Adobe Photoshop CS6 screenshots leaked

Appleinsider got their hands on several screenshots from the upcoming Adobe CS6 that is expected to be announced next year. Some of the new features are darker interface theme, 3D capabilities and autosave.

Recently Adobe has demoed several new features, including Image Deblurring and Patchmatch.

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  • Mak

    Photoshop is dead. Long live lightroom.

    • Clearly you have never used Photoshop.

      • cas

        i think mak was referring to the interface, it looks just like lightroom

        • Fair enough 🙂

          • Andre

            Yep, I reckoned I was right, after a quick look at your website and it had to be a quick look because the site is slower than molasses I can only say, Mike you need a crash course in both photography and photoshop, or maybe just stick to cats and brick walls .

          • Anonographer

            I wonder what your photos look like Andre, seeing you bash other photographers about their uses of Photoshop. Photoshop/lightroom is a great tool to enhance photos. Judging by your comments, I’d really like to see yours. It can’t be better than other photos seeing it’s only SOOC. There’s a limit on how great they look even with great composition etc.

            And btw, there’s nothing wrong with the site of Mike, it’s your own lousy internet connection that is to slow to load the site.

          • Thanks Andre! Glad you like my work 🙂

      • Andre

        If you NEED photoshop to get good images then you NEED to learn more about photography.

        • Bruce

          Using Photoshop or Lightroom is akin to working in the darkroom in the days of film after the film had been exposed in-camera, manipulating your image to achieve the best possible results, not to mention the vast selection of papers that were available that also affected the final print when exposed in the darkroom. It is nice to know that the photography masters of the past were just bad photographers because they resorted to this very ametuerinh manipulation of their images in the darkroom, when they really just needed to learn more about photography to be on the same level as you. Maybe you could point us to some of the books that have been published of your images to demonstrate your superiority to these masters.

        • asu

          hoax is better than your comment

    • Rob Ellis

      Mak, photoshop and lightroom are two totally different programmes, thats like saying, fuck cameras, long live toasters.
      Seriously though, photoshop is used to manipulate images, bend pixels, create new ones, use pixels from other photos, whereas lightroom changes the colours of the pixels, maybe sharpens them a bit and get rid of the noisy ones, and then do that to however many pics you like…
      Have you ever used photoshop? O.o
      Look at dave hill ffs, reckon you could do that in lightroom? and Im not just talking about the colours…

  • Jodi

    Patchmatch was demoed over two years ago, and elements of it are (afaik) included in CS5.

  • I tried lightroom several times, but I always come back to photoshop.

  • Banksie

    Lightroom is really just a raw convertor with the ACR engine and a some added editing extras. DxO Optics Pro, Aperture, Phase 1 Capture One, Bibble, RPP, ACR (as a plug-in with PS) are all raw convertors-developers. Each has a different way of converting based on their own algorithms. It’s beneficial to have several.

    And none of them are full fledged editors (and none of them are real cataloging software, either.) Photoshop is an actual editor. Usually a photographer has an actual browser (like Photo Mechanics) that ingests files very quickly, and several raw converters (DxO doesn’t work with .dng raw files and each of the convertors have their own plus and minus attributes.) And a full fledged editor like PS. And you would also have a real catalog software like Media Pro, etc..

    You absolutely need more than just Lightroom, unless maybe you’re not doing any pre-press or exhibition work whatsoever.

  • hexx

    another PS, i hope this time it will be worthy upgrade. i’m fed up with PS team charging so much money for not so breathtaking features they add to new versions.

    i dumped PS at home for Pixelmator, cheap very fast, fully featured, beautiful and best thing was that version 2.0 released few days ago didn’t cost me anything – free upgrade, that’s what i call ‘the deal’.

    i’m using for photos lightroom, i don’t like too much photoshoped photos, i know sometimes you don’t have any other option but you know what kind of photos i’m talking about.

    i want to try following workflow: RPP for raw conversion -> Pixelmator (if needed) -> iPhoto for catalogue/organize/publish to (insert web service here). if anyone have tried it please let me (us) know how it works for you

  • Ric

    now if only NX3 would look prettier.

  • hazaah

    there are about 5 photoshop features that, should they appear in lightroom 4, would probably cut my PS/CS5 use down to ‘negligible’.

    but until that time, CS5 will remain invaluable to me for having things like a ‘liquefy’ function.

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