wheels/knobs to be fully workable IMO – or at the very least two. remeber in the glory days of film, cameras often had an aperture ring (ok-that one is on the lens!) a shutter speed knob and an exposure compensation dial. perfect!

  • dj

    Looks like a fabulous camera to me!—The styling isnt as good as the EP-3 but i dont care about styling as much as handling and performance. (The Silver Version might look good though). Nice thing about Panasonic is they got the ergonomics right long time ago : from their point and shoots to thier GH2 the buttons are all in similar places : Ill be able to pick this new camera up and use it without reading the instruction manual.

    And if you want a VF type camera buy a G3 or GH2 because they have the VF in the middle of their body where it belongs: Ever try using a telephoto with the VF off to the side :very awkward indeed!

  • Mak


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