The new Ricoh 16MP 24-85mm GXR unit will have f/3.5-5.5 aperture

According to Christian Sorega, who initially broke the news about the New Ricoh 16MP 24-85mm GXR unit, the aperture of the new lens will be f/3.5-5.5:

"As you can see in the above image it will feature a Sony 16 MP sensor and have a 24-85mm zoom with a f3.5-5.5 aperture and the lens will not be GR labelled. Further it should be relatively big as it will not collapse like the Olympus m4/3 kit zooms for example."

This product was also delayed as a result of the flooding in Thailand. The official announcement is expected to be on January 5th, sells should start on January 20th, 2012. The new unit will be on displayed during the PMA show in Las Vegas (January 10-13, 2012).

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  • Not impressed with the specs. Maybe the IQ will be stellar and make up for it. Maybe.

    • Harold Ellis

      sure it will be absolute awesome!!! it will totally almost blow out all DSLRs with kit lenses for only twice the price.

      • LOL. You know how much of a Ricoh fan I am and I know how bang on right you are.

  • Nathan


  • MJr

    “as you can see in the image above” there was no aperture mentioned before, Mr Sorega.

    I wonder what a lack of GR label means tho ?

    • SMC Pentax! 🙂

    • He was able to play with the the new unit in a Ricoh sponsored meeting before the announcement.

    • Mistral75

      The camera units / lensors labelled “GR lenses” are supposed to be “crème de la crème” whereas those labelled “Ricoh lenses” are more standard.

  • Basically, it’s a bog standard 18-55mm kit lens. Meh!

    • spam

      Except that it’s 24 to 85 equivalent, i.e quite a bit wider.

      • OK, it’s a 16-57mm kit lens. I am not that impressed by 2 extra mm at the wide end when it’s still a kit zoom. Maybe a 14-60mm the same size or smaller than a DSLR 18-55mm would have impressed me a little bit, but not this. Still, I suppose they have to include one of these in their lineup.

        • Consider its rivals which all stop at 28mm-e. 16 is great. I think if they’d upspec’ed it just a little more, like 16-65/3.5-4.5 it would have stood out more vs. the ubiquitous 18-55/3.5-5.6 but possibly that just couldn’t be done without making it too large. I don’t think anyone really wants 67mm front elements etc. for bodies this compact — it is likely that such a lens would require this on an APS-C DSLR, maybe the shorter register distance might help a little for a GXR lensor.

          I do think there’s a real gap in the CSC market for step-up standard zooms though. They’re all roughly 28-80/3.5-5.6 (or for Samsung’s compact version, 30-75). Nothing longer, wider, or faster. The only ‘step-ups’ are the generally very pricey video-friendly superzooms but these generally don’t offer any improvements in terms of quality or speed.

  • A

    ^ translation for “bog standard”: boring kit zoom. Meh meh;)

    • there is a VERY BIG difference between a 24mm and a 28mm standard lens . zooms starting at a 24mm FOV are more difficult to design
      I think one is going to see what is the size of the zoom when not in use
      also see if that unit is going to be stabilized ( I doubt it but you never know)


  • kumero

    failure … waiting for GR lens, A16 F1.8-F2

  • Scotch

    what’s the USP of the module?

  • ras

    lame. where’s that 35mm equiv. f/2? or that gxr body with built in evf? ricoh’s got sony on their behind.

  • Cripoh

    Whats up with that? Everyone was waiting for a f2.8 aps-c zoom and now we get slow toad like that? What are you smoking Ricoh? Where´s the selling point?

    Sure, the GXR and that “kit zoom module” are a little more compact than a DSLR but you give up on an optical finder, pay dearly for an EVF that is, well, mediocre, and probably a huge lot of cash for the camera module alone.

    Who the fuck is going to buy that? And what for? The five or six die hard Ricoh Fans at dpreview? I am sorry.

    Ricoh has started this system with lots of excitement but the more modules we see the more boring it gets. Finally, here is the kit zoom. Awesome! :/

  • My guess would be that Ricoh decided to go with a smaller aperture to keep lens dimensions down. f2.8 zoom would have been massively big with a APS-C sized sensor.

    I had a priviledge to check out Zeiss 15mm lens last weekend, and the sheer size of the lens upset my acquisition plans. So size does matter.

    However, so far I don’t see anything interesting in the design of a new zoom. Ricoh might remove aliasing filter to improve sharpness, that might save their face. Otherwise I would advise to focus their efforts on the next M module – anything above ISO 800 is pretty noisy using current 12 megapixel unit. Give me less noise and improved dynamic range with 12 mpx sensor, and I will be happy. Megapixel race? Please, that’s so last decade. 😉

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