Another Fuji LX10 mockup

This is just another mockup of the Fuji LX10 mirrorless interchangeable lens camera based on the previously leaked pictures.

Source: jonkerburger

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  • I hope it looks just like that!!! I’ll take 2 please:)

  • Ben Y

    I don’t think it will have this grip. It was probably a half case that was there in the leaked images.

  • fants

    OK this one’s kinda purty. Just the right mix of modern and retro (though I can’t say I love the grip). If the actual camera winds up looking similar to this, it’ll be a beautiful machine. I am kind of a sucker for the silver-finish top plate, though.

  • WT21


  • ronald

    No flash???
    I want a flash like X10

  • If this were FF and priced between 1700-2000 I’d take one, or two!

  • peter

    they need to get rid of the flash on the front, its so ugly. I wished Fuji get it hidden or a pop up like the GF1

    • WT21

      That’s not a flash. Too small.

      • Shkacas

        …AF Assistant Light…?

        • Glen Barrington

          I heard this body would be optimized for search and rescue teams. That is actually a miniature articulated searchlight that can provide a 180 degree sweep in cramped locations. Or, it’s some sort of light for video.

  • Looks beautiful.

  • Splen Duigan

    Looks great, will purchase, I for one like the grip

  • _core

    if u dont like the “af assistlight” put a reddot sticker on it 😉

    • Drew Keenan

      Hopefully its not a red dot or you can add $3000 .

  • ras

    snip, snip, snip. would chop off the grip if i had the time.

  • inteliboy

    Not a fan of the grip. Will be interesting to see if ends up having one or not. That said, this camera is what many of us have been waiting for. Hopefully it doesn’t take long for a bunch of mount adaptors to hit the market.

  • Camaman

    Silver in a leather half case is my win combo.
    Anout the grip… We’ll see.

  • Glen Barrington

    This appears to be very close to my ideal camera. I rarely use long lenses and NEVER use the really long lenses where a design like this might be less than optimal. But for a person who mostly shoots with a medium to wide-angled lens, this form factor seems ideal.

    I don’t have an opinion on the grip. It’s attractive, a visually interesting design element, but I’d want to hold the body before I made a decision on its usability.

  • hiplnsdrftr

    Fuji has designed the EP3 with a built in VF and a slightly less ugly grip…

  • JG10

    don’t like the grip

  • Colhd

    Looks purposeful yet attractive. Somehow Leica-like (more modern yet still well proportioned when compared to X100) but not too angular. In fact better than Leica from an appearance perspective as it is not too obviously geometrical. The downward – sloping section seen here on the right side of the top-plate makes it work beautifully. Should the production version be anything like this mock up then I would be placing an order, just as long as they sell it with a lens somewhere in the 24-40mm (35mm equivalent) bracket as a starter kit.

  • Rob

    Hate the grip, the x100 has a little bump on that side too and doesnt have such an obvious grip. Please fuji dont do this.

  • c.d.embrey

    LOVE the grip. HATE the faux rangefinder. Please give us an EVF like the Sony NEX 7.

    • inteliboy

      huh? It does have an EVF. and also an OVF with digital overlay.

  • dOUg

    Overall, I am not impressed. (I am with the Photoshop job, just not the camera)

    And look how far over the VF is, talk about parallax.

    The top plate looks too boring forward facing, yet there looks like too many thingies on the leatherette.

    Is the top round light, an AF assist or a flash? If the former, then what is that thing below the VF?

    • oJOJO

      “And look how far over the VF is, talk about parallax.”

      Just one of the disadvantages of the rangefinder/OVF design. Move it closer and you increase the problem of lenses blocking the view. EVF gets over this problem, also rangefinder base limitations on focal length.

      • Glen Barrington

        I think the parallax issue is over emphasized in this type of camera. OVFs are really useful for normal to wide-angled lenses shot at a comfortable distance from the subject such as street and documentary work, where parallax isn’t much of an issue. It is less useful for telephoto lenses and close-ups. A non SLR OVF type camera may not be the camera for a person who wants a ‘do anything’ system camera.

        That being said, the beauty of digital, is the viewscreen and hybrid EVF that Fuji has proven is possible allows such a camera to be used occasionally for such purposes with reasonable accuracy at the possible cost of speed of operation. For many photographers, this is a reasonable compromise. for other photographers, it is not a reasonable compromise and they should probably not consider such a camera.

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