Fuji LX10 will probably have a grip

The Fuji LX10 will probably have a grip - take a closer look at those pictures (the first image is a mockup):

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  • WT21

    Personally, I don’t need a grip, but I’ll be fine if they add one!

  • CRB

    I was hoping for a 35mm eq lens…even knowing it would be hard to see it, since the X100 has one…too bad…dont like 28mm…and not 52mm either…

  • Look at the black buttons and wheels. I guess the LX will get a black finish

    • Camaman

      My guess is both silver and black. Look at the pic with a person attaching the lens.

      Nothing offensive with black buttons and silver body. And how easy is it for them to add silver buttons to production at this time in development!

      I hope they dong screw the grip up. It seems the likeliest thing they could screw up on this camera. 🙂

  • Ken

    I think that’s a reflection, not a grip – you can see a similar reflection higher in the frame. I think the silver bar is the actual grip ala Nikon V1.

  • Nobody Special

    The earlier images of the back of the body show a ‘thumb grip’ or a place to place your thumb. Any front grip would enhance handling and control and that’s always a good thing.

  • Herman Hermit

    as i pointed out in a earlier post (though i managed to mess up the link!), the leatherette should curve up like the mockup shows. as you see in the last image of this post, the curve of the top piece is not covered by the leatherette.
    that makes for a less asymmetrical and more clean look imo.

    • Herman Hermit

      “the leatherette should curve up like the mockup shows”

      should obviously be; the leatherette should NOT curve up like the mockup shows..

  • dont think its a grip. the reflection on horizontal little plastic piece would be different or not there if “the grip” would lay upon it. so nope. but i don´t care because the camera seems brilliant anyway. loking forward to have it 🙂

  • Nathan

    Yeah, there IS no curve. The dividing line between metal and leatherette is straight and intersects the lens mount, does not arch upward as shown.

  • Camaman

    well, those four holes are definitely for something. If not for a grip mount then what?
    Sensor ventilation…? LOL!

    Here,s my version of the top image. you can see the holes better.

  • inteliboy

    Hope it’s not a grip… keep it simple fuji!

  • Thomas

    So somebody else recognize the fabulous Marketing that Fuji is practising? It was the same with the X100. Everybody wanted the camera, months before it was released.

    Now the same with the LX10. Fuji is perfectly (!!!) timing leaks of their cameras, but with enough headroom for speculations, and the camera is, months before its release, theme no1 for most photographers.

    Nice job Fuji! Im really impressed.

    By the way: that Marketing works for me ;D I cant wait for the LX10!

  • werderista

    If it’s APS-C there will be no 35mm (FF) lens from the start. So I’ll get me a x100 and join in when they got the 35mm. Too bad. I

  • Anna Seed
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