Pentax is working on a mirrorless full frame and medium format cameras?

Mikio Tanaka (well known photographer in Japan) posted on his blog that a Japanese magazine recently interviewed Mr. Kitazawa (head of Pentax camera R&D department) who claimed that Pentax is working on a mirrorless 35mm full frame camera and is even considering a mirrorless medium format camera with the sensor used in the 645D. The magazine will be published on December 19th.

Via PentaxForum

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  • lynn

    mirrorless medium format sensor at a price less than the nikon d3x?? goodbye nikon

    • gt

      its going to be sold in the distant future and even then itll be extremely expensive. don’t get too excited there

      • lynn

        it will use the “same ccd sensor” as the 645d. plus no pentaprism. and smaller size. that will most definitely cut costs. and one year from now that ccd sensor is still a great sensor, but it will be cheaper costs.

        maybe minimum flange with adpters to use 645 mount, and any other lenses too.

    • Kid

      One thing to consider: there is no shake reduction system around a Kodak sensor that is used 645D.

    • preston

      Wouldn’t buy it for even $5,000 since I can’t afford the super expensive lenses anyway.

  • aurele

    With a flange distance of 70,87mm, i don’t see the point of removing the mirror : the camera will remain big whatever happened !

    • blarb

      “mirrorless medium format camera with the sensor used in the 645D.”

      mind you there are middle format *rangefinder* cameras which are a lot more compact, and the above sentence doesn’t suggest in any way that this speculated camera uses the same flange distance as the 645D, it merely uses the same sensor.

      • blarb

        btw a mirrorless camera using the CCD-sensor of the 645D would necessarily be a rangefinder, as this sensor can’t provide live-view images.

        Maybe something got fudged in this post in the process of translation…

  • Arnold

    Hope it will not take 7 years to develop like the 745D…

  • Arnold

    I meant 645D !

  • CMOS not CCD

    The Kodak CCD Sensor in the 645D cannot support video or Live View. There’s no way it can be used in a Mirrorless camera. The sensor would have to be CMOS.

  • Afong

    The rendition of CCD is more pleasing & realistic than CMOS. CMOS images tend to look like plastic surfaces.

    Also, I dont get why no camera maker ever came out with an APS-C CCD or 3CCD camera, with video, this would be much better than the rolling shuttering cmos based cameras.

  • s1Lma

    If they will do a M-mount camera with electronic aperture control, reasonable focus assist and appropriate pricing – this can mean end of selling Leica full frame bodies….

  • Craig

    “Developing” one in the lab and bringing one to market are two totally different thing.

  • This is probably a tell tale sign of Pentax going bankrupt.

    Because companies have nothing to lose when they’re going down anyway, they make big claims about products they’re working on, etc. to make people feel sorry for them and expecting others to magically (re)invest. There have been plenty of such cases.

    Let’s hope I’m wrong…

    • Arno

      lol, dumbest analyse i’ve seen today…

    • preston

      genotypewriter – a company has already invested in Pentax recently (earlier this year). It’s name is Ricoh and they purchased Pentax.

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