Olympus is developing a brand new Micro Four Thirds camera concept, E-5 successor


Digital Camera Magazine (same magazine who had the interview with the Pentax executive) published also an interview with Olympus marketing manager Mr. Ogawa who said that Olympus is working on a brand new Micro Four Thirds camera concept that will be different then the current PEN line. The key points from the interview (taken from dpreview):

  • He sincerely apologized for the current trouble at Olympus
  • Currently developing a new series of micro four third cameras, not PEN series
  • This camera will be a based on a brand new concept
  • Camera will emphasize on new viewfinder (spec unknown but with Olympus twist)
  • When asked about Four Third camera, Olympus is developing E-5 successor
A preview of the upcoming magazine can be downloaded here. For the Japanese speaking readers: do you see any other interesting pieces of information in that article?
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  • Ben Y

    A mini m43 SLR would be sweet.

    • lol that’s what you call a FourThirds DSLR.

      FourThirds and microFourThirds both have the same sized sensor. The latter is micro because the platform doesn’t use a mirror and can use a shorter flange distance.

      • Ben Y

        The difference is that it uses a different mount. IIRC, the Panasonic LC1 didn’t have a mirror but it was still a FT mount. I’m saying it would be cool if they somehow managed to fit a mirror in a MFT body to have TTL viewing in a tiny package.

        • Tess

          I think this is a terrible idea! Flapping mirrors (along with a shallow flange distance) is the main reason EVIL caught on with the “pros” at all. And splitting the light path is never a good idea! So that kills the only two possible ways unless you want a TLR hybrid – LOL

    • By definition, MFT wouldn’t be a SLR; no mirror. However, this may be a hint of a “Pen PRO” – full-time live view with EVF, weather-sealed body that exchanges tinyness for more substantial ergonomics, battery life, etc.

  • Kevin

    At this point it seems they may be trying to look sweeter in development for the buyer. Fuji?

  • grayscale

    I can already tell, that this camera is going to be sick!

    • Alfons

      Considering all the technology Olympus was rumored to been testing prior the E-5 release – yes, this has to be sick.

  • Maybe they are developing and interchangable sensor sytem—keep the body and lenses, throw away the sensors!

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