Zeiss has no plans for a digital rangefinder camera

We have not heard any updates on the rumored digital rangefinder from Zeiss in a while. Recently Zeissrumors published this email where a company representative clearly states that there are no plans for a new camera in the near future:

"Thank you for your inquiry to Carl Zeiss.
As a specialist for high performance lenses, we will continue to concentrate to develop, manufacture and distribute high-end lenses as perfect tools for many cameras in still photography and professional cinematography, like we do now for more than 120 years.
We never built any camera body, and we do not plan to do this within the next future.
But we plan to expand our current portfolio of lenses for further cameras systems in future."

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  • what a shame. everyone would’ve loved it.

  • fants

    No big loss…I’m sure it would have been a great camera, but I can’t see it costing all that much less than an M9. The world doesn’t need TWO ultra-luxury digital rangefinders.

  • Mark

    I wish they would make a Digital version It would give Leica a run for the money Maybe then Leica would focus on making cameras than special overpriced edition after another
    I myself would buy the Zeiss I think anything Leica touches is overpriced Its a status symbol for rich people Ie Gucci or LV

  • Casper

    Well… As I see it, it doesn’t say the camera won’t be coming; just that Zeiss itself won’t be building it (quote: “We never built any camera body, and we do not plan to do this within the next future.”). So this doesn’t seem to tell us anything. And yes, if coming it could be a stunning camera – with the right sensor.

    Read more on PhotoRumors.com: https://photorumors.com/2011/11/29/zeiss-has-no-plans-for-a-digital-rangefinder-camera/#ixzz1f9nsdy2D

  • It’s a pity. On the other hand, if they don’t feel they’re experienced in cam building, why try to enter in oversaturated market? Keep in mind also that Zeiss is not pretty profitable company. They spend all their money in science and new products.

    One part of me is begging for digital rangefinder cheaper than Leica-boutique BS.
    Other part of me is glad that Zeiss didn’t change the way they do. Judging by samples of new Distagon 25 mm f/2, they can make true masterpieces.

  • I really would have bought the M9 if it had had a Sony CMOS in it… But as it does’nt and is WAAAAY overpriced for the image quality it delivers.. So I just keep going.. trying to get out of bed in the morning and shooting with my boring LOUD dslr’s… Im so tired of my equipment that Im seriously thinking about quiting photography.. No camera feels good or natural in my hands.. The camera that have felt the best was the X100 when I tried it out for a while.. BUT, I dont need a camera that has a close focus distance of 0.8m! I dont have the time to go inte macro mode when shooting street..
    I just want a simple camera, with dials, with a nice Cmos-sensor from sony and a close focus distance of at least 0.6m. FAST autofocus and/or manual rangefinder. Oh yea, I forgot, it has to be small too.. Im so tired..

    • No camera feels good or natural in my hands.

      There are plenty of people like you who create problems for themselves so they don’t need to go and do something. Your real problem is just the lack of inspiration.

  • Matt

    The Zeiss Ikon rangefinder isn’t made by Carl Zeiss! Carl Zeiss is a LENS manufacturer. Of course they have nothing to do with this at all.

    • Mark

      The camera is made by Cosina in Japan Zeiss helped design the camera body

  • E

    We never built any camera body, and we do not plan to do this within the next future.

    Read more on PhotoRumors.com: https://photorumors.com/2011/11/29/zeiss-has-no-plans-for-a-digital-rangefinder-camera/#ixzz0YNAJkeIB

    OMG my old Ikonta is not Zeiss 🙁

    • E

      sorry… the link was a mistake bonus!

  • sehmuzb

    Cosina manufactures almost all Zeiss photography products including lenses. It is the same company that produces Voigtländer lenses and Bessa cameras. Until Cosina figures out how to get into digital camera market, Zeiss will not get out of their way to build their own.

    • Mark

      They know how, they made the RD-1 for Epson. They’re just not going down that road again. Film is where it’s at right now for every RF’r who can’t afford Leica. I strongly advise those who want digital and the RF experience to stick with Fuji.

  • at what price somewhere near a leica i would have to sell everything to buy a body and then a lens or two for that i would have to stand on a street corner

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