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Zeiss has no plans for a digital rangefinder camera

We have not heard any updates on the rumored digital rangefinder from Zeiss in a while. Recently Zeissrumors published this email where a company representative clearly states that there are no plans for a new camera in the near future: “Thank you for your inquiry to Carl Zeiss. As a specialist for high performance lenses, we will continue […]

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Rumor: Full frame Zeiss Ikon digital rangefinder in development

“Our source claims that Zeiss is working on a digital rangefinder with a Sony sensor, he goes further saying that unlike all the current dRFs the Zeiss dRF will use a CMOS sensor”. (source: ZR) This is what Zeiss had to say on this topic few years ago (September, 2006): Q: There are rumors that Zeiss […]

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