Other cameras to be announced at PMA@CES 2012

Here are some more leaked cameras that are going to be announced at PMA show next week:

  • Samsung: six new cameras WB850F ($349) with 16MP BSI CMOS sensor, 21x optical zoom, 3-inch AMOLED screen, 1080/30p FullHD video and GPS. The DV500F model will have dual screens ($299). No word about the NX-20.
  • Casio will introduce the Exilim EX-ZR200 ($380 suggested retail) with 16.1MP, 12.5x optical zoom (24-300mm), up to 30 fps, FullHD video, HDR and more.
  • New GE cameras - not worth mentioning.
  • Kodak: new EasyShare M750 ($170) with 16MP, 5x zoom plus Wi-Fi.
  • Olympus will announce 5 new digital cameras: SP-620UZ ($199) with 21x zoom, 7 fps, HD video. The SZ-12 ($199) will have 24x zoom, 7 fps, HD video, 3D capabilities. The TG-320 ($179.99) will be the new Tough line addition.
  • Panasonic will also announce 5 new cameras: Lumix SZ-7 and SZ1 will both have 10x optical zooms with Leica lenses. The DMC-SZ7 will have 14.1MP and FullHD recording. The DMC-SZ1 will have 16.1MP and 720p HD video recording capabilities.
  • Vivitar will also announce new point and shoot cameras. Their top of the line model iTwist F129 ($90) will have 14.1MP, 4x zoom, 2.7-inch rotating LCD screen, 720p HD video recording.


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  • peter

    OMG, GE has a new camera out. its going to be all the rage.

  • MJr

    “”New GE cameras – not worth mentioning.”” 😀

    • JG10

      Yeah, that’s cold blooded. LOL!

  • MarkR

    I’ll take the blonde in the PMA@CES banner.

    • Boing Wronkwell

      From the look of the way she is holding that camera, she needs a good lesson in proper ‘grip’ techniques … you know, the ones that avoid all that shake … 😉

  • Warpig

    “New GE cameras – not worth mentioning” – that is very impolite, Admin.

  • Peter B

    Camping out for the new GE cameras!!!

  • The Kodak might be worth picking up just to have a bit in the last piece of Kodak camera history.

    • say_fuji

      yup, you go do that, and I will be ready in my Fuji to actually make it into history … lol… all is good.

  • Walter Chen

    I laugh at the comment of GE camera…

  • Nathan

    One can say that Kodak could rescue the asset value of their brand name by building a couple of serious enthusiast cameras. That same thing could not be said of GE.
    Kodak’s brand name is worth a hundred times that of GE’s in the camera market. At least their film is great. Portra, E100G, there are some great products there at least.
    GE? In the small electronics market, everything they touch is crap. They can make jet engines, but they don’t make any small thing that should be in your bag or pocket.

  • Anonymous

    “New GE cameras – not worth mentioning.”


  • Anon

    Okay, WHAT is that girl doing…

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