More details on the Fuji LX10 mirrorless interchangeable lens camera

First, here is a mockup of the upcoming Fuji mirrorless interchangeable lens camera based on the leaked pictures from two days ago (source | flickr):

I also received some additional details: the model name of the new camera will probably be Fujifilm LX10. Still no 100% confirmation on the sensor size.

The new Fuji LX 18mm f/2 lens will have an excellent distortion control and will be slightly bigger than the Sony NEX 16mm f/2.8 lens:

The rumored Fuji LX 35mm f/1.4 lens will be smaller than the Sony NEX 24mm (the total length will be about 3-4 cm or 1.5 in):

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  • EvanK

    I’d love to see some serious price drops on the X100 after this is released.

    • Kida

      Putting my X100 up as we speak before the price drops…

    • Ace

      I doubt it. Expect to see the x100 price drop AFTER Fujifilm releases a 23/2 for the new mirrorless in 2013 or so.

      • Photozopia

        Fuji ‘aint making a 23mm (35mm eqv) lens available – think people, who wants to kill the X100 goose whilst it’s still laying eggs???

        Plus, if current market predictions/prices hold firm, an X100 will probably be the same price as a premium 23mm lens for this system.

        The X100 will, for many, be a 35mm eqv. lens – with back-up body thrown in free!

        Might even find the used X100 market rising in value as it’s ‘classic’ format is phased out, or recedes into history ….

  • Talkontar

    Hmm, lenses are not that appealing IMHO. If the latest rumors about APS-C sized sensor are true we will get 27/28mm pancacke and 53mm prime. Of course it’s a matter of personal preferences, but I see this camera as my light travel and street walking kit. Therefore I would prefere 24mm eq. and 35mm eq. Sony nailed it when it comes to focal lengths, although 16/2.8 is far from being good and zeiss is too long for the small camera concept.

    • While I agree with you on the 24mm eqv lens (although 27mm is fine), I have to disagree on the 35mm eqv. I personally prefer 50mm over 35mm. Seems like that debate is as old as time however. There’s no way to make both sides happy. I’m sure they’ll eventually have both.

      If the third lens is an 85mm eqv Fuji will have nailed my three most needed lenses right out of the gate. Pretty impressive when you consider most companies start out with f/5.6 zooms and eventually get around to making fast primes.

    • WT21

      I’m also a 28/50 person. The 35 exists today in the X100, so I can’t see them making that lens a priority out of the gate (unless they plan on shutting down the X100 completely).

    • hexx

      i would prefer 35mm equivalent more than 50mm equivalent. I have 35mm (52mm eq) on my nikon and 23mm (35mm eq) on my fuji. I prefer fuji’s angle of view.

  • If they make a decent NEX competitor I’ll buy it. If they make it NEX compatible, I will dump M4/3.

    However, I would prefer M-mount in APS or larger, then I won’t have to buy the GXR-M. That’s saying a lot coming from me, a major Ricoh fanboy.

    • WT21

      Why would you want it NEX compatible? To get access to that wide range of excellent NEX lenses?

      I’ll bet Fuji’s flange back distance isn’t smaller (or even as small) as NEX, so it’s likely not NEX compatible. Just a guess, of course.

      • tino

        What do you meant by “wide range of excellent NEX lenses”? LOL.

        The only NEX anything I wish to reuse are my NEX-Nikon NEX-Konica adapters.

        • WT21

          Sorry. Forgot the /sarcasm tag (thought it would be obvious)

  • Flop94

    Very interesting camera, if the lenses aren’t too big, it will be perfect for travelling. But no flash?? I know that built-in flash is not the best, but in some cases it can be very helpfull.

    • big_glass

      You said it yourself: in *some* cases. I have used my SLR’s flash about a dozen times in 15 years. It’s unnecessary cost and complexity for a poor compromise not in keeping with a high end camera. IMO.

      • Flop94

        The built-in flash is present in the X100, so the two cameras having a very close shape, is it very complex and expensive (i don’t absolutely know)?

        I use the built-in flash regularly with my cameras when i want something not too big (so no external flash, and no big lense, just a little zoom). I bought the PEN E-P1 thinking that it could be possible with the external flash, but I don’t like it.

        • I would rather them just include a small add on flash kind of like what Sony does with their NEX series, preferably with a bounce head. The only real use I have for a built-in flash is if it doubles as a wireless controller; but RF triggers are fine for that. So I’d rather make the camera as solid as possible and leave the flash off. Most compact camera flashes are such flimsy little things they make the camera feel cheap.

          • Flop94

            But it obliges you to have the camera + one accessory. I just want a camera that I can put in a leather case (as others Fuji cameras) so I don’t want to be obliged to add something else (but of course if I have several lenses, i will also take an external flash). I don’t think (but perharps I’m wrong) that adding a built-in flash will change the solidity of the camera. If it changes nothing, it’s better to put it for those who need it, than take it off for people who don’t need it.

            I don’t care about video but if it’s usefull for others, it can be added in all the cameras…

  • Mark

    ok, looks like a photographic camera almost perfect (big sensor, interchangeable lens, good design) … but we talk about the price?
    what do you think?
    I think the Highest Price of Fuji X100.

    Because I Was Considering purchase of Fuji X10 and I would not find this camera at Few months at the Same Price! (or little more)

    • hexx

      It depends on the sensor. To me it looks like X100 with changeable lenses. So I hope the price for body only will be around £800, I believe if Fuji would sell that 23mm f/2 lens as a standalone product it would probably cost £200-£250. But we will see.

      If it’s APS-C they will be competing with NEX, so price range should be similar.

      • Photozopia

        Think you are being optimistic here – I’d expect ALL Fuji lens pricing to be in the £500+ range – if their intention is to make a premium camera system.

        Gonna compete with Nex + Zeiss, Leica, Voigtlander, sector – not likely to be cheap or bargain items.

        I expect the benchmark to be: body price = current X100: with lenses geared to those of ‘competing’ makers – expect £500-800 for any premium glass.

        The outgoing(?) X100, will, by the end of 2012, probably look like a great bargain for a body + f2 35mm eqv. lens. Unlike some respondents here, I’d suggest a ‘buy’ on the X100 …. before it becomes an instant classic and used prices soar way past it’s previously MRRP.

        Remember how (relatively) cheap a Leica M3 used to be when they were only old, not collectible ….. I’m holding on to my X100!!!

  • olivier

    18mm lens means : NO FULL FRAME

    • WT21

      Sadly, +1

  • Ojojo

    One of the lenses is rumored to be an 18mm f2 pancake – and some were still posting here expecting a FF camera? Get real!! Fuji will certainly be using real lens designs, not fantasy ones. I hope FF nonsense is truly dead now and we can continue to look forward to a real classic……

    • jojoj

      Yeah you do know your stuff, don’t you. However, real photographers do need proper sensors and no cropped rubbish, or they will look elsewhere. Fuji is – sadly given its past glories – only a toy brand by now.

      • Cropped rubbish for what? If a lens is designed for APSC then it’s not cropped out of anything you fool. Crop only matters when you’re using a system that has its roots in film, that was why it was so important for Canikon to go full frame, and Leica. Fuji doesn’t have that baggage and now the APSC sensors are as good as the current gen of full frame ones they can make a little sensor sing

        Also here’s a little history, the comments people are lobbing at APSC are the same ones people used against 35mm film. Get over it, or buy an M9, which is IMHO much more a toy than the X100.

        Just the opinion of a real photographer here…

        • jojoj

          You may be a real photographer but you ignore the ABC. You are not really good at anything at all, are you?

        • jojoj

          He he, just checked your “portfolio”… Don’t quit your everyday job mate.

      • Cropped rubbish? Why do you use 35mm sensors then? Shouldn’t you be shooting 8×10 large format? There is always a bigger fish. You just have to decide that is large enough for you. I personally can’t imagine needing anything more than modern APS-C sensors. That format offers plenty of DOF control, and the noise control and dynamic range on these latest sensors is outstanding. My NEX-5n is borderline amazing. I’d put that sensor up against a Nikon D700 without worry.

        The bottom line is any competent photographer should be able to get near identical shots using either APS-C or 35mm. If you can’t then you’re doing something wrong.

        • You don’t get even near the look of a 50 1.4/85 1.4 shot wide open on full frame with an apsc-sensor, let alone using lenses like the 35/24 1.4. Whoever wants really shallow depth of field, full frame is the only reasonable choice.

          • WT21

            Not just shallow DOF. It just gives more pop. Tonal gradients are smoother. Transition to OOF areas are smoother. Nothing beats FF.

          • Which full frame are we talking about here? Medium Format 6×7 ? If so, then we are in agreement. It’s very hard to beat the DOF control that format gives you. However if you’re talking about 35mm full frame then it is just one more incremental small step up the ladder. It is by no means a perfect size. Plus, some actually think having more DOF at wide apertures is a positive, not a negative.

            The bottom line is I’m fine with whatever format they choose; whether it’s APS-C, APS-H, or 35mm it doesn’t matter. None will make me any better or any worse of a photographer. All formats have their strengths and weaknesses. It’s up to us as photographers to work around them.

          • ff

            Very true, aps-c does not even get close to 135. It is not an incremental improvement and I am amazed at how many people ignore this – and even heat up when touched there, which is funny.
            Sure even bigger would be nicer but alas… I don’t like schlepping a tripod all the times. I wonder how many teenagers here will understand the parallel “bigger than 135 = tripod required”. Let’s see.

  • Danny

    I think it’s almost a certainty that the sensor of this Fuji is a crop sensor and from the lens that leaked. 18mm is quite odd for full frame but if you choose 1.3x crop it will be around 24mm, and the 35 will be around 46. A fast ultrawide and a fast normal at launch! Woah, that’s really a launch in my opinion!

    So from this, I guess this ILC will base on a 1.3x crop sensor.

    • That would be fairly wonderful if so, but I’m not going to hold my breath 🙂

  • Arthur

    If it’ll get a F-mount, Fuji will be my favorite brand!

    (depending on the D800/D4 though)

    • Flop94

      The F-Mount (as all reflex mounts) is not for mirrorless, the body would be too big (see the nikon adapter).

      The only mount possible are M, NEX, µ4/3. I think Fuji will have their own mount, perhaps some compatibility with M-lense (more than NEX or µ4/3, but not only M-Mount).

      • WT21

        Mounts for modern lenses don’t matter — no aperture control, and how do you do focus by wire?

        NEX lenses stink anyway, so why would Fuji care? M43 lenses are good, but the image circle is an issue.

        My guess is a new Fuji mount, but capable of easy m-mount adapting. That’s OK by me.

  • Herman Hermit
  • Anonymous

    It’s a real shame the 35/1.4 will not be a pancake lens.

    Does anyone know if these lenses will have leaf shutters for silent operation like the x100? I read somewhere that the leaf shutter is inside the lens? Is that correct?

    • Flop94

      I’m afraid that 35mm + f:1/1.4 + pancake + not too expensive (it will be the standard lense for the camera) + exceptionnal results is not possible. You need to remove at least one of them and for a standard lense, the pancake condition is the most interesting and easier one to remove.

  • hexx

    I hope it will have a proper manual focusing, not that focus by wire like X100 does. I use my X100 in M mode but it means really nothing, since I pre-focus (read focus 😀 ) with AF button and then I use only depth of field preview to keep my subjects within it.

    but proper manual focus would be really really really nice – that’s the only thing i don’t like about my X100

  • AM*shoots*SF

    For crying out loud, why are they naming it LX10?? With the uber strong brand they already built with the X100, you’d think naming it LX100 makes more sense!

    Fuji Japan, are you listening?

    • the LX10 name is just a rumor for now

  • Ed Leskin

    If this camera is “Nex Compatible” that means it will take Leica M lenses with the same adapters people are now using for the Nex cameras to mount their Leica M lenses. If this is true, Fuji is aiming at a very broad market and it makes great economic sense. I am very excited as a Leica M lens user !

    • WT21

      None of the rumors I’ve seen have said “NEX compatible” and why would you want that???? NEX lenses are junk (unless you want to use the Fuji lenses on NEX for some reason).

      Won’t be “NEX compatible”

      • Anonymous

        Oh man, imagine mounting a Fuji 18/2 or 35/1.4 on a NEX-7. *droool*

  • If it’s FF I’m dumping Nikon and switching. I miss small-form factor FF like the FM/FE, but film has just become too expensive in this day and age…

  • Mandrake

    Can this actually be a rangefinder? That would be awesome.

    • WT21

      I can’t imagine that. And, as much as I love playing with my Canonet, I actually would like a non-RF mirrorless first.

    • Flop94

      A rangefinder would be to hard and expensive to develop, and reserved to a little part of photographers. An hybrid viewfinder, as the X100 would be fantastic if it works precisely.

  • I Should Be Shooting

    Any guesses at body price?

    • WT21

      Rumors are $1,400. But then again the X100 rumored price was just under $1000, and it’s now at $1,100.

      So, if Fuji is listening — I hate this camera, and there is no market for it. I am not excited at all about this camera, and it’s junk. You should certainly price it at the $750 level, just to see if you can get any suckers to buy it! (/sarcasm)

      • I saw that 1400 number but was not sure if it is in $ or EUR.

      • Photozopia

        I totally agree WT21 – absolutely no market at all that I can think of.

        Can’t understand what Fuji are doing releasing it …. after all that money I spent on my X100 I can’t really see me wanting to pay too much for another one.

        Here’s the deal Fuji – price it really, really, LOW and perhaps we like minded individuals might just – possibly – buy a few very low-priced items (to stop you going out of business!)

        (Do you think they’ll believe us? Hee Hee!)

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