Recap of the Impress Japan interview with various camera manufacturers

A Xitek forum member translated he key points from the Impress Japan interviews with various camera manufacturers about their future plans - see previous post about Olympus, Pentax and Nikon (Google translation):


Olympus Imaging Marketing Division manager Ogawa Haruo topics: attention to the viewfinder of a single preparation of new micro-, E-5's successor is also made (see also this related article):

  • is doing with the new Olympus features a single micro-
  • lies in the form of the viewfinder
  • E-5's successor models are developed


Canon Imaging Rong Tian Ya manager: 2012 to launch micro-single, but also a powerful and portable digital SLR camera:

  • No anti-camera lens you really need to exchange
  • can be without the anti-camera SLR and compact cameras
  • The last year of high pixels to a high sensitivity


Sigma Corporation President: being developed M43 mount lenses, Foveon in the APS-C format:

  • DP series lineup will be expanded
  • SD series of future development in the APS-C format
  • will launch a micro-single-lens


Sony's Tian Hong: E research and discussion is a small lens mount, there will be a half-mirror camera (see a detailed translation here):

  • NEX with a small lens
  • Even if there is a million pixels is not surprising
  • to manufacturers of electronic shutter will eventually be commercialized


Nikon Imaging Marketing manager: D700's successor as the solution for high-pixel high-strength, D3 successor machine for high-speed sense:

  • D3, D700's successor
  • optimized for "high sense of high-power high-speed as the solution."
  • optimize the use of a portable camera


Fujifilm electronic image business Higuchi Minister Wu Subject: new single will use micro APS-C sensor, the power level will be exceeded as the solution of the whole site:

  • the same with the X100 and X10, will take the high road to showdown
  • AF speed is quite fast, and future plans are low-end models
  • the level of force as the solution will exceed the full-size


Pentax Ricoh Imaging Technology: study of 645 full-size and non-anti-air, the vision of the future rate of SLR models will be 100% (see detailed translation here):

  • as long as the once high-definition experience will no longer go back
  • The entry-level field of view would also like to be around 100%
  • no anti-full-frame camera will take into account and 645


Ricoh's Tomohiro Nagano: boot speed, battery, solid and, as a tool of the GR will be more evolution:

  • Pentax lens unit can be used
  • The zoom lens of the GRD
  • black and white photographs a dedicated compact camera

Does anyone have a better translation?

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  • Mark


  • Art K.

    yeah, a better translation please…

    • Art K.


    • Richard

      “No anti-camera lens” ???

      As far as Nikon goes, it would be very interesting to see what was said about the D700 successor as there has been some doubt as to whether there would be one (other than the D800).

  • Warpig

    Me, Tarzan, you, Jane.

    • CJT

      Actually, this makes a lot more sense than the translation.

  • Ken Elliott

    >> “Nikon Imaging Marketing manager: D700’s successor as the solution for high-pixel high-strength, D3 successor machine for high-speed sense:”

    I take that to mean the D3s (sports/PJ cameras) will be replaced by the D4, and the D3x studio/landscape camera will be replaced by a high MP sensor in a D700-style body. But it sounds like the end of a D700-style sports camera.

    If this is the case, then those of us with D700 bodies will be darn glad we got them before Nikon ran out.

    • Richard

      That is what I have been seeing on other web sites. If that is what comes to pass, Nikon will be abandoning not just the functionality of the D700, but the price point to other manufacturers. It is puzzling. I know any number of people who have a D3 or D3s and a D700 as the second body.

      There is little information available at this point about the D800’s weather sealing or lack thereof. That is not a big deal for studio photographers, but is for wildlife and nature photographers. The Canon 1D series is almost legendary for its ability to survive a total immersion and keep on shooting.

  • Camaman

    The first human translation worse than Google?
    Artificial intelligence really is getting smarter than humans…

    • No, this is a Google translation of a human translation (Japanese->Chinese->English).

      • Alfons

        You still desided to publish this?

        Lost in translation…

        • You can still get an idea from the Google translation.

      • Is there a chance to get the original Japanese text?

        We may get a human translation.


      • Sorry, didn’t realize the link was at top of the post!

        Got the original Japanese text, thanks!

  • Hmmm

    The article just confirmed that the new Fuji mirrorless camera will have an APS-C size sensor.

    There goes the hope for those still hanging out for full frame or APS-H.

  • Max Archer

    Some interesting points in the Ricoh interview.

    “Pentax lens unit can be used” – I’m guessing this will be a module for the GXR, K-mount could be really interesting considering how much glass is out there in it.

    “The zoom lens of the GRD” – GR Digital with a zoom? Sounds like an enthusiast pleaser. LX5/X10 killer?

    “black and white photographs a dedicated compact camera” – Now that’s an interesting one. I wonder if they’ll make it handle like a classic camera to go with it. A certain sector of shooters has been asking for a B&W dedicated camera for ages, this could be really interesting.

    Ricoh is up to some cool stuff lately. They really need to expand their presence in the US.

    • I think a GXR APS-C module for KA mount, especially if it included an AF motor (though I kind of doubt they’d go this far) could be reasonably successful — but it really should at least have aperture control so to make good use of DA limited lenses.

      Seems to me the GX series such as GX100 was the zoom version of GR. These cameras bore a considerable resemblance to Panasonic LX series, but ultimately were not as well received, image quality wasn’t up to current standards at the time.

      Dedicated black & white? Not the first time I’ve heard this on a photographer’s wishlist but it really has to offer some special benefits to be commercially viable, methinks.

  • Erik

    A quick but better translation:

    – Working on a new mirrorless camera that is very “Olympus-like”, but not PEN.
    – The viewfinder is the key.
    – E-5 replacement is in the works.

    – Does a mirrorless camera really need exchangeable lenses?
    – Can we make a compact or DSLR that can beat the mirrorless cameras? (they believe they have it)
    – Higher sensitivity rather than high resolution (probably refers to quality over megapixels)

    – Expanding the DP-series line-up of cameras
    – SD-series cameras will use APS-C sensors
    – Mirrorless camera lenses in the works

    – Smaller E-mount lenses coming
    – One hundred mega pixels not a strange thing soon
    – Everyone will use electronic shutters

    – Replacements for D3 and D700 coming
    – Specialize on High sensitivity, High resolution and high speed
    – Compact camera focused on how you use it to fight the smart-phone camera usage

    – We will win with high-end cameras like the X100 and X10
    – Much faster autofocus and entry-level camera is coming
    – A mirrorless that beats full-frame cameras

    – Once you have tasted high-resolution you can’t go back
    – 100% viewfinders for low-end cameras too
    – Mirrorless for full-frame and 645

    – sensor unit that can use Pentax lenses
    – GR digital with zoom lens
    – Compact made for black/white photography

    That should hopefully make more sense!

    • Alfons

      Thank you!

    • Thanks, I will add this to the post.

  • Those Google translations could be funny! 😀

  • eyecee

    This is consistent with my prediction that the D400 will be the ‘true’ D700 successor, that is, FX entry model in a rugged small-form body that’ll most likely share the same look and feel as the D800 body but using the D4 sensor.

    While this may mean that Nikon won’t have a pro-level DX body, I think the reality is that most pros are aiming for FX anyways and with 16MP-18MP predicted for the D4, DX mode will yield 10-12MP but with the benefits of low noise and DR found on FX sensors. The D7000 will be the DX flagship much like the Canon 7D and overall, DX will be relegated to the Consumer/Prosumer line up going forward (Dxxxx designation) with Professional lineup being the D400, D800 and D4 all using FX (Dx and Dxxx designation).

    That being said, maybe Nikon will release a D9000 model which uses the D800 pro body but a DX sensor so they will have the D3100, D5100, D7000 and the D9000)

    • eyecee

      Sorry – my reply was mis-thread; my comments were in reply to Ken Elliot and Richard’s comments above on Nikon’s statements…

  • I try to be understanding that english isn’t everybody’s first language but this is a bunch of gobbledy-gook.

  • kick and ouch

    nikon will continuous it suicide by making more useless crap like the 1 that don’t have a hotshoes and force dealers all around the world to sell their cameras and lens with the msrp. – that’s the best I can do for the nikon’ s.

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