Fuji mirrorless interchangeable lens camera leaked *UPDATED*

Here are first six blurry images of the upcoming Fuji mirrorless interchangeable lens camera:

As previously mentioned, Fuji will have their own proprietary mount for this camera. The body and lenses appear to be large enough to be full frame. One of the lenses appears to be f/1.4 with manual aperture ring.

More details: the new camera will be called Fuji LX and probably will have an APS-C sensor. It will be announced with three lenses: one pancake 18mm f/2, the second will be 35mm f/1.4 and the third lens will be a zoom. A fourth 60mm lens is also a possibility.

It seems that those images first leaked on Xitek and then were immediately removed.

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  • Pointshooter

    Hmm, another new system that I can not afford to buy. ;/
    I guess I have to continue shooting images with my old Fuji S5, life sucks. 😛

  • Ric

    Nikon 1 knockoff.

    • Scotch

      Surely it is
      Since Nikon invented Digital Camera
      wait.. Nikon Invented photography!!

      • Ric

        Al Gore invented the Internet.

        • Ren Mockwell

          I invented Al Gore!—>Win!

          • Ric

            That is an inconvenient truth.

    • CHD

      Nikon 1 knock-off???? Really??? Do you know anything about cameras??

      • Ric

        Pictures. Click-Click. You know what I mean?
        Say no more.

        • Monty

          What’s it like?

          • Ric

            It’s very runny , Sir

      • MJr

        Sheldon ?

      • Mark

        He’s JOKING!!!! Don’t be so tense.

    • Nathan

      It’s a Nikon 1 knockoff in that it has the hybrid viewfinder of the Fuji X100, the retro styling of the Fuji X100, and the APS-C sensor of the Fuji X100.

      Nikon uses a 2/3″ sensor roughly 1/2 or less the size of APS-C, has no hybrid viewfinder, has no retro styling. The only thing they have in common is having interchangeable lenses, which has been done previously by Panasonic, Sony, Olympus, Pentax, and THEN FINALLY Nikon.

      So, yeah, in that sense, they’re totally copying Nikon.

      • Tord S Eriksson

        Well, Can’t personally see it is more Nikon than Sony, or Pentax. Much more Fuji, with a bit of Leica thrown in for good measure! The Sony NEX-7 comes next in mind, if that ever comes back into production!

        For many a NEX-7 with the NEX-5N sensor would be the ideal camera, but that is as yet a pipedream!

  • sflxn

    I don’t think their organic sensor is 3 layer. Much better! From skimming their paper, using conducting organic layer means the one layer captures all the colors the way film did. No need for color filter. No need for the flawed Foveon 3 layer approach. No need for micro mirrors.

    • dgd

      “The aperture ratio of Fuji Photo Film’s prototype is said to be close to 100%, which means no microlenses.”

      Makes me feel it is APS-H.

      • Richard

        APS-H is the largest size sensor that can be made without multiple passes “stitching” the multiple sections together with current generation lithography. That is part of what makes FX sensors so much more expensive as well as the lower yield rates with larger sensors, including APS-H sensors.

        I have not heard cost figures for APS-H sensors, but I have seen estimates of $50 for APS-C sensors and $500 for FX sensors. As you can see, if Fuji is trying to keep the cost of these cameras down, it would not be a surprise to see an APS-C sensor. As Fuji will be designing lenses for the camera, the potential exists to hold the size of the lenses down with a DX sensor. The trend toward smaller, lighter cameras seems unmistakable at this time which argues against an FX sensor.

        I am certain that there are a great many people impatiently awaiting more detailed information about this camera.

    • Herman Hermit

      “one layer captures all the colors the way film did.”
      that is /not/ how typical color film works…

    • Ben

      If there is a working “organic Sensor” in that little machine, and it works, I’m buyin!

    • HB


      You wrote that you skimmed their paper. Is this something that others can read? Where?

      Thanks. Sounds like my next camera!

  • Andrew

    Let’s see…. sensor 4x the size of Nikon 1, rangefinder style viewfinder, fast prime lenses – yep just like the Nikon 1…. Nikon Troll alert!

    I will be disappointed if it is not full-frame. Very hard to get the look of full-frame on APS-C without very good, very fast lenses. I have the X100 and it is a great camera, but it still can’t match the quality and look of full-frame with a fast prime. The look of the bokeh and how the depth of field looks is just different and generally more pleasing.

    That said. I am very glad to see Fuji making something that is actually different and designed with the photograph and the photographer in mind. Despite the lack of full frame this looks like a winner.

    • Nikola

      ## I have the X100 and it’s a freat camera,but it still can’t match the quality and look of full-frame with a fast prime. The look of the bokeh and how the depth of field looks is just different and generally more pleasing. ##

      Totally agreee. + i think that the first brand which knows how to bring to the market a compact (M9 like), Full 35mm Sensor with small fix or better interchengeable lenses with a Optical Viewfinder for 1350us$ / 1000 euros Body only, will win All the Price hands up ! ( Bad Eng = French :=/. )

      • Bad English? I don’t think so. You summed up our expectations very well.

        Maybe this won’t be a full frame. But the next one…who knows?

  • fiatlux

    16 f/2, 35 f/1.4 and a 60mm? That would be a great kit for an APS-C compact camera!

    I hope those lenses feature proper MF rings and dof scales.

  • Camaman

    The lenses don’t look very fat. Not AF-S Nikon fat at least! 🙂
    Please be it a collapsible zoom too!!

    Can’t wait to learn more details on it. This is very exciting!
    And my guess is this something simmilar Leica has planed with its new mirrorles camera.
    Only they will use lot of Panasonic tech to get it right!

    • camerageek

      No zooms please. Zooms are for uncreative dimwits

      • CHD

        So says the dimwit.

  • dgd

    I wonder if Fuji will bypass FF & after this XL go MF.

  • With two of these and a couple of lenses, I could shoot 95% of everything I currently shoot. I might have to look at selling my 5dIIs.

  • grayscale

    It doesn’t appear to be full-frame.

    Look at the diameter of the inner opening in the 3rd image.
    probably an aps-c.
    It will still be good considering the quality of new sensors, and I suspect this is a way of avoiding the technical considerations needed when having a high angle of incidence on the sensor plane with the range finder style short sensor to flange distance.

    I hope I’m wrong!

    • grayscale

      I hope this has a split prism VF with micro prisms for focusing

      • camerageek

        It’s a RF design and doesn’t have a mirror which would make a micro prism collar focusing aid a bit impossible. More likely a RF patch

    • grayscale

      the field lens optic is probably inset in the smaller diameter when mounted and could fan out to FF.

      • grayscale

        Which works out about right given the thickness of the body…
        It actually does look FF in my estimation.

        Wow, I seem to like talking to myself 😉

        • no, I hear you – the first time I saw the lenses, I immediately thought M-mount – they really look like Leica M mount.

    • To me the diameter of the inner opening looks very similar to a Leica M lens, I think there is still hope for full frame, or at least APS-H.

      • grayscale

        haha, yes, I seemed to have reached that conclusion on my own!

      • Richard

        With all due respect, I hope that it is not a FX sensor for the simple reason that such a body would undoubtedly cost too much.


          • Richard

            Indeed they did. Still, there is premium and über-premium. Literally, a “premium” camera would mean one of exceptional quality and/or higher priced, but higher priced than what? I surmise it will be Fuji’s premium camera, meaning their top-of-the-line camera. It does not have to be priced higher than a Leica to be “premium”. Premium can still be mass market, affordable luxury. With the vagaries of translation I would not even hazard a guess whether the word has a distinct meaning either in Japanese or to the Japanese. Perhaps someone can shed light on this though one might speculate that the use of the word in comparison to other interchangeable lens mirrorless (“CSC”) cameras on the market today might infer advanced, sophisticated or, perhaps, simply marketing speak to test the market response to a more expensive camera (we are all talking about it a lot after all) even if it is not priced in the rarified air of Leica which hopes to grow to 1% market share some sunny day.

            The Olympus OM-1 was such a camera even though it was priced as a mass market product. Interestingly, its designer was a self-confessed Leica fan.

            We shall see.

      • Richard

        The crop factor for Canon’s APS-H sensors is 1.3. If this turns out to be the same 18mm = 24mm, 35mm = 45mm and 60mm = 78mm. That certainly looks like a wide angle, a normal and a very short telephoto/portrait lens.

        Any word on the FL of the zoom?

        • MJr

          28, 50, 90 would make more sense as it’s exactly the classic trilogy. I’d say it will almost definitely be aps-c, but i’m really hoping that i’m wrong because 24, 45,78 would be so much cooler. Maybe it will even have some overcrop for true variable aspect ratio like the GH2. 😉

          • MJr

            Be more like undercrop then. Whatever the technical term is.

      • Steve

        FF sensor doesn’t make sense with the 18mm focal length. The largest it could be would be APS-H which would give you a 24mm equivalent f2 pancake. My guess is that it is APS-C size with a 28mm equivalent f2 lens.

        • if it is APS-C sensor, then the body should be pretty much the same as the X100 – the pictures above show a significantly bigger body

  • Scott

    Anyone know if the quoted FL for these lenses are “actual” or the equivalent in 135-format? I think it would make more sense if these are the real numbers, so you get (close to) a medium-wide 28mm, a fast standard (53mm?) and a short tele (90mm-ish) the framelines of which ought to all fit in the optical finder. At least I hope that is the case – a 12mm equivalent would be a pretty specialized lens, and 60 is just weird unless it’s a macro, which is unlikely for a camera without TTL-viewing.

    BTW a big YAY for a manual aperture ring – as long as it has clicks at every half-stop (otherwise why bother?)

  • fants

    APS-H would make me a very happy man. Obviously I’d love a FF mirrorless, but I think that’ll always give you problems with anything wider than 35mm. The M9 sensor is fantastic in many ways, but that one thing is an almost fatal flaw.

    APS-H would make legacy lenses a much nicer proposition than APS-C on the wide end. You would be able to use 28mm lenses instead of 24mm lenses in order to get the traditional 35mm FoV, which means you’ve got a much cheaper selection (the Voigt 28/2 and 28/1.9, for example).

    So…crossing my fingers for APS-H. BUT if they turn out an non-Bayer APS-C sensor with no AA filter, that’d be nice too!

    • CHD

      I too would happily ‘settle’ for APS-H to replace my M8…..fingers crossed.

  • Rosco

    I had a look at that forum and got this; “Large at the end of God are finally turned out to Woodstock as strong support for the rich”

    Man I LOVE google translate!!! 😉

    • Mistral75

      I also adore “Look into the camera asshole, not a small sensor area looks like.

      • 🙂

      • Stephen B

        my ribs hurt after laughing at that. Nice one.

  • Mike

    If they made this with an F mount… I (and many others I know) would buy this in an instant.

    • camerageek

      You do realize that if it had an F Mount it would need to be as thick as a standard SLR due to registration, there by defeating the purpose of a mirrorless system?

      You do realize this right?

  • Mike

    I really hope that would be an F mount, because that would be the perfect secondary camera.

    • fants

      It would look pretty silly and hardly be smaller than an SLR. The mount would have to protrude waaaaay out from the front of the body for it to work.

  • Phil

    I’m just hoping someone makes adapters for different type lenses to fit these. Right now, I’m just waiting for reviews of the NEX-7 to come out but this news has me excited as well. I may just wait.

  • If they make it in M-mount, I will buy one. If they make it in a propriety mount with an APS-C/H sensor I will buy it. I will also buy the X10. I bought the X100, I have a F11, F31fd, F100, F300EXR, you just can’t beat a Fuji sensor, not in my experience. It’s not just about noise reduction.

  • This is really interesting.. but I wonder, who will buy this camera if it does not have:
    lightning fast af or a REAL rangefinder?

    I´ve tried the x100 and the autofocus is like my old Powershot A620.. like three seconds to get the shot… But, imho, the x100 is selling really good.. So are people just stupid?

    My suggestion is to stop buying things that are not worth buying! Then maybe the camera developers will start to make the cameras we need!

  • Marco

    we talk about the price?
    do you think?
    I think the highest price of Fuji X100.

    because I was considering purchase of Fuji X10 and I would not find this camera a few months at the same price!

  • FreakFuji

    OMG, can they just stop copying Leica??
    honestly, the x100 and now the mirrorless?
    can’t they just make a different design??
    Fujifilm, you copy cat suck

    • Forbes

      OMG, yeah Fuji! Why such a nice classic design instead of a soulless modern trinket?

    • dgd

      If only M9 was as good as M3 & no so hideously overpriced compared to M3.
      That awful red logo on the M8, M9 screaming look at me look at me, whilst the M3 had the elegance to have logoless front.

    • Mark

      Yeah, they probably want actualy photographers to buy this, as opposed to the aristocratic 1%er market. THOSE people really have taste.

  • It looks nice, looking at the results from the X100 could easily be a nice substitute for the M9

  • ax-cam

    I discovered the fake picture carried out based on this leak information.
    I wait for the next leak, looking at the picture contributed to flickr.

  • grumps

    What’s with camera manufacturers always releasing 35mm, they need to get it into their heads 50mm is the way to go. A fast one at that!

  • zixonxx


    the source told me that the 18mm is a bit larger than the nex 16mm

    • dgd

      “the source told me that the 18mm is a bit larger than the nex 16mm”

      nex 16mm = equiv 24mm
      if Fuji 18mm is “a bit larger” then Fuji sesnor is larger than APS-H 1.3 crop, which leaves say 1.29- FF

      • Jack

        I think he meant the physical size

  • hexx

    Full frame please. I have X100 and Marc, what you’re saying about X100 giving run for money to D700 – that’s nonsense – y0u either don’t have X100 or you don’t have D700.

    Full frame is full frame, you can’t beat shallow depth of field of full frame cameras. If they release this as APS-C then it means that this isn’t meant to be an upgrade path from X100 but rather an addition to X family for new customers seeking different camera system that the ones offered by Olympus, Sony, Nikon and who knows who else I forgot to mention.

    It’s shame, I believe if they release this as a full frame camera they would have quite a lot of customers. I bought X100 just because I didn’t want huge FF SLR camera and don’t have money for Leica. If I had money for Leica, I’d buy one, size does matter.

    • dgd

      Though FF would be nice & my Kodak SLRc was nice, many of the celebrated photos from the last century have deep dof.
      Fast lenses fron yesteryear were made for low light work.
      It is only a recent fad to have a a fast lens on FF for one eye in focus.

    • hexx

      Thank you Mark for coming back to my comment. I see your point. I was just surprised by your comment regarding X100 and D700, although I don’t own one, I’ve rented it several times and I find it IQ-wise better than X100 (especially dynamic range).

      X100 is brilliant little camera (once you learn how to live with it) . I was hoping when rumours appeared about interchangeable lens system from Fuji for FF version of X100 and I thought that Fuji will introduce it as an upgrade path for X100 owners.

      FF has few benefits for me, apart from shallower depth of field, wide lenses are really wide. I’ve used on my DSLR telephoto lens twice, I’m landscape/architecture shooter with occasional portraits (mostly half body or full body) so lenses I used to use were maximum of 50mm focal length (in 35mm world it’s 75mm).

      If this new cam is FF I will buy one straight away: 18mm pancake – wide angle lens, 35mm – normal lens, 60mm – short telephoto/macro(?)

      • hexx

        just to clarify/add: wide angle – I always use f/4 and smaller, but for portraits I was always aiming for largest aperture available for lens (in my case it was always f/1.8, now with X100 it’s f/2.8 – I find f/2 a bit soft).

      • hexx

        and one very important advantage of FF over APS-C – you are one stop faster (low light photography)

        • Mark

          If this was true, external light meters would not work properly. Because my Sekonic meters a proper exposure on every format from APS-C to 8×10, this cannot be true.

          If you mean one stop less noise? Sure, with the D700, but not true with the Canon 5D mark II, the Lieca M9, or other older full frame sensors. Certainly not true of medium format digital sensors.

          If you mean one stop less depth of field at a given aperture, yeah that’s about accurate, but I think my argument against that is that faster lenses make up for the “problem.”

  • I want full frame please Fuji and i’ll buy the body with all fast prime lenses; and why no leica M mount? 😐

    • dgd

      This Fuji has AF.
      Cant do AF with existing M lenses.
      Leica mount if wanted there will be adapters.
      Just as there will be say Contax adapters.

      Fuji are right to go with their own mount.
      Stand on their own two feet.

      • Camaman

        …and that way they can actually make money. Selling THEIR new lenses not competing with old good ones, even being MF only.

  • High guys,

    exciting exciting …! There is a big chance here that this will be one of my new babies 😉
    (I consider myself poligam concerning to my photoequipment).
    For fun I tried to estimate the size of the new Fuji LX with my screen ruler tools, some papers, a pen and a calculator …
    My guess is the camera will be about 15,7×8,3×3,1 cm in size assuming the flash mount has the same size then in the x10 / x100 – the diameter of the lens bajonett would be about 5,8 cm (outside to outside) and about 4,6 cm inside (hole). However I couldn´t find the Leicas M-mount details to compare to these values.
    Please remember these values may vary about 5 mm since the images were not plain but taken with a wide ange effect.

    Hope somebody will re-calculate 😉

  • ToddH

    anyone thinks it looks a bit weird? i know these are photos of a camera still in the production line, but the layout just seems funny. The black dials on top of a silver top plate? kinda leica “panda”-esque. at least the X100 had the silver on silver. and the thumb piece with the Af-L/AE-L protruding from the back of the camera just looks rushed… like it doesn’t really, well… flow… it seems messy. very exciting though! hope it comes in black too like the X10

  • For all those still holding out for FF, look at the lens focal lengths. There is no way that this camera would be introduced with an 18mm f/2 full frame lens. The engineering required to make such a lens, particularly on a mirrorless body with a small flange distance, is just too much. The sensor is definitely APS-C or APS-H, or something in between. My money is on APS-C.

    And as for the camera looking weird with black on silver, it is of course not a finished body. The black leatherette etc has yet to be added in some of the pics.

    • Camaman

      On the picture where the camera is held in hand, the silver body, you can see 4 holes that appear to be mounting holes for a finger grip.

      You can see it better if you flip the picture 180deg.

      There were definitely 2 stages of the prototype shown: naked and in silver black colors… 🙂

      • grayscale

        In the second last picture, you can see the finger grip in the foreground!
        A camera of this size definitely needs a grip like that!

  • Ben Y

    I highly doubt it is FF. If it was, they would have made a 50mm; the easiest focal length to make at a fast aperture and also a normal focal length that makes more sense than 35mm. My bet is firstly on APS-C, then APS-H.

    • Richard

      I agree. If for no other reason than sensor cost an APS-C señor makes more sense unless Fuji have accomplished an order of magnitude cost reduction in sensor production. The other thing favoring an APS-C sensor is the lenses themselves. They can be smaller, lighter and, perhaps, less expensive than would be required for a larger sensor. Smaller and lighter is all the rage now.

  • Camaman

    Don’t understand why they would make a screw in type of finger grip. Hopefully it will look and feel high quality.

    There will probably be different sizes. That might be the reason.

  • Vaclav

    Just wondering… what it the purpose of the “circular thing” above the lens mount? AF light? Why should be the AF light on when there is no lens mounted, and there is no finger on the shutter release.

    I see many reflections in the pictures – it looks like the LX camera is behind a glass or something like that. Can it be a reflection of a built-in flash of the camera, with which were the photos taken?

    Can’t it be some sort of “electronic rangefinder” thing? Because I can’t imagine how to focus manually with OVF with no patch – I know, the X100 has an light confirmation, but that’s not enough IMO.

    The camera could get the focus distance from the camera via the contacts and align the patch… just an idea.

    But I don’t know how would the focusing work with the M lenses – there is no photo of the camera mount, and I highly doubt they would be able to adapt the mechanism into this body.

    (But the lens contacts are situated the same way as on the m43 cameras – there is still enough space in the top part of the mount – so who knows?)

  • Gianluca

    Wooowww… What I have seen here guys… O-CMOS?!?! Then they was still working at… Oh well.. Finally I’ll have my High ISO CAMERA.
    I just bought yesterday my first Fuji compact camera (f550 exr) and got a great X10 too.
    Then I’ll take this too when it will be on the market… It never rains but it pours

  • The launch day prime lens focal lengths (16, 35 + 60) give it away as APS-C sized. If it were full frame it would be more along the lines of 24 or 28, 50, and an 85 or 105.

    Now as long as they price it aggressively (although I can see the lenses costing quite a lot) it could succeed. I think Fuji has the ability to create essential a retro-styled NEX7 with a hybrid viewfinder, but with the added benefit of having a much better optical quality in their lenses than Sony, which is really Sony’s achilles heel. Otherwise MFT users would be jumping ship over to Sony.

    The main thing here is quality of the lens lineup and price. MFT has both of those down, but they lack the wow aesthetic factor of Fuji, and that viewfinder.

  • Absalutly needed if full frame is aveiabale for Lx .and just guess.how is it joyful for getting it with economic price as you use Fullframe,interchaneable lenes and even use some mount-exchange for Leica lenes.and it will overwhelmingly sold for people addictive to some fullframe fans.and Leica M9 is gone!if you gotta be a rubbery,people gotta find subsidery one!

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