How to destroy a Sony NEX FS-100 camera in 53 seconds

If you are planning to attach your camera to a R/C helicopter, make sure you have somebody who can navigate it, otherwise you may end up only with the memory card:

"I was looking to hire an R/C Helicopter pilot for something I was shooting when I found this guy. He seemed legitimate - but I was a little concerned about letting him fly my Red Epic Camera - so instead He went and got a Sony FS-100 from Abel Cine in Burbank, CA. What you see here is the results of allowing this newbie pilot to fly an FS-100 on his supposedly $20,000 OktoCopter. The Insurance Company has the remains for now. Who knows what will happen. We recovered the SD card from the camera and that is what you see here. This was shot with the 18-200mm @18mm."

FYI: the Sony NEX FS100 super 35mm camcorder body costs $4,999!

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  • The Fantastic G

    I can destroy it in 3 seconds with a $15 2 lb. hammer. I guess the r/c helicopter makes it special.

    • 103David

      Note to self…Neither we nor expensive small metallic objects fly well on our own. Learn to fly the damn thing before straping expensive small metallic object or self to unstable flying object. (Will also be helpful to stay within range of low-powered remote control device.)

  • Victor Ferreira

    This is where a Go Pro Hero would have saved the day.

    • Harold Ellis

      you mean turned any pro shoot into boring lowres lowfi youtube-grade video?

      • MJr

        This was pro ?

        • Harold Ellis

          well it was a testshoot from what i understand. but do you really believe somebody would pull out omnicopter and thought about using RED for dog flyby pics at backyard?

          • Global

            This was gae. The go pro would have been much better. You can affix it to a $50 helicopter from Toysrus and have a much better result.

          • Harold Ellis

            please check in your brain on nearest recycling station

  • Ken Elliott

    >> “…but I was a little concerned about letting him fly my Red Epic Camera – so instead He went and got a Sony FS-100 from…”

    Ah, wise move to save your Red Epic and let him rent a Sony FS-100. Your Red is still alive and I’m guessing the “pilot” gets to deal with the rental company/insurance company.

  • Kenji S

    it sounded like the heli was straining under the weight…The crash didnt look all THAT horrible though…i was expecting something like the thing going upside down, plummeting to the ground and bursting into flames…instead it looked like a medium-speed crash into some grass….unless it was more violent than was recorded

    • Richard

      Agreed. I doubt anyone looked into the payload capability of the little machine.

  • terrencechin

    The impact didn’t look that bad. Where are the pics of the destroyed helicopter and camera?

    • WT21


  • Bonetti

    I think this is fake, the camera won’t damage for this small crash

  • Benjo

    I’ve had plenty of crashes, although usually with dummy weights instead of cameras. I had an E-P1 on a hexacopter fall 200′ after having a lipo connector vibrate free, and the camera somehow survived with only some dirt in the lens. Flew my first tricopter into a tree with a canon P&S, also without damage (to the camera…) Surely there were a few runs sans camera first, but honestly any small failure or misadjustment can cause a loss of control.

    Technology is improving and becoming more affordable quickly; if anyone has interest it’s worth a little research. Just remember to be safe.

  • ptc

    1. it is not a helicopter, it is a octocopter and the crash look like flight to the terrain – in fact it was going too fast and pilot cannot stop it and hit a hill in level flight
    2. there was no damage to that camera, it is mointed inside metal frame )it is a octocopter – camera is in the middle between motors)

    If anything was damaged, it was the plane, not the camera (at least some of rotor blades)

  • say_fuji

    should have been the RED, then that will really be “epic”…
    on the lighter note, now we’ve seen “how to lose/ destory” series featuring a C, a N, a S… where is the Pana, Oly and Pentax? oh wait, Pentax is busying fixing their sensor smear spot problem and Olymics are playing musical chair…

  • Stu McConaghy

    Hasn’t this “How to destroy a camera” crap jumped the shark already? It was funny the first time around, but the novelty has seriously worn off.

  • Camaman

    Is it me or does that video look like shit?
    Look at that panning jitter on the trees. Looks like it was filmed with 10fps camera, not $5000 one.

    Is it supposed to be like that?

  • Afong

    How to destroy 1 person’s social life in 1 second :

  • Jean-Luc

    well, it’s pretty obvious your “pro” pilot was in fact very much a noob and crashed the octo himself as the result of not being able to fly facing himself (he inverted the controls).
    That’s pretty lame if you want my opinion.

    • fred

      Yeah, it’s pretty lame if he wants your opinion!

    • andy

      Why do people assume that the crash was caused by the pilot’s incompetence? If you had any experience at all with RC helis, you’d know that any minor malfunction could cause it to pitch over to the side and fly into the ground like that regardless of the pilot’s skill. Could be a failure with one of the 8 motors or perhaps the weight of the camera shifted slightly, throwing the whole thing off balance.

      Anyone who posts “I could do better” type comments is clearly full of shit.

    • Sstanton

      Pro Traditional RC Helli guys have crashed these. Multirotor is very nascent still. I believe he did crash because of loss of orientation due to a mode called Carefree being activated or deactivated. Around 28 seconds you here a beep. That indicates the pilot changed one of the flight modes. If he was unaware of the change than his controls would have been reversed on what he was expecting.

  • J Shin

    +1 for style, I’d say.

  • Warpig

    When do this become a rumor?

  • The camera broke from that? It really doesn’t seem like that big of a shock. I mean a durable $5000 camera strapped to a copter falling onto the *grass* from 10-foot slowish fall? Bad idea on the pilot’s side yeah, but I just hope all Sony cameras aren’t that fragile…

  • Sstanton

    From the sounds of the motors and the shadow. This most likely was a Freefly Cinestar 8 Octocopter flying a 2 axis gimbal predecessor, to the Freefly MOVI brushless gimbal. I am guessing that this crash was due to the pilot switching on or off a mode called Carefree. Carefree is a common mode that is used for single pilot and camera ops. It normalizes the front of the aircraft to where the front is at takeoff. In this mode the pilots controls will always be normalized to the compass direction at takeoff no matter where the front boom is pointing. If he had it on at takeoff and inadvertently shut that mode off then he would have expected the copter to come towards him when pitching back. The exact opposite is true if he had it off and turned it on in flight. If unaware that mode was on he would have pitched forward to bring it back, but the copter would have pitched backwards.

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