Canon promises mirrorless camera system for 2012 (updated)

Update: Reuters now has a better translation of the interview.

In an interview with DCWatch, Canon executive confirmed that they will be releasing a new mirrorless interchangeable lens camera in 2012. The Google translation is not very clear, but the bottom line is that Canon will not sacrifice quality  in order to achieve smaller camera size.

Anyone got a better translation?

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  • Mike

    Canon: “Dance? What dance?”
    Photography Market: “The Mirrorless Dance, everyone is doing it and everyone knows you’re not going!”
    Canon: “Uh, er, well, I, uh want to let everyone know that uh, er I’ll be coming to the dance this year. And uh, hey, even though I’ll be last, and I’ll be rushing to get there, I uh, want everyone to know that my dancing skills won’t be compromised. So run forth and try to uh, you know, get everyone excited. And while you’re at it, spread some $hit that Fuji is doing Nikon.

  • JB

    I don’t speak Japanese myself, but a commenter on the Mirrorless Rumors website made it sound as if the quotes from the Canon exec were much more vague than that. Sounds like typical Canon gibberish- we’ll give you interviews and fill them up with zero information until we’re ready to release the product. That said, it seems obvious that Canon is not going to sit out the EVIL wave and is merely waiting to saturate the market with Rebels before telling consumers they must now buy the next big thing.

  • beavis

    Canon should deliver, not promise. And it better be unique and not expensive camera… They are already late…

  • Boing Wronkwell

    Cannon will not sacrifice quality, huh? Does this mean:

    Slow and inaccurate AF (compared to Nikon)?

    A compact video camera that takes stills too?

    Must better the Fuji X-Pro1 or will it be dead before it emerges?

    Price with a lens must be less than $600 or will it be dead before it emerges?

    Or was this just Canon marketing department realizing that the world of P&S cameras is being squished by phones so they now are behind the current mid-range camera innovators, like Fuji? As @beavis says: Deliver product, not talk about possible new products or the market will move by the time they get round to it…

    • I think you need to look up the words “sacrifice” and “quality”.

    • Boing Wronkwell

      I’m a mouse.

  • Good! We’ve now reached the point where all the mirrorless cameras are pretty small (GF3, Nex, etc.) and some small in the wrong places (Nikon 1)… it’s about time someone thought about a high quality system. Perhaps even a FF!

    Also let’s hope Fuji lives up to their promises… and they usually.

  • Not sure the guy actually made the “promise” indicated by this post’s title. Typical for interviews like this, there are a bunch of words but little actually said. Suspect the newly-announced G1X (biggish-sensor G-series) is probably all we’re seeing in this space from Canon in 2012.

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