Red Scarlet takes 12 seconds to startup

The RED Scarlet camera takes 12 seconds to startup (using beta build 2.0.2):

Via Tonaci

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  • Tony

    What is an average startup time for other camera?

    • Lio

      30 mili seconds !!!

      • Harold Ellis

        nobody cares. camera is turned on on beginning of shooting day and switched of when it all ends, usually by hard removing accus.
        if it is only problem users encounter, then all power to them

      • no dslr take only 30 mili

        other high end camcorders take a wile to turn on like the new canon c300 takes 4 sec to turn on and red has already stated that sleep mode will be in the final build and the boot time has already dropped to 7.5 sec (with the latest firmware) for the boot on time.

        • Lio

          From D3s tech:
          “Quick response with approx. 0.12 seconds start-up time and approx. 0.04 seconds shutter-release time lag”
          well 100 times less than RED

          • sry I meant –

            no, only DSLRs take 30 mili.

            *only was in the wrong place

  • KS

    This is interesting… how exactly?

  • JG10

    I doubt too many filmmakers, the people this camera is targeted at, care.

    • regular

      yep, looks like some blog trolling from Canon’s PR Dept.

      • The supposed source of this info,, makes money by renting cine equipment and the only cameras they rent out are Red cameras.

        So, at the end of the day, you’re the only one who’s trolling.

        • Gregor Erdmann


          …oh crap… wait guys.. sorry the camera is starting up..

          …oh this is so embarrassing..

          .. any moment now…

 …no.. wait… don’t leave… no, please, don’t go to your trailer…

          … honest, it will be ready any second now…

          … argh….

          CUT! * sigh*…

          Can someone get Brad back please… “

  • Ben

    That is about 1 second per $1k? ;}

    I mean if you are shooting movies, who cares. It is NOT a DSLR….

  • Ken Elliott

    No big deal. Here’s why:

    The firmware is beta. That means it is work in progress, and will usually have a lot of extra code for trouble shooting, giving access to system variables, and such. Once they are happy with it, they would remove the extra debugging code to shrink the package and speed it up. That 12 second boot does seem long, but I bet they take care of that before the product ships.

    Besides, since this is not an ENG camcorder, I’ll bet startup time is a pretty minor issue.

  • fants

    As has been said, I really don’t think anyone buying this camera is going to give a damn how long it takes to start up. 60 seconds might be a problem, but 12? Eh.

  • WT21

    That does it. I am NOT going to get the Red camera because of this. It’s not because I don’t have a use for it, or that it costs more than my car. It’s the 12 second boot up time that’s made me walk away!

    • Harold Ellis

      you obviously do not drive a range rover

      • Ben

        My cards startup time is better… there it may really count!

        • Ben

          car’s not cards….

          • sadsdad

            rangerover costs more then RED lol

  • Camaman

    It takes this long cause super secret little red dwarfs need to wake up first and fiddle the camera on! Duh…!

    • Also they need time to warm up their voices before they start to sing and dance inside… which is what makes the camera work.

  • Jingle Bells in November? Oh how depressing…………sorry what was the question?

  • Stepper

    Red, still funny guys…
    This deserves ragging on since Red likes to talk sh!t. And we all know that sh!t talkers
    need to be shown where they really stand.

    • Warpig

      Then you must really know where to stand for you to be shown.

  • DigiFilm


  • Pointshooter

    I always start the day with a cup of coffee so those 12sec’s won’t be the end of the world. 😉

  • Bob

    Too long, switching to Canon!

  • Pikemann Urge

    Run for the hills, everyone. 🙂

    Overall it isn’t such a bad thing, even though we all would prefer <1 second, preferably much less. We all wish our desktop computers would boot up more quickly, too.

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