Rumors of a full frame Pentax DSLR and a new APS-C mirrorless camera suface again

According to this dpreview forum member, Pentax will release a full frame DSLR and a new APS-C mirrorless cameras in 2012. The full-frame DSLR model is expected to use a 24MP sensor from Sony.

Few months ago Pentax representatives dismissed any future plans for a full frame DSLR since their medium format 645D camera ($9,995.95) can satisfy the need of photographers for better picture quality. Pentax did not completely eliminate the possibility of a full frame DSLR camera and could reconsider if there is a market for such product.

Rumors about a second mirrorless camera from Pentax have been circulating for several months now. Maybe the recent acquisition of Pentax by Ricoh changed their future plans and product roadmap.

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  • random guy

    to little to late as far as im concerned.

  • Guido

    Pentax is too small to survive long-term in the DSLR market. Quantities are too low. And now their first shot on the mirrorless market (named Q-System) was a financial disaster.

    Hoya tried to restructure Pentax, but was not successful. Ricoh is smaller then Hoya and has much bigger problems. Samsung or maybe Panasonic would have the ressources to turn Pentax into a success story, but not Ricoh.

    • Vlad

      It isn’t always about quantities. And I would definitely be interested in where you get your information about Pentax Q being a financial disaster or Ricoh being smaller than Hoya?

    • Miserabile

      I’m not sure about the others sentences, but Ricoh is MUCH bigger than Hoya.

    • JohnBee

      I’ve read numerous statements like these over the years, though I think the label has proven itself when we consider the release of the 1DS up until the K-5 which remains as the DSLR to beat in the APS-C class solutions.

      Having said that, if Ricoh/Pentax actually realize a FF mirorless solution, we may just see them maintain that top spot for another product generation.

  • If they make an FF body, it has be different compared to the other FF cameras on the market. And I can only see one way – make a small FF camera. A digital Pentax MX -D. Wow, it would even outsell or at least compete in sales with the upcoming D800 and 5DMk3.
    That could be the Pentax “rebirth”.. But I guess, its as usual with camera companies (except for Sony) – they just dont want to make money.

    • David


  • Alex

    Such an ill-informed post…
    1. Yes, Pentax is small – Ricoh acknowledges this and will do their best to grow them.
    2. Do you have any data which can prove your claim that “their first shot on the mirrorless market (named Q-System) was a financial disaster”? Please don’t make up things.
    3. Hoya was successful in their task, i.e. cost cutting and caring about product margins. Ricoh’s task is, as I’ve said, to grow Pentax instead of downsizing it.
    4. Ricoh is much larger than Hoya, and is directly interested in the Imaging Systems Business.
    5. Samsung and Panasonic wouldn’t ever try to ‘turn Pentax into a success story’ – i.e. directly competing with themselves, with their own systems.

  • Warpig

    Hoya just wanted and cared Pentax medical division, the imaging division just “came” with the brand, back in 2008. However, they managed to deliver the best in class K-5. Now, imagine what Ricoh could deliver if they are interested solely in the imaging div.
    Sounds great!

    Also, Guido is just a troll.

  • peterpan

    I still want to consider in their own high-end Pentax mirrorless, use the Foveon X3 CMOS.

  • darly

    interesting facts guido,now can you back them up. firstly where did you get your info from.

  • i would have to agree a little too late hope they get some buyers pentax had good stuff when i sold camera equipment in the late 1970’s to early 80’s

  • google shmoo

    if pentax had the desire and (more importantly) the ability to develop a FF mirrorless system (with a goodly offering of lenses), they’d be making a great many of us enthusiasts happy.

    a FF NEX-7-styled body with pentax’s lovely prime technology, anyone?

  • Sammy

    If Pentax releases full-frame body I will immediately buy it and switch back from Nikon. Lack of full-frame body in the past pushed me to buy Nikon for my work. Before I was very satisfied with Pentax gear and their colors 🙂

  • Peter

    I would love to have a Pentax FF camera!

  • BobE

    Ricoh is indeed larger than Hoya and purchased Pentax for the Photographic Division. Hoya has retained the medical instrument side of the business. Ricoh has identified growing the digital camera business significantly with a focus on the SLR side of things.

    Presently the company is keeping its powder dry and we are not experiencing the usual information leaks like we have been accustomed to over the past few years. This very possibly means that since Ricoh has taken over the business (October 2011) they are very serious and are concentrating on the development of new products.

    Rumours around full frame are just that at this time, however the source of the latest rumour has a proven track record and this person does indeed have a number of well placed contacts within the Pentax Division.


    They should make FF mirrorless with Phasedetection on imaging chip

    • lensfreak

      and with fast pancake primes of course 🙂

  • Thinkinginpictures

    Pentax…no one questions your ability to make this awesome- NO ONE. You have proven kick asss in APSC land. You’re getting to the party about a decade late though. DSLR is dead man…it’s dead. As in, dead bodies everywhere. Don’t do it. Heed the warning….make it mirrorless and OWN the market. OWN IT.

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