Ubertronix Strike Finder lets you take pictures of lightnings, popping balloons and even speeding bullets

Ubertronix Strike Finder Elite

Ubertronix Strike Finder Elite

Ubertronix is a new company that manufactures devices that can take in sound, motion, lightning or laser as inputs to trigger a camera. They have developed the technology using sophisticated sensors to send a signal to the camera to take a picture at just the right moment. The device mounts onto the hot shoe and attaches to the camera via the remote switch port. When it senses lightning, it signals the camera to take a picture. Most camera shutter speeds last between 45-60ms, and the average lightning strike lasts about 100ms. You can set the camera on a tripod, walk away, and let the device do all the work, returning later only to find several lightning images on your camera. The company has added also other features to their devices that can trigger the camera based on sound, motion, laser or time lapse which will allow to take photographs of popping balloons or even a speeding bullet.

The Strike Finder is compatible with Canon, Nikon, Sony, Olympus and Pentax DSLR camera. Here are some examples:

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  • Peter

    that is too cool.

    • bp

      yes, too cool.

      switching to canon..

      • Giorgio


      • Lomcevak

        Try to find one that focuses properly.

      • Twaddler Belafonte

        I’d love to be able to mount a cannon to my Nikon. Hotshoe Artillery Accessory, ahoy!

  • Seshan

    Kinda expensive, $110 for just a light sensor trigger? There are other options out there that can do more for less.

  • Matt

    Sophisticated my ass, technique like this is dirt-cheap and easy to make yourself. :’)

  • Rusty Cardores

    It’s a shame it looks like it’s made from left over 1970’s car parts. 🙁

    • bp

      yes, especially that retro-looking switch. ridiculous.

      is this a prototype?

  • peter

    Al Qaeda can make a bomb better looking then that device.

  • bob

    bitch bitch bitch! The readers of this site are the crabbiest people alive. “Al Qaeda can make a bomb better looking then(sic) that device.” Cripes! Take your Midol!

    • Rusty Cardores

      So you answer a bitch with a bitch?

      • bp

        bitch please.

        • Not Surprised

          First World Problems

          “Technology affordable by less than 1% of the world — not beautiful enough for owner.”

          • Not Surprised

            I like the switch — it reminds me of the switches the GhostBusters threw on, when lighting up their power pack lasers. Does it make a warming-up buzz as well?? =D

  • Onkobu

    Not so new and rather chunky. I use this little thingie instead, it’s photo diode can be triggered with any IR remote, laser pointer or lightning.


    • Nau

      Yeh but what about ppl who cant be bothered making one… love that project but I just dont have time to solder one for my self

  • Punchinko

    I love the Uberswitch.
    They should have put a LED-Illuminated one though.

  • Phei

    Smaller, cheaper and does more:

  • DigiFilm

    I love that someone is starting a new business and I hope they make it, but man this thing is clunky, ugly, and overpriced. I’ve been working on something like this in my spare time and didn’t know I could command that much money for something less complicated. I have added an lcd screen and a lot of functionality. Now I know I can dumb it down, make it ugly, and sell it for a premium.

    • Spooky

      Or you just sell it as beautiful as it is. So why don’t you…?

  • How has no one mentioned the triggertrap?
    About to be released and its an arduino kit, you get all this built in and you can hack it as much as you want. Quality build and it’s not limited to Canon or camera bodies, he demos in his video using sound from the balloon to trigger a flash.

    That is where the geek cool is.

  • The Fantastic G

    I’ve been using the AEO Lightning Strike II for sometime now. The PatchMaster is a P.O.S. but niether of them are tripped by sound or motion and cost more than the product listed in this post.

  • el PAN

    Honestly, you can have the same for almost free here:

    And even if you aren’t good at soldering, you can still ask MasterFX if he makes one for you for just some $ more 😉

  • bob

    exactly how is $40 in parts “almost free?”

  • Sure, now anybody can take self-portraits like this (http://www.uscoles.com/phoot/mattboltl.jpg) without having to build their own trigger. On the bright side, maybe someone will try it and get hit by lightning, that would be a really cool photo.

  • Robin

    I had made an exact same thing (mine was bare bones and no switch) a year ago for my school project, using a ARDUINO basic kit and a $1 IR sensor (to trigger my Nikon D90).

    The intro write-up looks very familiar to what I wrote in my project report, if this wasn’t UK based company I would suspect plagiarism.

  • Jason

    Check out the shipping rates they’re charging: $80 for UPS? I only saw that after I went to check-out my order. I cancelled the order after that–no way I’m supporting any company that tries to jack their profit in shipping. Charge what you think the product is worth, then add a sensible shipping cost. Their current model is just insulting to anyone who regularly orders online.

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